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Sad Brutus and The Sunday Morning Links

SEC! SEC! SEC! Everybody’s favorite conference got just the help it needed last night when Michigan State ended Ohio State’s 24 game winning streak 34-24. The Ohio State loss launches Auburn to a match-up against Mark Stoops’ former defense at Florida State. Ohio State will now likely land the good fortune of having to play Alabama. Haha Good luck with that. Now some Sunday morning links:

-What was the biggest factor in Kentucky’s loss to Baylor? According to SI it was inexperience. The Cats looked like a bunch of freshman for the third or forth time this season and it gives you pause on just how far they can go.

-Our old pal John Clay took a look at the factors behind the loss and concluded it was due to the lack of intensity and focus. This group has a alot of growing up to do and they need to do it fast.

-Trey Lyles was in action at the Hoopsfest as Arsenal Tech took on Huntington Prep last night at the Marshall County Hoopsfest. Lyles finished with 22 and 14 before heading to talk with the UK staff.

-With our team stranded in Dallas the opposite is going on in Idaho as the Broncos are getting plenty of rest. They took down Carroll College Thursday to get to 8-0 ahead of their “Super Bowl” in Rupp. Is there a chance the Cats could drop two in a row?

Our man Jorts is proving he can be a key member of the Pistons. He finished with 10 points and 5 rebounds in last night’s win over the Bulls. Teague finished with 10 points as well.


Article written by Andrew Cassady

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30 responses to “Sad Brutus and The Sunday Morning Links”

  1. V D Skaggs

    Hey Wilder
    Is they havin you write on sundays

  2. K2da

    “With the class I brought in here at KENTUCKY…we don’t just play college basketball!….we strive to be the JOKE of college basketball!!!!”

    Cheers!!!!!, Applause!!!!; Kiss babies!!!!

    1. Get a Job

      How you can speak ill of anyone, is beyond me. Get an education and a job and then come back, Loser.

  3. UK Freshmen

    No other conference fanbase roots for their conference like South Eastern Conference. Weird. Stupid. How inadequate does one have to feel?

    1. Let's Speak of Inadequate

      Here we have the world’s oldest “Freshmen” weighing in yet again. The force of negativity is with him/them always. What crap.

    2. Sillytroll

      Inadequate enough to come on a rival team’s website.

    3. Ima Priest

      duh uavel would not know about supporting bretheren in conferences since the commuter ‘school’ is such a whore community college having moved from conference to conference so many times over the years…..and, like Pitino…….incapable of family and loyalty.

  4. Lance

    #3–I love how people want to say Kentucky cheers for their conference, but noone else does that right? Wrong, Louisville fans pound their chest every year when Kentucky got beat by a Big East team, isn’t that the exact same thing? Oh well logic may not be in well supply here.

  5. Matt Jones

    My analysis of the game will be up shortly. I predicted 38-2 and I am sticking with it

    1. Big Jim Thomas

      This isn’t the real Matt Jones. FAKE.

  6. Tim Tam

    I think I will whine and pout today.

  7. Mrs doubt fire

    I know we are only 9 games in…. But we have 0 quality wins.. The only ranked opponents we have played have defeated us… I just want us to beat a quality team…
    We will have a couple opportunities ahead of us in the next couple weeks..
    We cannot lose to both Louisville and North Carolina or we will be looking NIT ish going into SEC play

    1. schwing

      once again we have an outstanding example of why we must regulate reproduction. here we have a poster who believes that one must dump a load in any breathing female by a certain age in order to create another person who will contribute nothing to the advancement of our species.

      were reproduction regulated, matt jones would actually be eligible as an intelligent, successful example of a human.

    2. schwing

      oops. replying to the 11:01 poster claiming to be matt jones.

    3. Ima Crean

      Thanks schwing. I laughed heartily at that. UK will lose if they ‘cain’t’ hit their free throws and don’t own the boards against uavel and the turd holes.

  8. Matt Jones

    Without UK sports, I have nothing in my life. I am pushing 40 and have no family. If we go to the NIT, I may kill myself.

