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Rick Pitino is NOT in Des Moines to see Louisville vs. Minnesota

Our dreams of former Louisville head coach Rick Pitino sporting Maroon and Gold behind the Minnesota bench will unfortunately not come true.

According to Ernie Johnson on the CBS broadcast, Pitino was unable to make the trip from Greece to Des Moines because he is coaching today.

Pitino said last week that he wouldn’t be in attendance, though many held out hope that he would make a last-minute appearance.

Though he wasn’t able to attend the NCAA Tournament in person, he did give his Final Four picks yesterday afternoon.

The predictions? Duke, Virginia, Michigan, and… Kentucky.

Maybe he’ll be in attendance next year as the head coach of UNLV. It’s a match made in heaven.

Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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11 responses to “Rick Pitino is NOT in Des Moines to see Louisville vs. Minnesota”

  1. binarysolo

    Who else read Pitino’s tweet with a mental VO narration by him?
    “…the moment you’ve all been waiting fow-uh.”

  2. RealCatsFan

    Louisville down by 12 in 2nd half. Looks like the first Mack postseason might be a short run.

    1. Bobbum Man

      Slater’s big mad… wonder if he’ll still have it in him to come troll every post after they take this L


      Saw that one coming

    3. Eazy

      UK is 36-16 vs Louisville. They are a joke. We outperform them in March every year other than the year they bought the title. Cal is 10-2 vs Louisville. 2-0 in the tournament. Slater is a fool like all Louisville fans.


      When did they win a title

    5. IndianaSucks

      I’m sure he’s referring to 2013. They won in 80 and 86 as well I believe.

    6. J-Dub421

      Louisville is about to go down in the first round. What a bunch of chumps.

    7. weneedpitino

      Couldn’t happen to a better team, that good for nothing Louisville. Go cats, and go cardinals the state bird not the team!!

  3. JDizzle14

    Well when u have Daddy Dick’s scouting assistance and inside knowledge, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion…..Daddy Dick is the coach thats getting this win, not Lil Ricky…..

  4. Eazy

    Louisville is a joke. We own them. 36-16. Way better in football now, too. They aren’t worthy of our time. Not even a rivalry. Calipari is 10-2 vs those clowns.