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Sam Malone takes another shot at Jeff Goodman

Malone_Sam_TV Head 12-13

Sam Malone is quickly becoming one of my favorite players on Twitter. He’s always been funny, but lately, he’s been downright snarky with Jeff Goodman, the BBN’s favorite national media member (ha!). A few weeks ago, Goodman ranked all of the players in the Final Four, “even Sam Malone!”, he tweeted, and Malone responded, “Still wouldn’t pay $40 a year for Insider.” +1 Malone, right?

This morning, as a response to Thomas Beisner about waiting for the players to announce their decision, Goodman tweeted “I think @SamMaloneuk13 should make an announcement today.” Once again, Malone couldn’t help but respond:

+1,000 Malone.

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25 responses to “Sam Malone takes another shot at Jeff Goodman”

  1. JohnWa11Dance

    He couldn’t have burned him more than if he had said “Yo mama!”

  2. Steve

    Goodman should just stop, Malone is making him look like an idiot. Oh, wait…

  3. jpbky2

    That answer was awesome. That is one of the few instances in which a coach calls a player into his office and praises a player for his use of social media.

  4. cconhhi

    I may be showing my age here. Why would an adult continue to make fun of a college student, who seemingly is living a pretty good life? I just don’t get it. If Sam Malone were my son, I would be pretty fired up right now.

    1. B-man

      I agree. I’m not sure why Goodman finds it funny to take shots at a kid working hard and earning a degree. Bottom line, Sam is showing he is more mature.

    2. cconhhi's son

      Dad you’re so embarrassing. It’s hard enough having an alcohoic dad but to go on KSR and start talking big…that is over the line.

    3. Common Fella

      Goodman’s attack on a collegiate athlete like Sam is a glaring testament to the true kind of asshat that is Jeff Goodman.

  5. Brent

    Malone for the win!! PERFECT response

  6. Love it

    I love the disrespect he shows too by calling him Jeff! Great comeback

  7. Catlanta

    Haha wouldn’t you know it, Goodman deleted his tweet



  9. inside info

    I can’t believe a national media member would be dumb enough to call out a college kid on twitter. I bet this ends up having consequences for Jeff. Dumb. Just dumb. Malone handled it great though.

  10. S. Malone

    “@SamMaloneuk13: @GoodmanESPN I think YO MAMA should make an announcement today.”

  11. Al B. Frank

    Not only is a national sports writer picking on a college student, it’s not even a scholarship athlete with a future in the NBA… not that it would be ok if it were, but Sam Malone is a walk-on. He rarely gets into games. Why pick on the kid?

  12. David

    hmmm….Jeff Goodman puts the “Twit” in twitter; upper-class Twit of the year (that’s a Monty Python reference just in case)… taking a shot at a walk-on…I know he was trying to be funny but great response from Sam…remember kiddies…if you are a complete and utter moron, stay off of social media (Jeff)

  13. Ted Campbell

    Moron of the year award goes to……….Jeff Goodman.


    hey david don’t be so nice. jeff goodman has went past twit status straight into cunt mode. sam is only a kid and has way more since than jeff $hitman.

  15. Bledsoe's Biceps

    Way over the line by the douche-bag Goodman. What an idiot. I just hope this has some consequences for him, with his employer. Probably not, but a guy can dream.

  16. SoCal Will

    Kind of like teasing what Goodman thought is a French Bulldog only to discover it is a Pit Bull. Sam would be very readable as a basketball analyst someday.

  17. Qhoa

    Link to Beisner’s twitter? Daring move Mrs.T. Daring.

  18. ukcatsfan2

    Shots Fired! Shots Fired!

  19. John Robic's hair says


  20. ai4uk

    Great response by Sam.

  21. Brian

    Goodman isn’t trying to pick on him, he’s trying to be chummy and buddy-buddy with him. It’s actually more pathetic because he keeps getting rejected.

  22. Thesaurus Rex Chapman

    Really wish Sam wouldv’e said “fabricate” instead of “make up” AND found a way to mention Randle in there… One can dream, I suppose.