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Willie, Dakari, and Alex sound off about the win


It was a happy, happy locker room after the game. Willie Cauley-Stein said that three weeks ago, Kentucky couldn’t have won this game, and were only able to now because they’re finally playing more as a team. “We’re sharing the ball and everyone’s into their own role now. It’s coming together like a puzzle.”

How different are the Cats than when they played Louisville back on December 28th? “Completely different. We’re not even the same team as then. I feel like we were a lot better than them then, and they played really well. Now, everybody is playing on that level that we played on that day, so we’re just a better team.”


Dakari Johnson can’t stop smiling now, but said he was a “nervous wreck” on the sidelines when Wichita State had the ball at the end of the game. Now that they’re on their way to the Sweet 16? “It feels good. Today we’re just going to enjoy this win and enjoy the how we finished.”

Andrew Harrison was a big reason the Cats came out on top, and Dakari says his leadership was invaluable. “He showed great leadership even though his elbow’s bothering him, he stepped up real big and controlled our team.”


This victory was especially sweet for Alex Poythress, who called the win a “reliever,” and said it showed “what we came to do.” He said the locker room was “ecstatic, everyone was jumping up and down, jumping around, jumping on each other. It was really exciting.”

Imagine when we beat the Cards.

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19 responses to “Willie, Dakari, and Alex sound off about the win”

  1. Postgame show

    is on right now btw

  2. UL fans are hilarious
    1. UL fans are hilarious

      blaming the refs, of all things.

    2. Hahaha

      UL fans

      “They are an EIGHT SEED for a reason

      this is a NEUTRAL COURT game

      We are the better team. We might lose, but play this game 100 times we will win most of them.”

    3. BLUE!!!

      How could they possibly believe the refs were with us? Talk about fear. That is where those comments are coming from. We are the dirty birds worst nightmare right now. They are scared to death. #louisvillehateweek

    4. troll monitor

      Those are some of the most delusional and down right ignorant comments I have ever seen, even by tardinal standards

  3. BLUE!!!

    Bring on the dirty birds!!!

  4. A

    Will someone please post the presser video!

  5. linbeard

    That was a man’s game! These kids grew up and are playing to their potential. This is nice with no trolls today and we have our bandwagon fans back.

  6. UK 72 UL 67

    Very please with Alex today. Some very important contributions that added energy. I like my team. I REALLY like my team.

  7. This

    Let’s not get cocky. More basketball to be played

  8. linbeard

    I think our front line will dominate UL’s, just need to take care of the ball and we’ll win by double figures.

  9. Jill

    Way to go cats!! Played like a team like a Championship Team!!! Go big blue great day to be a Wildcat!!


    The Twins have picked it up since SEC tourney. Randle & Stein are asserting themselves when needed. James Young is still a bit sporadic, but he has been making some clutch shots lately. We lost by 1 to the #1 team last Sunday, and beat the #2 team by two today. That’s plus 1 against number #1 & #2. This again shows that the NCAA severely under seeded the Cats.

  11. marchisawesome

    So proud of how our team played today. What a game. They took their punches and kept fighting and clawing until the end. It’s moments like this that define what it is to be part of BBN. Go, Cats!

  12. Bob

    This was one of the best played games of this season . Anyone want to still question WS #1 seeding ? They are truely an #1 seed and played an solid game of basketball . I liked what i saw today in kentucky, an team . I liked how they handled the pressure in the final 3 minutes .I think Kentucky can and will best Lousiville in another very hard fought battle . I like Johnson and hope he plays harder in the Louisville game inside scoring .Now an Question for all the Duke fans whom like to hang out in Kentucky sites posting comments . Who does Duke play next? OH i forgot with themselfs because they exited stage door left ! Also for you Kentucky fans whom think you know this sport and down our Cats and coach Cal go be an Duke fan. You shame us true blue fans ! Now may i address all the sports reporters about the weak SEC if Tenn wins 3 out of the sweet 16 will be what ? SEC teams!!! Basketball has changed and it’s good for the sport there so many great players they are plenty for all the teams. GO BIG BLUE !!!

  13. Ofeely

    What he said ^

  14. Louisville1Cal5

    UofL fans want nothing to do with us… I can’t wait to start using the moniker Louisville1Cal6.

  15. musrat59

    Its a farce for the Dirty bIrd fans to even mention the refs with the dirty playing on their part.