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Squirrel interrupts Louisville practice today

According to ESPN680, Louisville’s basketball practice was interrupted by a power outage today when a squirrel chewed through the power lines at the Cardinals’ practice facility. ┬áRick Pitino and his team had to rely on a generator for electricity to get through practice.

To whoever dressed up in a squirrel costume and killed the power, Kentucky basketball fans thank you. Excellent work.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

34 responses to “Squirrel interrupts Louisville practice today”

  1. Squirrel

    I left no evidence. Good luck proving your case, suckers.

  2. BobKYCats

    I assume Rick will blame the refs.

  3. Pun

    That’s nuts!

    1. BobKYCats

      You win, sir.

  4. Okolona Max

    “You guys are crazy!!!” And absolutely “nuts”

  5. Reality

    UK’s campus squirrels are easily the most hardcore fans of us all. Most of us go camping for a few days to get tickets to the first practice of the year. How many of the rest of us have been electrocuted to interrupt one of Louisville’s??

  6. craynes

    Wildcats > Squirrels
    Squirrels > Cardinals

    Cats Win!

  7. Reverend Blue

    Is the squirrel okay? If not, my thoughts and prayers for the squirrel’s family.

  8. Baby Pitino

    That’s russdiculous…….wait what?

  9. What Happens When a Poor Squirrel Chews a Power Line

    Shock…and awwww.

  10. JustSayin

    Nature is showing who it wants to win … it is a sign i tell you.

  11. JustSayin

    Can someone going to the game bring out a Karen Sypher cutout when UL is shooting freethrows?

    1. Reality

      The current players wouldn’t get it. They should bring a fathead of Chane with a smoke machine pumping fumes through his nose

    2. Squirrely

      I think a photoshop of a squirrel dressed in Sypher’s notorious orange derby outfit would do the trick. It’d be weird enough to break my concentration during a free throw and probably wouldn’t be taken by security.

  12. Casper

    Masiello did it.

  13. Wildcat squirrel

    Bad omen for the shardnals

  14. Love this squirrel

    That’s the same squirrel that was in the insurance commercial, remember it ran into the middle of the road? Which caused a crash then he high fived his buddy. Man I love this squirrel. He is a cats fan!

  15. Johnny M

    The Squirrel is on our side this time, considering we are coming out of 2 games in St. Louis. You think he hitched a ride from St. Louis to get revenge for the Cards beating the Billikens?

    Cats Bringing back the Rally Squirrel!

  16. Squirrel

    I regret I have but one life to give to BBN.

  17. Smokin squirrel

    Remember The Waterboy? What’s for desert, then a sound of electric shock, Squirrel. The tardinals will eat good tonight..

  18. Teachable Mo'

    Was it an executive squirrel?

  19. Squirrel

    …and I kind of look like Russ, or maybe Russ looks kind of like me, with his nubby little ears, and the way he darts around the court…. of course, I get my dinner from garbage cans instead of yakking in them.

    1. Squirrel

      …and I fornicate in public places just like Russ’ coach.

  20. I guess he won't be tweeting anymore
  21. Axe Cop

    Karen Sypher looking for nuts

  22. Fact:

    Even God hates Louisville

  23. LouisvilleBob

    Contrary to reports, a squirrel did not cause the lights to go out. It was actually due to Louisville players “shooting the lights out” in practice. This does not bode well for Kentucky!

    1. FlashOfBlue

      They bring their guns to practice?

  24. Late Night Film Series Squirrel

    You’re welcome.

  25. YourDaddy

    Wait. That was no squirrel. That was a rat.

  26. Hey drew

    Hey drew
    The squirrel need a little bubble saying ‘excellent’


    I am afraid of squirrels because they got bigger nuts than mine.


    I always thought that russ smith looks like that squirrel on ice age do you think that russ did that to get out of practice? because he does have them big old buck teeth made just for chewing nuts and wires. can anyone post a picture of russ and ice age squirrel so that everyone can see that they look like twins?

  29. CPACAT

    According to Greg Fisher, the Grey Squirrel is the State Wild Game Animal of Kentucky, not Louisville:))