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Big Blue Nation, the De’Aaron Fox to Los Angeles talk is gaining steam outside of our own conversations.

Today, Andrew Sharp, a writer for Sports Illustrated, wrote a piece called, “The Lakers Should Draft De’Aaron Fox, Not Lonzo Ball,” and it says everything we’ve been thinking. (And what I wrote earlier this week.)

In short, Sharp wrote that Ball is overrated because he is always in the news, and Fox is the better fit for the Lakers. Here, have a short excerpt from the article:

The Lakers should take De’Aaron Fox. He is worlds better on defense. His jumper remains a work in progress, but his speed will allow him to drive defenses crazy in the meantime. He plays incredibly hard, and with his athleticism, it feels like he’s only scratching the surface of what he’ll be in five years. []

Read more and pass it along to whoever you think needs to read it to keep the Fox-to-LA movement going. It’s still very unlikely the Lakers pass on the hometown celebrity, but if we keep the debate alive, maybe Magic Johnson will wise up and take Fox to run his team.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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12 responses to “ joins the De’Aaron Fox over Lonzo Ball movement”

  1. Sentient Third Eye

    Everyone comments on how Fox is much better defensively, but Ball’s singular strength is in transition, and Fox is better than him even in that aspect of the game (though they are close).

    1. ClutchCargo

      I would put Ball ahead in shooting ability, but I’m not sure how effective that low and slow release will be. I do agree with you, though. I would not be surprised to see Fox have an emergence similar to John Wall’s sometime in the next few years.

    2. runningunnin.454

      Fox’s shooting problem was early to mid-season; he has good form and the shots started falling the later part of the year. With Ball’s cross-draw holster shot, I don’t feel he will excel as a shooter in the league.

  2. david8577

    If I were a GM/coach, Ball would still have to be available at the end of the lottery for me to even consider taking him.

    1. Sentient Third Eye

      I have a little better respect for Ball than that. I would draft him in the 8-12 range.

  3. bdmnky81

    Anybody can look good in transition when your team foregoes defense in order to just get out and run. Constant 3 on 2/3on1 transitions can cause an overrating of a player court sense. Fox also has the plus of being able to create fast break opportunities with just his speed. It happened at least twice a game where for any other point gaurd it would have been just get upcourt and set up the offense but fox was able to get a layup because the d didnt expect there already.

  4. BBNDan7

    I think the problem is that Ball has been talked about how great he will be someday and that if the Lakers take him and Fox ends up being better it’s like oh well, they did what they were suppose to but if they take Fox and Ball end up being better than it’ll look like they really messed up. Hopefully Magic is smarter than this, I mean he was a showtime laker, gotta think he would love that speed of Fox

    1. Sentient Third Eye

      Magic’s problem is that he will be judged as a failure unless he returns the Lakers to championship-level. Their fanbase is unforgiving on that point. If they don’t at least become very competitive in five more years, he’s out no matter what he did as a player.

    2. BBNDan7

      Both will probably be great NBA guards, and both can fit with the Lakers system. I just think Fox’s defense and competitiveness should set him apart from Ball for now.

  5. Angelo

    Unfortunately Magic is not smart enough to take Fox over Ball.

    1. catsarerunnin

      Yeah he hasn’t had a great life at all due to the lack of smarts…


    I would think the risks involved in the Lavar circus would be enough to make a team pass on Ball, especially right in his backyard in LA. Ball needs to go to Philly or somewhere they won’t hear his Dad as much. Imagine the fuel he will provide the opposing teams; I wouldn’t want to deal with that sideshow every game.