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Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

44 responses to “Should the UK Men’s Basketball Team Ditch the Checkerboards for the Women’s Uniforms?”

  1. ukkatzfan

    Typically uniforms do not draw too much attention. Bwahahahahahaha. Power K, Denim, Swish just to name a few. Uk and their fans are way too fashion conscious. Look at NY yankees, Alabama, LA Dodgers, Boston Celtics. Until we get down to 2 uniforms with a preference to one, marketing will be more important than the sport.

    1. Memphis UK Cat

      I really don’t mind the checkers down the side. I absolutely hate the new cat logo. We are not KANSAS State!

  2. UKBaker24

    Anything but the checkerboards.. We started wearing them the 38-1 season and they have cursed us ever since. Lost to Wisconsin and haven’t returned to the Final Four. Barnhart does what he wants though so they will be here to stay for some time

    1. BBNDan7

      This isn’t true at all lol

    2. UKBaker24

      How so genius? We wore the same jerseys from the middle of the John Wall year thru the twins’ freshman year then went to the checkerboards.

    3. mashman 93

      This is the second version of the checkerboard uniforms. The first ones came on the scene to start the 2014-2015 season but a little over halfway through the season we switched to the Nike hyper elite uniforms and wore them the rest of the season. Kentucky wore those uniforms for the 2015-2016 season and halfway through that season Kentucky went to an alternate blue uniform that had no checkerboards. Since the start of the 2016-2017 season Kentucky has had these same uniforms for every game. I personally feel like Kentucky(men) Basketball will get new uniforms for the 2020-2021 season just a hunch. Sorry for the long narration fellas.

    4. UKBaker24

      I’m sticking with the checkerboard curse theory

  3. chadman3_25

    The girls jerseys have checkboard on them also. Did n
    I wish they would do a throwback of the Apex jersey days. Those are some of my favorite jerseys.

  4. chadman3_25

    Sorry thought I deleted the did n. Lol grammatical errors ugh.

  5. NOLAcat

    Whats the basis for saying “most” fans do not care for them? I’ve never heard anyone discuss it outside of KSR’s weird obsession with it.

    1. ClutchCargo


    2. ibescootch

      Totally agree. I consider myself pretty fashion conscious and I see no problem with the checkerboard, and even like touches of it on our stuff. And I’d be curious how many fans don’t like it simply because KSR has taken a strangely aggressive stance on it?

    3. Nugget01

      Agree. I, for one, like the checkerboards.

    4. Megan

      Yeah, KSR likes to say it, but there’s no discernible basis for the claim. Just a bald assertion. I love the Secretariat silks, but I wouldn’t mind toning it down a bit. It started off as a small patch at the front of the waistband, didn’t it? Now it’s down the side of the entire uniform and much more noticeable. Like makeup, subtle is better. But by all means keep the Secretariat connection!

    5. Dairy Queen All American

      Agreed. This is a KSR obsession. The uniforms are fine.

  6. Alex90

    I don’t like the checkerboard but it doesn’t bother me much. What does bother me is that we’ve had the same jerseys for 5 years now

  7. Based God

    If the guys wear their uniforms, then what are the girls going to wear?

    1. CMH23

      New Rupp attendance record?

    2. StillBP

      Also, we don’t really need their privates hanging out, something tells me the girl’s shorts wouldn’t fit right.

    3. Megan

      Speak for yourself, StillBP!

  8. CMH23

    Replace the blue squares in the checkerboard with blue paw prints

    1. gobble gobble

      Oh god no… we want BETTER uniforms, not worse

  9. ClutchCargo


    1. ClutchCargo

      Reply fail…

    2. Ridge Runner

      I’m smiling CC -not at you but realizing I mess that up on a continuous basis.

    3. Ridge Runner

      I truly don’t care to be honest. As long as KENTUCKY is across that chest.

  10. dcforuk

    Yes, they SHOULD ditch the current uniforms!

    That is step A.

    Step B is getting something else and is represented by the Yogi Berra fork in the road — take the fork because once you ditch the uniforms, neither left nor right at the fork is wrong!

    1. ibescootch


    2. dcforuk

      Just take the fork. If you realize that you are going the wrong way, then turn around and go the other way and pass by all the people hanging out at the fork trying to make a decision regarding which way to go. Sometimes it is necessary to get the bad decisions out of the way to get to the right, correct decisions…….Thomas E or Ben F – whoever it was that failed time and again but never gave up. We have made the wrong decision on uniforms but that’s ok as long as we get to the right decision. Let’s go retro…..

  11. 1UKFAN6

    Retro for sure

  12. Cousins Fake Tooth

    Not a fan of the checkerboards, but the womens are ugly too.

  13. AirForceOne

    I do not like the “KENTUCKY “ on the women’s. It looks like there are too many letters and they have to make the big arch. I prefer the lettering straight across

    1. mashman 93

      I agree

  14. meeksfor3

    Okay Nick so either you or me can’t see because I see checkerboard on the womens uniforms too….it’s just not as big.

  15. UKFanSC

    Don’t really care

    1. dcforuk

      There’s right, there’s wrong and there’s preference. Sometimes preference is fun as long as we all remember that preference is subjective!

  16. Led Weappelin

    I don’t even like the checkerboard uniforms on horse jockeys. Tired of it. Let’s just move on. Love the Kats uniforms.

  17. chris43

    No, I like our uniforms.

  18. notFromhere

    Sorry, too distracted by that fine art to the right of PJ… what was the question?

  19. BobbyBlue

    I don’t really care

  20. east-ky-boy

    To be honest, it doesn’t matter what we think. How about this…..poll the players that has to wear them!

  21. Bigblueswami

    I wouldn’t ditch the men’s uniforms for the women’s. Most of the women’s uniforms would be too small and very restrictive

  22. bbn606

    Nothing says Tennessee like checkerboards. Let’s dont be the “Copycats”.

  23. wildcatwill

    Secretariat, hasn’t been around forever. Ditch the checkerboard. Let’s also ditch the stupid crooked new K and the Kansas State wildcat. I refuse to by any new UK gear with the new UK logo that looks like Houston’s.
    Bring back the Power K!!!