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Seven observations from the official team picture


What a lovely present to wake up to. UK Athletics released the official team picture this morning, and after sipping some tea and staring at it for a while, I have seven observations:

1. Brian Long’s hair

Whoa. Just, whoa. That summer at the shore really stuck with him.

2. Alex Poythress has grown

UK’s official roster was also posted this morning, and Alex Poythress has grown an inch since last season, measuring at 6’8″. He didn’t gain or lose any weight though, remaining at 239 lbs. Also, it’s really nice to the birthday boy smile. Happy 20th, Alex!

3. Two seven footers

Both Dakari Johnson and Willie Cauley-Stein are listed at 7′. Wonder Twin Towers activate!

4. Smile, Dakari!

You’re on the most talented team in college basketball history. Let us see you smile.

5. Marcus Lee’s mohawk/fauxhawk/frohawk is something

That is some odd looking hair. Is signature hair now a signature thing for Kentucky basketball?

6. We can tell the Harrison Twins apart!

The numbers help. Also, Andrew’s hair is noticeably longer in this shot. Sitting next to each other here, I just noticed that even their numbers are almost mirror images of each other. On the roster, they’re both listed at 6’6″, but Aaron is three pounds heavier. Those are some big guards.

7. Brian Long and Tod Lanter missed the shoe memo

White Shoe Academy?

Your turn.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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46 responses to “Seven observations from the official team picture”

  1. Bob Sugar

    Looks like a good team. James Young needs to hit the weights.

  2. GC

    Jarrod Polson is wearing his new number.

  3. RUPPS_rhetoric

    We had the Shagari Safari. Can we now have the Dakari Safari?

  4. Bryan in Houston

    For the#7 comment, it’s because sadly they have to buy their own shoes…

  5. tltaworl

    1. Long is wearing sleeves.
    2. WCS is the only headband this year?
    3. Looks like Alex is up on his toes a bit 🙂

  6. tltaworl

    4. Incorrect

  7. Musehobo

    3) Pretty sure that has crossed the racism line and should not be used.

    4) When I was in high school, I played soccer. Our team didn’t have enough matching shorts for all of us, and since I was one of the worst players, I had to wear my own red shorts. I’m guessing their white shoes have something to do with this. Probably an older pair.

  8. Boogie Fan

    This year is going to be so much fun!!!

  9. Ibleedblu

    Julius randle is also wearing different shoes. Everyone, including walk ons get all the shoes and gear they could ever want. I’m really good friends with a former walk on, this is UK, not a JV soccer team. Come on now

  10. cracka

    1 – scout has young listed as 6’6″ 190 and here he is listed at 6’6″ 215 … that IS hitting the weights!

    btw, 6’6″ 215 is what mj played at and he did alright

  11. Sgt Jimmy

    Lead story on KSR 7 days into the football season is a picture of the basketball team. REALVEALING

  12. Commander James

    Sgt. Jimmy, it’s about as “realvealing” as the inherent depth of your spelling prowess.

  13. TheDog1967

    James Young needs to hit the weights? Seriously? The kid is 18 maaaaybe 19 years old come on! Right now he is build better than ANY player from the 80’s.

  14. LookingForGiants

    No players under 6’6″ will be in the rotation this year. If you consider Polson the 10th man in the rotation, then the Cats will go nine deep before dropping below 6’6″. That’s INSANE!

  15. Mc

    LookingForGiants: Out of curiosity, who are you considering the 9th man?

  16. j.combs5704

    how about marquis Teague making an appearance? Yes I realize that isn’t really him but #25 looks just like him.

  17. James

    Poythress looks ripped

  18. LookingForGiants

    10 man rotation.

    Harrison, Harrison, Young, Polson -Guards
    Randle, Poythress, Lee, Hood -Forwards
    WCS, Dakari-Center.

    I would put Hood as #9 at forward, and Polson #10 at guard. Could be flip flopped depending on foul trouble.

  19. tltaworl

    Musehobo, do you really think Nike only gives them a 14 pair of shoes for a 16 man team? they probably have room in the Craft center stacked with nike shoes.

  20. TravisC

    I think Marcus Lee has blue shoes.

