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Seeking: teams willing to play UK in 2014-2015 event


It looks like Deputy Director of Athletics DeWayne Peevy is hard at work over at the Joe Craft Center. Deputy Dewayne tweeted a little bit ago that he’s searching for Division I men’s basketball teams for a multi-team event next season. Peevy added that this event will be similar to this year’s Keightley Classic in that it will involve non-major conference teams.

Is this the big non-conference event that Cal teased in the preseason? We already know they’re going to play in the Champions Classic in Indianapolis next season, and there have been rumors of a similar event featuring North Carolina, Ohio State, and UCLA, as well as the 50th anniversary of the UK/Texas Western game at College Park.

Which non-major conference teams would you like to see Kentucky play next season?

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61 responses to “Seeking: teams willing to play UK in 2014-2015 event”

  1. Dacci

    Would love to see the EKU Colonels play the cats. They are picked to win the OVC this year, and have a lot of good young talent.

    1. Dacci

      Battle on I-75 anybody?

  2. cjcat

    North Carolina– Duke same night !!!!

  3. VinD

    Gonzaga, Memphis (forget what conference they’ll be in next year: major or no?), or Butler.

  4. DB11

    Maybe Peevy should figure out why none of the students know when to get basketball tickets.

  5. Bluecat44

    Memphis. It’s a basketball town. Their fans talk a lot of smack and Cal being former coach.

  6. boo

    louisville 😉

    1. KT

      I like that one. We should add IU back on the schedule as well. 🙂

  7. Coop

    Gonzaga, Butler, Davidson, St. Mary’s, Harvard, BYU, Indiana State, Florida Gulf Coast. It doesn’t matter pick some good ones though.

    1. KT

      Those are some good ones Coop. I like to follow Gonzaga as well as UK so that would be fun to watch (provided UK wins of course). I don’t think St. Mary’s, Davidson, or FGC are reliable enough to know they will be good come next season. You have to schedule these so far out and those teams can be very up and down so you’d have to look at potential returners a lot more and whether or not the coaches are staying put. I do like the teams close to KY for recruiting purposes. Butler would always be a fan favorite while Stevens is there, and heck, we could add Purdue as well, sit back, and watch the IU bitching begin. That has become somewhat entertaining to me by itself.

      Xavier is another good one that is close to home.

    2. Blue Jesus

      Actually Stevens is no longer there.

  8. ShagariObrzut

    Memphis, Gonzaga, Butler, Xavier, or I wish we would play Cincinnati (Yes, I know they’re power conference),

  9. Ahem

    Why not put together a state of KY event. Hell even let them play some games in the Chicken Bucket.

    Rupp Schedule: UK vs. Murray State, EKU vs. NKU
    UK vs. EKU, Murray State vs. NKU

    Chicken Bucket Schedule: UL vs. Morehead, WKU vs. Bellarmine
    UL vs. WKU, Bellarmine vs. Morehead

  10. WILDCAT4

    Butler, Gonzaga, VCU, Florida Gulf Coast

  11. None

    None. How about a good team at Rupp instead of more cup cakes.

  12. Jason

    Eastern Kentucky, Louisiana Monroe, Mercer, Ohio U., VMI *, Middle Tennessee State *, Norfolk State* * only if it a 8 team tournament.

  13. Owensboro Ollie

    Not for a tournament, but I’d like to see a home and home with the Evansville Purple Aces. Nice 12,000 seat arena in Evansville that we could pack nicely.

    1. KT

      It is a nice arena but the team kind of sucks man and the town sucks really bad. I spent a lot of time there I’m ashamed to say. I had multiple trips over about 2 years in my early 20’s, hung out at bars, the college, some parties, and even a couple basketball games (their student section WAS pretty awesome BTW, not sure about now). From my experience Evansville was mostly memorable for bad water, bad smells, and generally rude people. I run in the mornings now and did then as well and I couldn’t even run half my normal routine because the air quality was so bad. I have no idea why either, Henderson and Owensboro don’t seem to have that issue and they are right across the river.

      The students will be the first to tell you how great the theater department is, not really my thing but I guess that would be a reason to go if you like that stuff. They do have a big purple pimp for a mascot so that’s kind of neat too.

  14. H.A. Milton

    Iona, Fairfield, Fordham, anything in the vicinity of Stamford Ct (shout out to Matt Norlander)….you could guess why, hopefully a return game here in the area!

  15. cats42301

    I’d like for us to start scheduling Memphis every year. A neutral site such as this tournament would be a good fit I think.

  16. It's not fair

    Any team that doesn’t have upperclassmen or any team that we don’t have to reciprocate and go to their small fieldhouse/arena/stadium, or any other team that would have an unfair advantage.

  17. UKSupporter76

    You In Elle Vee.

  18. Todd Svoboda

    I agree with the previous comment above, enough with the cupcake games at Rupp bring some real teams. This years non-conference schedule is a joke!!

    1. Hal

      dumb. michst, uofl, unc, baylor & prov. how many bcs schools have a better nonconf sched??? go ahead ill wait

    2. KT

      I’ll answer Hal, none. UK has a tough non-conference schedule and a pretty good one in general. Go watch some games down the road about 80 miles if you want to see powerhouse teams like Hofstra.

    3. Sensitivity trainer

      Hal, notice he said “at Rupp”. The only game at Rupp you listed is UofL I believe. I agree Svoboda, can we not bring a couple more quality games to Rupp?

