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Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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34 responses to “Rick Pitino says coaching debut in Greece “reminded (him) of Kentucky””

  1. JMFATZ47

    Sounds like Rick has a lot of negative to say about UL:)

    1. runningunnin.454

      I didn’t see any quote in which he said anything negative about UL. He said, “of Kentucky, and in Kentucky basketball is a religion”.
      Any way, good luck to him; I’m going to forget the UL stuff, and remember his contribution to UK.
      Oh wait, what country is Louisville in? Ha ha.

  2. Cletis75

    That team photo is haggard. I would have that fixed immediately. Looks like he just climbed out of the casket next to coach shuchefski’s!

    1. Cletis75

      *shoechefski’s, sorry!

  3. BigolBlue

    Love Rick trolling Louisville. From one troll to another.

  4. Duuuuuude

    How long before he embarrasses himself so badly in Europe that he needs to go to China to get a job?

    1. Han

      Fun game:

      Who has an embarrassing scandal first, Pitino under less scrutiny in Greece, or 1 of Mack or whoever coaches Louisville football now?

      Pitino is Pitino, but Louisville just breeds shame.

  5. UKfan in St Louis

    I’m wondering if this is an attempt of returning Cal’s gesture, and to mend fences with the BBN. “The highest compliment I give any crowd” seems specifically addressed to us.

    I’m sure he regrets the decision to leave UK and Camelot even more than ever now. I am ever mindful of the greatness from ashes journey of the early 90’s, and am hopeful he can return to Rupp Arena for a standing ovation. And before anyone brings up how much of a traitor he may or may not be, I just remember what a friend commented to me at the time:
    “You might know it would take someone from UK to make something out of UL”.
    That comment alone helped soothe the pain for me.

    Pitino is a character, and deserved much of the disgrace and boos due to him. But like Han just commented, being at Louisville will bring out the worst in anyone. Hopefully his memories of Kentucky will bring out the best again.

    1. WatchutalkinboutWillis

      Exactly this.

    2. TheAssman

      Couldn’t agree more

  6. bigbluebanana

    How does no one else realize Rick is in the beginning stages of a “make UK love me again” tour? That’s certainly his plan. He wants to be endeared to us by 2025, I’d bet my life on this statement.

  7. Larkin123

    Pitino’s Bombinos, Untouchables, and Unforgettables… Even Tubby’s comeback cats had his fingerprints all over it. Good times…

  8. ClutchCargo

    Aw, it’s sweet that he thought of us all the way from Greece. Seriously though, it took a lot of stuff happening in his professional and personal life to humble himself to the point that he can acknowledge this. It might also be a little trolling of U-6.

  9. Racerr11

    Good times have been the last 10 years with the best coach in college badjetball, Cal is the man. Glad pitinos gone and I personally would never cheer for him…..never

  10. Racerr11

    Lol basketball… is 4:45 in the morning.

  11. Toofarfromky

    For all his antics. He is still the coach that made uk relevant again.

    1. KYCat4EVER

      SPOT ON! Agree with you Toofarfromky!

      Also for this writer to say “And surprisingly, the former Kentucky head coach had extremely high praise for the program.”…

      He may have surprised YOU, but Pitino’s praise of UK fans doesn’t surprise me!

      Looking forward to the day when some of the small contingency of UK fans take off their own EGO BOOSTER’s and honor Pitino in Rupp Arena.. as Rupp would have done:

      Forgiveness, respect, and praise!

      Go Big Blue!

    2. ClutchCargo

      I agree, they should hang a jersey with his name in the rafters. Oh, wait… didn’t that already happen, and didn’t he flip off the crowd on his way out the last time he was there?

    3. KYCat4EVER

      Yea Cargo… and you probably think Coach Rupp should have held grudges against members of the Fabulous Five who were convicted of point shaving! LOL


      Cargo… you need to pull back on your ego, or someday your creator may just return your own “unforgiving attitude” on you!

      All the best to you!

  12. kydrummer

    Did they win?

    1. JTHinton


  13. catsarerunnin

    I think RP has lots of regrets including leaving UK for Boston. He probably considers it the biggest mistake of his career. He used that regret to stick it to UK fans by going to UL. And he stuck it to UK again by turning UL into a powerhouse at a time when UK was down. He was jealous of Cal’s success at UK again because of his regrets for leaving. It all turned me against RP for a time but I have great memories of those years he was here. He brought UK back from the ashes. I hope one day he comes back to be honored properly for his achievements.

    1. KYCat4EVER

      “He used that regret to stick it to UK fans by going to UL”…

      Respect your opinion catsarerunnin… but do you REALLY believe Pitino turned down the job at Michigan so he could “stick it to UK fans”??


      I have always looked at Pitino’s decision to return to our state to live and coach as a reflection on how much he loved being here, loved the Kentucky Basketball Addiction… and knew how much he missed our basketball fan bases while in misery in Boston.

      It’s too bad you blame Pitino for his great competitiveness, which also saved our own program!

      The best to you …


    So “THE FINGER” is the highest compliment you can give a crowd?

  15. Sparkacus

    RP being there is strangely fitting. Financially speaking, there isn’t much difference between Greece and Baloneyhead’s UofL.

  16. Jiminy Crickets

    It is totally possible to respect him, hate him, and laugh at him all at the same time. His 7 years here were the most exciting era of basketball in my lifetime. They spread the floor, attached the basket, and shot the 3 at an unprecedented rate, very much like today’s modern NBA. But that defense was the most exciting, teams couldn’t cross half court, and you could see the fear and fatigue on other teams. BBN LOVED him
    Then he went to Louisville and I hated him. Then he destroyed Louisville and I laughed at him.

  17. addyjaxlarkin

    Good for him I really hope he can get back in the coaching saddle and make it stick. He done so much for UK an I for one will always be grateful. He is a Great coach and is more than deserving of respect by our fanbase. Who knows where our program would be without his help. I loved watching our teams play in the 90s.

  18. CoachCat

    Honor must mean something different to me. Some of you want to honor a man who lied then left Kentucky. Failed in the NBA. Took a job with our rival. Lied about having a affair which came out publicly. Lied about escorts and alcohol in regards to recruits in a dorm meant to honor his brother in law. Flips our fan base off in a arena where his last banner hangs. Lied about paying for recruits. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t see a lot of honor in anything he’s done since he left here 20 years ago. Why honor a man who doesn’t honor himself?

    1. addyjaxlarkin

      Well some people don’t spend most of their lives judging other people for their mistakes but do spend time respecting others and being thankful for what others have done for them but obviously you are a perfect person you say honor mean something different to you well in my opinion there’s no honor that lies within sitting around judging others

    2. BluejayK

      Well said Coach

  19. CoachCat

    I’m not passing judgement. These are facts.

    1. addyjaxlarkin

      Judge my run on sentence go right ahead because I talk my messages into my phone it doesn’t bother me but you may want to go learn the real meaning of judging someone so that in the future you can be less of a hypocrite.

  20. CoachCat

    But I’ll judge that run on sentence and your terrible grammar. Lol

  21. Kat4Life

    I harbor no more ill will against the guy….life’s too short. Go get’m Rick.