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Russ Smith is a class act

© Thomas J. Russo

© Thomas J. Russo

I may hate Louisville, but I love Russ Smith. The senior has been nothing but class this week, and visited UK’s locker room to congratulate the players after the game last night. Eric Crawford has a column up this morning about Smith, including these comments about UK’s players:

Of UK’s players, Smith said, “Those are a great group of guys. They show great love. You respect someone when you see a competitor out there on the court. From each class, from my sophomore year on, Kentucky’s guys have shown me the same love. And these are new waves of classes, not the same people. So I’ve gotten great respect from them, potential NBA guys, and that’s great. The twins are fantastic and they’re going to keep getting better. All those guys. (James) Young, (Julius) Randle. Dakari (Johnson), I’ve known him since he was little and I’m excited for what he’s becoming, and you have to love that. And for us, we have guys returning, a great freshman in Terry Rozier, and I can’t wait to see him explode next year. . . . If my career had to end, I’m okay with it ending to Kentucky. Those boys play hard. They deserve everything that’s coming to them. I respect everything about their program and their coaching staff. For me, I just want people to remember me as a great competitor, a great sportsman, someone who respects the game a lot, and whatever it is, I just want it to be a positive legacy.”

I know I’m not alone when I wish Russ all the best. Read more of his comments from the game at

[Loss marks ‘end of an era’ for Louisville]

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52 responses to “Russ Smith is a class act”

  1. rainman

    Kind of hard to say anything negative about that!
    (But I’m sure someone will)
    Wish him the best in whatever his future holds!

    1. average fan

      Pitino dogged him during the post game press conference. Wouldn’t even call Russ by his name. Pitino is a POS and should have treated his star senior much better.

    2. True Story

      Ken-russy Sports Radio… I just threw up a little in my mouth. Nothing class about the self-promoting POS. Remember the dunk last night? The one well after the buzzer? Also, the post-game… you should actually LISTEN to it rather than read it. Completely insincere. Did anyone her his ‘excuse’ for taking that horrible three-pointer? Outright lie.

      Finally the visit to the locker room? How else was he going to get his name in the paper in a positive way? And you are ALL falling for it.

    3. k

      true poop, look outside your window… mmmmm

  2. Rabbi Weinstein

    Louisville’s active players on the roster are all likable dudes. It’s their fans and coach that emit the stench.

    1. Hayley's quadriceps

      Exactly. Roughly 80% of their players are great guys. It’s their coach and ghetto fans that are classless.

    2. Pedro

      Hayley….Pitino only said great things about the cats after the game. Cal refused to even acknowledge Louisville.

    3. Jeff

      HAHAHAHA^^ … accuse another fan base as being classless as the entire UK student body is in Lexington burning down structures, destroying property, and putting lives in danger. UK fans are arrogant and obnoxious pricks who believe to be above everyone else. Get over yourselves.

    4. TrailerTrash

      HAHAHAHA^^^^…..HAHAHAHA^^^^^ Jeff”s butthole still hurts

    5. Jeff

      HAHHAHAHA^^^ ……..HAHAHAAHA^^ For your information, Trailer Trash (how fitting), I am neither a UK or a UL fan. I actually have no affiliation or ties to either school, so my opinion is unbiased. That being said, my butthole is feeling nice an puckered up for your to kiss if you’d like.

    6. True Story

      No Jeff, but above you? Absolutely.

    7. Jason

      Ok Jeff you say UK fans are trash and classless for burning couches and celebrating I recall UofL fans doing the same thing last year flipping over cars burning stuff throwing bottles WVU has it’s share of burning couches too but it’s ok Jeff we expect everyone to hate on the Legacy that is UK

    8. k

      Jason how much poop can you fit in your mouth? I have poop in a bag.
      beyond the cliffs of dover, a phoenix shall ne’er rise. for time has come, for all not some, to eat my poop and cry. 8=====> ( 0 )

  3. Rock McAllister

    Wow, didn’t expect that. Very classy indeed, best of luck to Russ.

    Still glad loserville lost though. Suck it tards.

    1. k

      yea suck it tards! gotta hate retards

  4. Jim

    Russ Smith,, you’re a class act, good luck in future endeavors

  5. Doobin

    Better question is “is it time to realize college basketball (UK and NCAA) are crooked ?”

    If UK is allowed to get the best players and favorable calls then it’s very difficult to best them.

    This was on a u of l message board LOL! If we are allowed to get the best players. Sorry Coach Cal is the best recruiter.

    1. Blue

      We are the Evil Empire. I own it and love it.

  6. Ridge Runner

    Russ, I wish you luck in the future and you sir, are a very good player along with a great person.

  7. Blue

    Very classy Russ. Damn that was hard to say. Think I threw up in my mouth a little.

  8. Kyreds

    Russ sounds like he has his head on straight. A Class Act & I wish him the best!!!

  9. Bankshot

    For some reason, Russ had a tough time around the rim last night. However, to me Russ is a magician around the rim. Throughout his career, he has made more difficult shots that just leave you amazed. I hope he gets a shot in the NBA.