    4. KT

      Sorry. Didn’t realize he was talking only about the Rupp schedule.

    5. Todd Svoboda

      Yea. I was referring to at “Rupp” as a season ticket holder spending that kinda of money for more cup cake games is horrible

  19. Harlan Man

    VCU or Gardner Webb! I know they’re power conference but I’d love to see us start a home and home with West Virginia! Maybe even schedule Minnesota or Texas Tech. Doubt that’s gonna happen though.

    1. KT

      Why the love for Minnesota and Texas Tech? West Virginia is border state so I get that one but not the other two. Is Tech where Tubby ended up?

    2. Harlan Man

      Pitino’s boy is the new head coach at Minnesota & it would be nice to see the Cats show them how it’s done. And Tubby is now at Texas Tech.

  20. Big Blue Earl

    I’m sure it will be very similar to this seasons tourney. Western Ky or Murray St would be a good invites. UMass would be another good invite because of Cal’s ties there. I’d love to see Shaka Smart and VCU.

    1. Rockfield, KY

      I’m a WKU grad and the UK/WKU games in any sport stress me out too much. I’d love to see them play Murray St some, though.

  21. Todd Svoboda highest 3pt percentage in UK history

    Georgetown. They are not in a major conference now

  22. Madisonville

    Oklahoma State, WKU, Marquette, Illinios, Texas Tech, or Wichita State.

  23. Madisonville


  24. bigblue091812

    I would never go to an away game at IU again. The fans treat you like crap, we’ve had drinks throwed on us, cursed out and threatened just because they’re getting their butts kicked. I’ve been to football games in Cleveland and the Browns fans are right out nasty, I’ve been to Fenway Park and they treat Yankee fans like crap, but I’ve never been anywhere as bad as Bloomington, by far the worst fans in the world.

  25. BakoKat

    Union College and Alice Lloyd

    1. Undertaker's Dong

      Love the fightin’ Alice Lloyds! (DONG)!

    2. KT

      What about Lee’s in Jackson?

  26. Undertaker's Dong

    How about Hillsborough Community College so KSR can call them the fightin’ Hulk Hogans? (DONG!)

  27. bigblue091812

    It’s hard to disagree with Coach Cal when he says playing in netural sites helps recruiting, seems to know something about it. With MSU, UNC, loserville, Providence and Baylor it doesn’t leave much room for good teams to come to Rupp, it would be nice from time to time. Memphis would be a great home and home, open up Cal’s recruiting there again and they always have a decent team and with the history of Cal coaching there it would make some interesting stories. What’s funny is we really don’t need to loserville game, they need it much more than we do. They play UK, UCONN and Memphis this year and that’s it, so our schedule is super tough compared to them. If UK stopped playing basketball today it would take loserville going undefeated for 27 yrs to catch UK in all time wins. So who needs who, loserville will only have 3 losses at most going into NCAA tournament and no doubt get a 1 seed by only playing 3 legit teams or 5 games (UCONN and Memphis twice) and UK once. So before you gripe too bad about our schedule imagine playing 31 games before tourneys and playing 26 cupcakes, I think our schedule is tough enough, just wish some to the tougher games were at Rupp instead of Chicago, Dallas and New Youk but not too many 5 star recruits in Lexington.

    1. The other guy

      So what if there aren’t too many recruits in Lex? It’s okay to reward the fans occasionally right? I doubt dropping Texas Arlington and 1 neutral site game, and starting a home and home with a mid level Big Ten team and amid ACC team, for example, is going to cost us a single recruit.

  28. here ya go

    st mary’s, BYU, wichita state, utah state, temple, VCU , and FAMU only if they bring their band.

  29. KC

    Gonzaga, Wichita State, VCU, and UNLV

  30. KC

    Would be interested to hear what Matt knows about this kid for the 2015 class.

    1. Blue Jesus

      Looks like Deandre Liggins

  31. Okolona Max

    SMU, Memphis, Purdue, West Va, Maryland, Georgia Tech

    1. Rockfield, KY

      I’d guess SMU is coming, since Cal and Larry are big buddies.

  32. UK_Fan24

    Wichita State

  33. Catcounsel

    EKU, Cincinnati, WKU would make a nice 4 team tournament at Rupp some weekend. A nice little money maker for the entire commonwealth! Go Cats!!

  34. vator32nh

    Home and home series with UNLV.

  35. MemphisCat

    Harvard, UMass, SMU, Western Kentucky, UNC Charlotte, High Point.
    I think if we schedule the Air Force, Navy teams and help support the military teams with $$$.

  36. Charlie Warrior


  37. Riggs

    Forget the cupcakes. Some of the teams they should look at are: Gonzaga, Butler, VCU, Saint Mary’s, Davidson, Florida Gulf Coast. These mid majors would provide a test and get the team ready for March.

  38. Katdaddy

    Zona, Ucla, Zaga,Vcu, UNLV Texas

  39. Rockfield, KY

    Wildcat Classic:

    Arizona, Kansas State, Villanova, UK

  40. RoadRunner

    UK vs UC Bearcats

  41. Jones Returns

    Murray State

  42. Jeff

    Wish they would play in L.A. At the staples center against UCLA

  43. FinnaGoHAM

    DAVIDSON!!!!!!!!!! #TylerThompsonVoice