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Thanks to our pals at KyWildcatsTV for this awesome pump up video to get you ready for tomorrow’s game against the Tarheels.

And with that, I’m on the road. See you in Chapel Hill.

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15 responses to “Soon.”

  1. TrueBlue18

    They are going to kill us in transition. If we have half the turnovers we did against Boise state, we lose by 10+.

  2. M

    I’m excited to see how this team plays in an arena that actually has life. I know the atmosphere at the Champions Classic was good, but it was divided into about 35% UK fans, 25% MSU, 25% KU, and 15% Duke fans in my opinion from being there. Rupp has had zero energy all season. I know it will be a hostile environment, but it may be a good thing.

  3. Mcheek

    I am extremely worried about this game. I fear that North Carolina may be more than this team can handle right now. I predict this team will grow leaps and bounds between the fall/spring semesters due to the increase in practice time, however; I don’t believe there ready for this yet. If the Cats can win this tomorrow, this will be a huge stepping stone for this team. I believe this game could be the climax to the season, win and hopes will be high, lose and everyone will wonder if we can even make the tournament. If we lose this game, the UofL game is a must win for the Cats, IMHO.

  4. Sonny

    UNC isn’t ready for whats coming. Hammer down its showtime boys…….

  5. Cat89

    Believing the hype isn’t this team’s challenge. Learning to play together and truly understanding the level of effort needed consistently to reach their potential has been. If we make strides in these areas at chapel hill we will be winners regardless of the score. Championships are not won in December but proper foundations are established. GO BIG BLUE!!!

  6. Scott Robinson

    We gonna cut these pistol packin, weed smoking, non class taking fools throats on the court. They can do that sissy white if they want. You don’t have to do a white out if you are UK with 23,500 fans in your arena!!! HOOOO – RAH

  7. Cats Rule/Cards Drool

    Is there anyway we can show this to the team before they get on the floor, to get them pumped up a lil? This team COULD be 1 of the greatest teams IF THEY BECOME A TEAM. TEAM is the Key Word here. IF they become a TEAM, it’s hard telling what this team could do.

  8. Roger Auge II

    I agree with those who hope UK tromps North Carolina, but I am worried that N.C., with some older, more experienced players, is more ready for this large game. UK must, for the first time, show TEAM work, hard work, from start to finish. Go Big Blue!!!

  9. OD1

    Agreed this team is learning to play together – but Kat Fans know deep down, with a few exceptions, these players are there only for their personal gain and career – they are there to play for Coach Cal & what he will do for each one – they are not there because they fell in love with the rich Kentucky Basketball History and what the University means to the Commonwealth. They fell in love with the riches Coach Cal and playing on the Program’s reputation can do for them – not what they can ulitmately do for the Program. They are not focused on who has most NCAA Div I wins and keep that margin – any they are not focused on winning #9, but rather win 1 so they get more ink and up their draft standing. Those of us who truly love KY Basketball and Bleed Blue know these are just young mistresses who are looking for the ‘big score’ and will run off with him as soon as they can. They are here because they cannot do that without using House that Rupp Built.

  10. OD1

    Continuing that thinking…..look into THAT, to understand the “attendance problem” that is so disappointing. I pray we do not look back at some point down this road we are traveling and point back to the course adjustment made a few years into the 21st Century as being [for the longer term], the decline of the Ruling Family Dynasty of COLLEGE Basketball. But for now, come on Kat Fans – let’s show these talented guys no one can love & support them like we can, and hopefully get them to understand we have to join as one in each others’ dreams. By deploying the strategy as we do to the fullest under the existing rules in this NBA System, each individual does have the chance in Lex under CC to realize their dream, but if they will focus on our UK Heritage and focus on reaching our UK expectations each time UK takes the court, and to win #9 and beyond, then there is no question they WILL reach their goal & live their dream – even to a higher level when they live under the spotlight that only the “winningest” DIV I COLLEGE Basketball Program can give them.

  11. Sharon M. Walters

    C’Mon. ..everyone acts like the Tarheel are through the roof great or something…Michigan State is better than they are and even though we just about got balled off the court in the first half…look how the kids played in the second half…darn near beat ’em at the end and that was the first big team those kids played! They’ve come a long way since then! Besides, Tarheels have some pretty sad losses for a team supposedly as great as everyone acts like. If our kids play as hard as they did against Boise…we just might run Roy ‘s Toys off their own court! Yeah, it could work the other way…but I’m looking forward to this game with the faith that these kids will show up tough and ready to rock!!! GO CATS!

  12. Gregory Bush AKA UKCatsRedsColts

    #9 & #10 comments are from someone who downs our players then wonders why we have attendance problems.Really buddy, Jeezus

  13. Roy L Lawrence

    We are BLUE. We will gel. We will win. We have the largest attendance of any D1 school in the nation. 20,000 people would come to see us play Covington Holmes.

  14. OD1

    RE# 12. I can accept that interpretation of my remarks. But before fully disregarding my perception of what I believe could be happening, it would be interesting to sit down with each individual player (remember, I said “with a few exceptions”) and ask, “….when did you 1st feel you wanted to play for Kentucky and why?”
    One analogy if you’ll stick with me here: If your fiance is all about you when you are together in your Dad’s 911 or your Panemera e-Hybied, or she’s like glue in the Clubhouse at Keeneland, but you can’t help but notice she’s always distracted when she’s around the much wealthier and much more ‘worldly’ friend of your dad who looks at here and knows he can take her whenever he decides he wants her. At the same time, you also see a pattern that when one-on-one with you, she’s not so romantic, not so “touchy-feely.” Would you believe deep down she is really happy to be engaged to you because of who you are, or….is it because who you know and with whom she ultimately wants to be ?
    I do not want to feel this way. My blood bleeds as thick and steady Blue as anyone’s. I was bred, born & raised in the Bluegrass and I literally travel the world – I love to think about Uncle Adolph, Harry, Joe B, Mr.Bill, Cawood, Ricky P (before he married our cousin), Tubby & crazy about Coach Cal with his ability to build on our history. I would be in Rupp every time the tip went up if I could.
    I was raised that no one penetrates the Family loyalty, that everyone closes rank when the Family or a Family menber is threatened. But I was also raised that no one is tougher on the Family or another Family, than another Family member.
    And that’s about all I have to say about that.
    Go Big Blue – Kats Forever !

  15. Jamie Ryan

    We will be just fine today, everybody freaks out and is ready to throw the kids under the bus after each missed freethrow or turn over, yes it’s frustrating at times. God knows I’ve had to apologize to my wife and son on several occasions this year while watching the games for “colorful” language. Truth is we are several rebounds and a few free throws from being undefeated (despite how poorly they’ve played at times). Everyone touted this group of freshman as the next “fab five”….here’s some perspective, the 91’92’ “fab five” lost 9 games and started 10-4. and most would agree that was a pretty good team (they beat us in final four) We will be fine, the outside shot is coming around, we have a guy one block off of Davis’s record setting pace, we have depth and we have a potential player of the year in Randle. Win or lose today ( and I think we will win) we are going to be fine and poised to make a deep run in the tourney! GO BIG BLUE!!!