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SEC UPDATE: Four teams advance to the Sweet 16

For only the third time in history, four teams from the Southeastern Conference have qualified for the Sweet 16. Kentucky, Tennessee, Auburn and LSU have all punched their tickets for the NCAA Tournament’s next round. The Conference also sent four teams to the second weekend back in 1986 and 1996.

The expectations surrounding Kentucky and the tournament are, obviously, much higher than they tend to be for the other SEC teams. Regardless, it’s been a pretty strong season for the nation’s “football conference.” John Calipari has brought the Cats to the second weekend of March in eight of his ten seasons with Kentucky, but the other qualifiers aren’t quite as familiar with the Sweet 16.

LSU was the first team to punch their ticket, qualifying in dramatic fashion over No. 6 Maryland. They’re going for the first time since 2006. It’s been even longer for Auburn – the Tigers advanced for the first time since 2003. Tennessee qualified for the first time since 2014 and for the seventh time in school history.

Of the SEC’s 14 teams, seven qualified for the Big Dance. Now, four remain. Come next weekend, a quarter of the bracket will belong to SEC teams.

Article written by Maggie Davis

25 responses to “SEC UPDATE: Four teams advance to the Sweet 16”

  1. TheAssman

    S-E-C continues to prove that we are THE BEST sports conference in America.

  2. Rixter

    Kentucky could easily be the only one of the four to advance to the Elite 8. Tennessee has been struggling to put away double-digit seeds.. Auburn will draw UNC, and LSU – Sparty could be a war

  3. nocode96

    But I thought the SEC was terrible? Right mashfag?

    1. mashburnfan1

      ACC and Big 10 will have at least 4 and maybe more. Now for facts of why SEC is there. UK has played 2 teams most high school teams could beat but they earned that through a high seed. BTW UK was only team to struggle yesterday and arguably played the easiest team. LSU, the SEC #1 beat the Big 10 #5 team on a last second shot {yes Maryland was 5th in Big10, LSU 1 in SEC} and LSU barely beat Yale. Tenn, the SEC #2 beat the Big 10 #6 team in OT {you follow Tenn was SEC #2 and Iowa was Big 10 6th best team, trying to type slow so you can follow} and Tenn almost lost to toothpaste. Auburn was gifted a win vs a 12 seed {NMSU lost the game, Auburn did not win it} then got to play half a KU team, their best 2 players are out which is why I don’t understand them getting a 4 seed. In the NIT #1 rated Bama beat in 1st game by lowest rated NIT team at home. Ark gone in 2 games so no SEC left in NIT. Ole Miss beat by 20 plus and MSU lost to a 5. SEC is bad, only reason 3 of those teams are left is they played middle of the road Big10 teams and had to survive those. Again these are facts and not my opinion like you, 4ever and Nana type, facts. And Nocode I would just dare you to call me that name to my face, promise you will be getting up or taken by stretcher. Come see me April 12th at the Spring Game, would really love to meet you now. And I hope anyone in the LGBT community finds out who you are, I do support all people no matter their choice, color, gender, religion etc. I know Nana is a black man and although we disagree on here I respect him with his opinion, I just never, well seldom, agree with his opinion….lol..

    2. BigJohnC

      What’s your point

    3. BigJohnC

      Duke barely beat UCF…

    4. nocode96

      Someone tell mashburnfag his comments are too stupid to respond to. I’m not going to engage him because it will drop my IQ by 50 points.

    5. syrin23

      While that is true, you are massively under playing the beat down Auburn put on Kansas. EVERY player on Kansas is likely a higher ranked recruit than what Auburn has, so losing two players shouldn’t lead to a drop off of that degree. Plus, Duke was down at the half by three to ND State. You don’t get bonus points for margin of victory, and you have no idea how good Wofford is. They had quality wins, and were a great shooting team that we smothered with great defense. We will get to the Elite Eight with or without PJ, but we need him to advance beyond that since EJ and Nick can’t learn to use their brains when playing basketball.

    6. syrin23

      And Duke is down to UCF, so nothing is guaranteed for anyone

    7. mashburnfan1

      When you reverse the match ups, Mich was either 2nd or 3rd in Big 10 and played UF who was 6th in SEC but that was a blowout, game was never close. SEC may be 3rd best conf, ACC is easily 1, Big 10 is 2, I would rate SEC as 3, Big 12, Pac 12 of the power 5, in basketball and looking at experts {so-called} they have it the same although some had Big 12 third and SEC 4th but not sure why. In football I do believe SEC is easily #1, ACC, Big 12, Big 10 and Pac 12.

    8. mashburnfan1

      Syrin, agree to a point but every player on UK had a massive ranking advantage over every Wofford player, we had guys not play {not counting PJ who was injured} that were ranked higher than most, maybe all Wofford players. Advance is name of the game but there are reasons some teams advanced. And I don’t think {and hope not} dUKe will win it all, I am a believer a team that has to rely on FR can’t win a title, is my complaint with Cal. Difference for dUKe is they have 2 great FR {AD like} at same time and a couple more very good ones and a coach that can lead them to it. I still think they have the best chance of any FR team going back to the Fab 5 but I believe they will make FR mistakes and lose.

    9. catsarerunnin

      Slater you can’t win here.

    10. 4everUKblue

      mashbumfan continues to spew his ignorance, same deal different day.

    11. syrin23

      I have not seen a CHOKE job like that in forever. Missed an EASY alley opp dunk that led to a three, couldn’t get a rebound off a FT. TOTAL choke job.

    12. CATandMONKEY

      Sad part, Mash is NOT Slater.

      Mash is an actual person…who actually thinks this way!!


  4. Racerr11

    #1 football #1 in basketball SEC

  5. clarks

    Shame that South Carolina did so bad in the nonconference because they may have won a game or two.

  6. spincr4hire

    I hate uncheat. Hoping auburn can beat them

  7. BlueWildcat_99

    Well as of this moment there’s a chance for 5 ACC teams to get to the sweet 16. With that said, I don’t give a damn about any other team than this one. F*ck everyone who doesn’t have KENTUCKY across the chest!!!

  8. blueblue

    If Duke, North Carolina and Virginia all win today then the ACC will have 4 teams as well. Florida St already in. It’s crazy the SEC and ACC could account for half of the field in the Sweet Sixteen.

  9. blueblue

    Sorry. I missed Virginia Tech. Wow. The ACC could outdo the SEC and get five to the Sweet Sixteen. Don’t want that!!

  10. spincr4hire

    Referees are so inconsistent. Duke should have lost.

  11. DukeFan1

    Damn, that was close!!!

    1. CATandMONKEY

      A good coach, with that amount of talent would have won that game by 25 points.

  12. makeitstop

    ACC is amazing, they won 4 games and still got 5 teams in w the usual slight of hand. Zion charged twice in one drive and HE got the foul, cost UCF its best rebounder and that gave Duke 2 points on Zion’s miss and cost UCF a putback for a win. I don’t know how the gargoyle does it but he gets the benefit of the doubt every game. Sickening.