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26 responses to “SEC coaches on whether or not Kentucky is a title contender”

  1. Go Deep

    This team is coming for the title.

    1. unbridled

      No doubt about it.

    2. unbridled

      If you think the cas aren’t a contender this year….you are an idiot. I knew they would be before the season. I knew they would be during their funk…although I didn’t understand how such a talented team could regress and play in such a funk…but I knew they have the potential to go on a special run in the tournament. This ESPN’s guy is a joke.

    3. BigolBlue

      Not unless they aquire anthony davis

  2. Truman Claytor

    Just outside the top six is a fair assessment, and metro to see this team come into the terminal to the radar

  3. Memphis UK Cat

    Well let’s beat some prison a$$ and take one off the list

  4. KYcats11

    I’ll take Kentucky. You can have the field.

  5. ukcamel

    I’d take Kentucky as the third-best odds after *takes swig of Old Crow* Duke and Gonzaga.

    The only reason anyone doesn’t think we are one of the top contenders is that drubbing we took game one. It might as well have been last season and even then it was flukish. Had we only lost by even 8-10 it would basically be forgotten by now.

    1. bigbluebanana

      Hello fellow cheap, but good, bourbon drinker.

    2. unbridled

      Old crow is good bourbon for the price no doubt

  6. 72uksprinter

    “Herro is the only other one with more than one made 3 per game this season.”
    WTH? This is from “an unnamed SEC assistant?
    Glad this guy is on someone else’s staff. What an idiot.
    Johnson and Herro have multiple 3s, yes.
    But, so do Washington, Baker, Quickley and – I think – Travis.
    I’m calling serious BS on that guy’s BB IQ and any opinion he has.
    Go Cats!
    Keep improving and no one’s opinion will matter when we hang up Number 9.

    1. BluemanGreen

      Exactly what I was thinking lol

    2. Keets

      Don’t think that part of Tyler’s article reference was attached to the SEC assistant’s quote, but I think that was Borzello. And think that the “more than one made 3 per game” sentence refers to Herro and Johnson as the only players averaging more than one 3 per game (not players that have hit more than one in a given game).

      BUT as for Johnson being the lone player averaging better than 40% from 3, I think that now we actually have 3 players at that clip or higher (Johnson, Washington and Baker).

    3. Blue Jesus

      The assistant didn’t say that first off, and it refers to average threes per game.

  7. michaelb

    Cool .. that just means they’re sayin if we get a Lil hot from 3 we’re unbeatable . I’ll take it.

  8. LilBigBird

    I had to zoom in on Cal’s face. Hilarious.

  9. BBNDan7

    MSU lost arguably their best player, they aren’t making the sweet 16

    1. BlakeBlueNation

      I’d argue Cassius is better than Langford but I agree. I think this knocks them down

  10. Ez21

    Didn’t you all just write the other day that PJ is shooting over 40% from 3?

    1. BluemanGreen

      He is lol

  11. binarysolo

    Let’s see… yup, still my favorite pic of Cal.

  12. TorpedoVegas

    Duke is inconsistent when it comes to perimeter shooting as well. I guess they can’t win a national title. Derp.

  13. lexcatfan2367

    Who is Jeff Bezos anyway?

  14. BBNnCLE

    You lost me at Jeff Borzello

  15. KY Blue Blood

    ESPN = Useless

  16. UKfanman01

    Rofl. I like my team! I dont care what Jeff….. Borzello? thinks about UK’s chances. Put us in the same bracket as Duke and let The Cats roll.