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2 responses to “Space is filling up at John Calipari’s Inaugural Father/Daughter Camp”

  1. The Real LindaS

    Maybe they will do it like the do the ladies camp…just keep adding more and more and more until there is almost 1,000.

  2. The Real LindaS

    It really is a special opportunity for the girls and their fathers. They do get lunch, wow. photograph opportunities with the players. Will it be like the ladies camp, a group stands behind the players and they take a pic. It will be a great Saturday for the girls to spend time with Coach Cal and their daddy. They don’t have to sit and wonder when it will take place, just like the other camps, they know in plenty of time. They are going to have so much fun and learn so much. Same goes for the father and son camps and the coach’s camps and all the other camps.
    But why do the ladies have to wait so long to find out when our camp is going to be? The date is always on a Sunday which is bad for out of town women who have to be at work the next day and the time allotted for the camp is not long enough. Almost 1000 participants are too much. If you are going to have that many participants you need to either have longer hours or 2 days not 1. And look how long the other camps are, this one is 9 AM to 4 PM. They get lunch we use to; we don’t get that or anything else anymore other than a shirt. If we want a signed ball we have to pay for it via the camp.
    Contrary to popular belief, women do know their basketball and many of them could out smart any man who thinks he knows it all. We enjoy the games as much as anyone else; we are not second class citizens like some people are trying to make us.
    I liked it a lot better when it was at memorial and the Craft Center. We got lunch! There are a lot of women who are not coming anymore. I’m not sure if I will this year, it is getting too expensive and too crowded. BTW something could be done to speed up check in also.