    1. Willie Wonka

      Wait.. Don’t.. Stop…

    2. Delk for 3

      Yeah, I bet whoever who wrote this wouldn’t give up their career right now to have Matt’s. Also, I bet Matt would rather be single than be with the ugly hag you call your wife. Who says someone in their mid 30’s has to have a family already anyway? I mean, seriously, just because you managed to knock up some trashy woman and then put a ring on her doesn’t mean you have the key to life’s happiness. More than likely, she’s thinking about leaving your miserable and negative arse at this very moment. Get a life, hater.

    3. Ima Candy Barr

      Delk for 3, here’s betting that mystery writer fake Matt likely has no career whatsoever.

      Just some simpleton uavel lover …can’t get outta H.S. ……almost GED’d…….loser.

  9. jman3715

    Nothing screams “Little Brother” more than waking up first thing on a Sunday morning to start poking your big brother telling him to wake up and come out and play. Go away Louisville and let us sleep a little longer. You’re annoying.

    1. schwing

      well done. ask me to name a louisville sports site and you’ll be waiting a while.

  10. come on

    In the eighties I remember Denny Crum soothing his fans by saying “never sweat December games.”
    I know it, you know it, everyone knows it, enjoy our struggles while you can. Thoses smirks are going to stick in your throat.

  11. Delk for 3

    Our team is going to be okay. I really do think we will be playing a ton of zone coming soon. Our guys are just at a disadvantage on the perimeter without lightning speed and the new focus on freedom of movement. We need to recognize double/triple teams on Randle better and get him to pass better out of those traps. We should be scoring a ton every time they do that. I also am not sure that Hawkins isn’t wiggling his way into more of a prominent role on this team. Kid can just play and the more he plays, the more he will give us.

  12. $1.75 Tacos?

    You can not be surprised when UK plays like they are inexperienced, when they are inexperienced. I just hope that they develop enough experience by NCAA tourney time, because they look lost at times.

  13. schwing

    that sign is hilarious. i guess that was earlier saturday when ohio state still thought they were going to beat michigan state?

  14. KD

    Hey Brutus, No! You got what was coming to you. Be thankful it was MSU instead of FSU, Auburn, Alabama, etc. You can still field the argument that football in the BIG!), BIG0, BIG?? conference is as good as any in the country. I was appalled that anyone would allow a team with a strength of schedule ranking at 89 play for a title by merely presenting the argument that a team is undefeated. What kind of seed does a team with a SOS Ranking of 89 get in the NCAA Bball Tourney? Proof that the old thinking is alive and well. With so many conference games in such large conferences, there is little real competition between the nations best.

    I’m a fan that thinks more inter-conference play would be good for both football and basketball. We are still left with a he said/ she said poll system that is overly subjective in both sports.
    I noticed where Big 12 football has 9 conference games plus 3 patsies or the occasional early season game between highly touted schools from power conferences. While exciting for the fans, those games don’t really tell us anything more about teams than we already knew, i.e. the Baylor /UK bball game exposed the young Cats inexperience and lack of focus and intensity , duh!….. brilliant insight from some of the greatest minds in sports reporting. Denny Crum had a philosophy about December games that has stood the test of time. Why should an early season football game be any more significant? Does anyone really know at this juncture of the season if Baylor is better in basketball than Carroll College? Thank God there is still a reason to play the games. Competition > Commerce.

  15. President Gee

    I must say, I have not been enjoying all the hate spewed toward The HO S U since losing to muh muh muh shiggen state……..but, it is well deserved. Pat Forde had a biting article on Yahoo. And all the fan comments….wow….everyone HATES OSU…..!

  16. osu got it coming

    OSU being overrated is catching up to them Yankees….. bout to get a real kickin to end there season with BAMA !!!! Hilarious…………

  17. JJones

    Jorts played well against the bulls. Jorts can play a key role for the pistons if given the minutes on the court. He seems to be running the court better this year. He is one of the reasons I have the nba league pass. Hope that davis and mkg can get back on the court soon. Davis was having an all star season. Go to to vote for our uk guys in the all star game.

  18. Catcard

    @8 no Matt!! U still have a life!! You can follow Behanan ware and pitino everyday since u can’t go 2 segments of your radio show w/o mentioning something about Lawavul!! What a creepy obsession u have towards the ville!! But I can’t blame u if my fball was going nowhere and your bball team coming off a season with a loss t bobby mo!!lol lol!!