    1. Agreed

      He had one shot that went so high off the glass I thought it had no chance of falling. Russ Smith was always a player I had to hate because he was a Cardinal, but always had respect for him. Same for Gorgui Dieng.

  10. Aaargh...

    Hard to have hatrid for that guy. He’s a great player and obviously a class act. Good luck, Russ!

  11. KG e

    I hated that his career ended with a clunk. He has class.

  12. Andrew

    Very respectable. Must be exhausted losing to Kentucky all the time.

    1. LJ

      He won a national championship for goodness sakes and had two final four appearances. Must be exhausting being a hater.

  13. MacGruber

    Love Russ, hate the birds.

  14. capt

    His last collegiate shot was a horribly missed dunk as the clock expired, and losing to us. He deserved better. The selection committee should have never put us in the same bracket.

  15. Uk3k_j

    Russ is a class act and it takes a lot if character to do what he did last night going into the uk locker room.

    You can tell a lot about a person by the way they lose. Best of luck to him.

    Now on to the wolverines!!!!

  16. roundball fool

    Nice job Mr. Smith.

    We wish you well.

  17. Estepmusicky

    This Guy… Shew ….Basketball needs more of him. That had to be hard to go in there and do that. Leadership at its finest . Great career as a college player but acts of sportsmanship like that will take you further in life as a person. #muchrespect

  18. SeoulCat

    Mad respect for Russ. He’s a warrior and a gentleman.

  19. The Loco Pollo

    Heck of a guy. Props to him. He’s one of a very few guys who you just fear will take over and dominate during a game. If he didnt play at UofL I would’ve enjoyed watching him much more. Good luck to him. With this type of attitude & character, he’ll be successful in whatever the future holds.

  20. blue

    as doron said, “you a 1 in the league”

  21. Computer Blue

    Russ has been one of the best college players the past 3 years. Hope he gets a shot at the NBA.

  22. Carol

    Those comments are the comments of a true sportsman! Wish we had more young men who felt that way about the teams that they play. Good luck to you, Russ, wherever you go!!

  23. JR

    Fair well Russ. Need more college players like you. People like you.
    Go big blue

  24. mlvei

    Russ must be a very good guy to say such complementary statements during a time of great stress. He took the high road, which is always the best road to travel, and the trolls and even some of our supporters would do well to pattern themselves after his classy demeanor. I know this is a site based on irony, humor, and sarcasm; and understanding that from the get-go is paramount. However, my parents taught me that you never go wrong when you empathize with your opponents. That being said, let’s beat Michigan!

  25. Catmandu

    Russ was a class act after the game. His coach…not so much. Not only does he bypass congratulating the UK players in the handshake line, but he goes on to diss WCS in the post-game interview. He throws Russ under the bus basically calling him selfish and incompetent to hit free throws. Compare Pitino’s post-game to Greg Marshall of Wichita State. He praised his team and spoke about how much of a pleasure it was to coach them. Rick is a bitter, despicable, self-absorbed goober. Last night couldn’t have happened to a better guy. GBB!!

  26. CATandMONKEY

    Total class act. Despite my intense displeasure for mostly all things cardinal, I have a pretty difficult time compiling a list of Louisville players over the years that I despise. Way to go Russ, best of luck down the road. The majority of “Card County” may continue to #SuckItCards

  27. Joseph

    Maybe Russ can teach Pitino a few things about class.

  28. DerbyDemon

    Mr. Smith, you are not only a superb athlete, but a true example of class. To me, it seems as if you’ve been playing 10 years because you’ve always given my team fits!! But, my hat is off to you and may you have a long and great career in the NBA. Oh, and as an aside, you should slug Pitino…

  29. Evan

    Would Russ have made that last dunk if Randle was in front of him? Probably.

  30. Russtarded

    Mr. Smith.. SUCK IT. Enjoy playing for Greece.

    Signed – A real UK Fan.

    1. NoName

      Well, can’t say you’re lying. You definitely are a real UK fan.

    2. NoName

      And by that, I mean you’re an asshole.

  31. Jason

    Ok Jeff you say UK fans are trash and classless for burning couches and celebrating I recall UofL fans doing the same thing last year flipping over cars burning stuff throwing bottles WVU has it’s share of burning couches too but it’s ok Jeff we expect everyone to hate on the Legacy that is UK

  32. greatguy

    Wow, what sportsmanship. Saying this and visiting the locker room after a tough loss to end his college career. I wish him the best in the NBA. Very classy. Congratulations to the entire Louisville team who played their hearts out and came up just short. They earned my respect last night. I hope we as BBN will treat them with the same class in victory that Russ Smith and others showed in defeat.

    Amazing game for the Cats and psyched to have a shot at the Final Four tomorrow. Go, Cats!!!

  33. Louisville1Cal6

    Damn…. Class act 100%. I harbor no ill will towards any of UofL’s players, all are great guys & I wish them nothing but the best in life. It’s just their fans I can’t stand..

  34. B

    Russtarded why you hating on that man!? Is this how all “real” uk fans are

  35. Catsno.1

    Russ Smith is a class act !! wish him nothing bit the best