  21. Ben

    1. Marcus Lee at 6’9″ 215 isn’t too bad. I honestly thought he would be lighter. Another 225 would be perfect for him.
    2. James Young at 6’6″ 215 is great. Fantastic height for a guard. 215 is good weight for a college guard.
    3. Aaron Harrison at 6’6″ 218. Wow an extra inch!
    4. Andrew Harrison at 6’6″ 215. A 6’6″ 215 Point Guard in college is just downright scary for the other teams.
    5. Willie Cauley-Stein at 7’0″ 244. Same height and weight. It honestly suits him well, 250 might be ideal for NBA.
    6. Alex Poythress at 6’8″ 239. Again it suits him well. NBA body. And that extra inch can’t hurt.
    7. Julius Randle at 6’9″ 250. Dang. 250? That is an NBA body. What are Lebron’s measurements again? haha
    8. Dakari Johnson at 7’0″ 265. I think he can still work on his body. I wonder how much of that 265 is fat/muscle. Plus 2 7-footers!
    9. Our Frontcourt is downright scary. 7’0″, 7’0″, 6’9″, 6’9″, 6’9″, 6’8″……..who wants to face that?
    10. Future thought. I think when E.J. Floreal, Derek Willis and Dominique Hawkins become Seniors whatever recruiting classes we bring in with them will be very tough to beat.

  22. CliffFrankLou

    Dakari looking leaner around the middle. Maybe losing some baby fat and getting better conditioned. I suspect he may be more athletic than some early assessments. He is just now getting accustomed to that big body.

  23. TelloftheTape

    I’ve seen Harrison twins play in person several times. Think the roster sheet might be puffing a little on some of the heights. Harrison twins are legit 6’4″ maybe 6’4 1/2″. They are tall, solidly built guards who aren’t 6’6″. Good athletes who are not freaky athletes, but they are highly, highly skilled ball players. Teams with small, quick guards could be our soft spot this year.

  24. trey

    Andrew Harrison doesn’t wear compression shorts. No, I didn’t specifically look for that either, it just happened…

  25. No content

    Does anyone else hate posts like these with no true news/content? Seems like some of the posts on KSR have nothing of relevance. I have to weed through 10 posts to get to anything worth reading.

  26. Read This!

    This one’s for you, “No Content.”

  27. Guards

    A team with quick guards that can penetrate will cause us problems. In the Nike Hoop, Harrison twins couldn’t guard the kid from Germany. Way too fast! They won’t see any players that fast in college, though. They will see plenty of fast guards, and if a team drives and kicks, we will always be one hot team away from a loss.

  28. AnthonyBBN

    I don’t think Brian Long appreciates being there.

  29. ukfan

    We have a 00,1,2,3,4,5 on the team.. wonder when the last time that happened was

  30. the realest

    this is going be a fun 5 months,then poof they are all gone…then back 2 the nit like last year team.

  31. Derp

    23 and 27… I know you’re the same person. Obviously you’re a UL fan.

  32. Mc

    If the realest is a UL fan, then they’re aware that UL has been to the NIT twice under Pitino.

  33. Lol@lilbro

    Mc…there have been worse things under Pitino than the NIT lol

  34. Bunny

    #25, “No Content” – Your mommy is going to spank your fanny for playing on her laptop…

  35. RahRah

    First picture I’ve ever seen of Dakari NOT smiling.
    Sorry, No content, love this post. Makes me really happy. How can this team not excite a true fan?

  36. come on

    If any small guard is unlucky enough to get past one of Harrison’s he then has to deal with either Randle, WCS/Johnson, Poythress or Young giving help defense. Sounds like a good place to stay away from.

  37. Ryan

    I bet Brian long has the biggest ego on the team. Why is he here again. Why isn’t that walk-on spot occupied by a KY kid. Same goes for Sam Malone

  38. asdf

    37, they’re not hurting anybody. Leave ’em alone.

  39. Kevin

    Are the white boys afraid to touch their knees?

  40. bosshogg24

    I don’t put much stock in these heights and weights. I believe Willie is 7′ 1″ and Alex is 6′ 9″ and no one is going to stay the same weight from year to year like Willie and Alex! Disappointed that long is still 5′ 9″ thought he might be 6′ 0″ by now, lol

  41. Big Al

    Shorter arms…..can’t touch their knees !!!

  42. Ncaabasketballteams

    I think I just wet my shorts a little

  43. ..

    They’re just sitting up straight why no knee touch

  44. Ho Lee Fuk

    John Hood with no more lake hair? He looks the neatest I have ever seen him, keep it up John.

  45. Bryan in Houston

    #6 just a joke.