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Roy Williams “dumbfounded” by corruption in college basketball

Even before the FBI’s investigation into college basketball went public last fall, the corruption in the sport was no secret. Given the growth of shoe-sponsored summer leagues and monster deals between the same shoe companies and college basketball’s biggest programs, to believe all recruitments are squeaky clean is naive; however, Roy Williams claims he had no clue stuff like what is being exposed in the college hoops trial happens, even though he’s been in the sport for the last three decades.

“It’s a massive thing that’s still going on, and I’m just dumbfounded,” Williams said at North Carolina’s Media Day yesterday. “I had somebody criticize me and say ‘you shouldn’t be dumbfounded.’ Well, excuse me, I have my right to have my own feelings. That world that they’re explaining out there I’m not familiar with. Period. In 30 years as a head coach I have never had anyone ask me for money. I have never asked any shoe company to recruit for me. I have never asked anyone other than the family what is most important to you.

“So that world, people act like it goes on all the time, it does not go on all the time. It is a world I’m not familiar with.”

Not involved with? Sure, I could believe that. But not even being aware that stuff like this happens? Come on, Roy.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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23 responses to “Roy Williams “dumbfounded” by corruption in college basketball”

  1. MasterBurglar

    A Jayhawk and Tarheel doesn’t see that there is cheating going on in CBB?

    1. elvislovesblue

      “He does know something,” Code is heard saying on wiretap when discussing Pitino with Dawkins. “He doesn’t know everything … plausible deniability.”

      Substitute Roy Williams for Pitino, “plausible deniability”.

  2. playmorezeppelin

    I totally believe what he’s saying… academic fraud is more their style. Old boy Roy is the fakest ACTIVE coach in college basketball.

  3. Bigblue7982

    Coming From the guy that has fake classes.

  4. Trevor

    Hi Roy getting senile in your old age huh….one word…*COUGH*BS*COUGH* How about you get your kids to go to class 😉 Just sayin’

  5. Ettish

    He was too busy cheating behind closed doors to notice the corruption just right outside them.

  6. a21CATSfan

    He also hosts tutoring sessions at his house twice a week, dagummit!

  7. J-Dub421

    Grandpa Roy needs to retire. He’s clearly out of touch. Pretending like he’s clueless that there’s corruption in college basketball and that he’s never heard of such a thing is disingenuous.

  8. ClairsyDarsiy

    20 years of academic fraud covering numerous sports, several professors and administrators is total corruption. This man must is either senile or has totally lost his mind. UNC has participated in the most extensive fraud over the longest period of time. Who does he think he is trying to fool.

    1. SanDiegoDave

      No, he’s a liar.

  9. BluejayK

    I don’t believe him even in the slightest. I’m so tired of these coaches lying, and acting like they are gods gift to life. I would trade places, and jobs with ANY D-1 coach.

  10. N-UR-i

    Rick 2.0?

  11. ukjosh25

    He’s so dumbfounded because he took fake classes with his players. He’s not educated either.

  12. ukcamel

    My mom, who has watched maybe a grand total of 2 hours of college sports the last ten years, knows this is going on, but Roy Williams doesn’t? Does he read the newspaper? Does he have a television set? Is he as dumb as the kids graduating from UNC with the Af-Am Studies degree?

  13. sincitycat

    The Roy Boy: The biggest phony in college sports.

  14. Luether

    I agree with the “dumb” part…

  15. 4everUKblue
    1. slangterm

      Lol. Yea, that whole Trajon Langdon, Cory Maggette, and now the former Dukie, Dennis Smith Jr, were deemed NCAA appropriate. Rick Pitino is insane.

  16. RealCatsFan

    Yeah, riiiight, Roy. Just like John Wooden had no idea that Sam Gilbert was buying players for him.

  17. J. Did

    Ole Huckleberry Hound is a flat out liar.

  18. Irish son

    He’s a lying POS and everyone knows it

  19. serdi

    What is really outrageous is that Eli and Mitch refuse to cancel all contracts for all sports that we are currently committed to play the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It is disgusting that we do not take the high road and lead the charge to call out the NCAA and the biggest cheaters of all time and the Commissioner of the SEC that allowed it to happen.

    Roy Williams learn it all from Dean E. Smith the architect of the biggest fraud in the the history of the NCAA. They you take ESPN and SI and other media outlets that only protect and spin the fraud into how pure they are.

    It makes me puke and I am embarrassed that UK has any part of the slime

  20. springhill

    hate to see what phantom classes would do him