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Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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38 responses to “Rick Pitino (again) says he did nothing wrong, is outraged the NCAA took down banners over $5800 worth of strippers”

  1. shelby

    I hate to tell u rick, but all those you mentioned DID know, just like u did. It’s called lying, i’m sure u r familiar with the term.

  2. peaches76

    It just seems it won’t register in the minds of some UL people that they won a championship with ILLEGAL players on the floor winning that title.

  3. wyatts1

    Having phone issues right at the most heated moment ?? he was upset but after repeating the same thing 3 times he lost his gumption lol. Dude should just say sorry I messed up, and then maybe his statements about shoe companies, and their financial actions may be listened to. Probably not though, $$ rules the world and it would be niave to think some of these schools aren’t using or figureing out someway to funnel that $$$ to certain recruits. Sad truly, idk how to fix the recruiting issues but if they can’t go pro right outta high school and do in deed pick a college it should be like football, 3 yes minimum. If not 3 then 2 anyways.

  4. Headhurts

    I think Pitino almost has himself convinced he knew nuttin.

  5. J-Dub421

    Again with the stupid argument that U of L shouldn’t get in trouble because the hookers were cheap.

    1. cats646

      Right? Shouldn’t they all be in jail right now?? Prostitution-illegal. Buying prostitutes for minors-waayy more illegal. I just don’t get it, how could they argue anything at all?!

    2. notFromhere

      That he is arguing and almost always avoids that is telling of his character, 646. Just more evidence of lack of control. He wants to sweep it under the rug so much that he can’t even address the situation honestly

  6. UKinIN

    So Andre could have provided cocaine to recruits if the vocative was free? Sell a recruit a car as long as he only paid a dollar?

    1. UKinIN

      Stupid autocorrect turned cocaine into vocative.

    2. bigbluebanana

      I have a new code word for cocaine now…thanks!

  7. gwhittle

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I played college sports. Our head coach knew EVERYTHING that went on, especially if it was in the dorms. He knew. I will never be convinced otherwise.

  8. kjd

    Adidas calls and wants to meet. They show up and want nothing in particular. Sure, Rick, nothing went on at the meeting. (Wink, wink).
    Rick was guilty in his first job as an assistant at Hawaii. He’s guilty now. He’s so sad and pathetic.


    NC or not, it actually sickens me that this POS is forever connected to UK. I’d gladly give up #6 if there was a way to wipe him from the record books and history.

  10. DelrayCat

    I hate to be that guy who says it…but he is right. That amount of money ain’t squat in the grand scheme of things in major college athletics. 18-22 yr olds are horn dogs…its an easy sell the the impressionable. But I for one think this punishment is a little egregious considering the crime…especially compared to UNCheat.

    1. Bull Filmer

      You made his point. Pitino blames a ‘Rogue Employee”. He rationalizes that there is no possible way uavel gets penalized – or he gets fired because “For four years, this went on four times a year, for a total of $5800, you’re going to take down the national championship?” He irrationally rationalizes.

    2. TBW3011

      You’re missing the point DR. Prostitutes were having sex with players. The amount of money is irrelevant in this case.

    3. Booby Petrino

      Besides having to bribe players with hookers to play for them, don’t forget that they also pressured high school recruits and their friend (one recruits friend that I recall) to have sex with prostitutes. You say these kids are horn dogs but at least one high school kid turned down the offer of sex and said he felt pressured to do something. Stop trying to normalize this disgusting situation.

    4. kjd

      DelrayCat: UofL scandal is COMPLETELY different than UNC. No way you can compare the two. NCAA deemed the extra benefit was not limited to just athletes.

  11. DelrayCat

    Lets be honest with ourselves…that was a damn good UL team. They earned it.

    1. Booby Petrino

      Puhlease. They weren’t that good. College basketball as a whole wasn’t that good that year. Mediocre team won in a down year. And they had to cheat by bribing players w hookers to play for them. #bannerdown

    2. david8577

      Nope, they cheated. The only thing they earned was disgrace. You don’t get to keep the spoils when you don’t play by the rules.

    3. 4everUKblue

      I agree with Booby’s right, mediocre team in a down year. The UK team that won the year before would have dominated them….AND they cheated!

    4. jaws2

      Sure, they were great. They got lucky and beat KY by 3 at home that year. Yeah, they were awesome!

  12. kuhlkat

    Let’s be honest. They won it with illegal players.
    Sorry Tards

    1. Bull Filmer

      No question – it was a down year. Too bad it never happened.

  13. TBW3011

    He’s clearly mentally ill. Sad and pathetic what he has become.

  14. sp

    He’s had almost an entire year to come up with a better story for why he didn’t know anything and he just can’t.

  15. Fitz

    Shoe companies need to be restricted to selling products to ncaa programs and AAU teams. Nothing free. AAU, which probably does more good than harm, needs to be cleansed of coaches and directors who are on the take from shoe companies and agents.

  16. Rod Crandler

    “Strippers” does not equal “Hiring underage prostitutes for recruits on campus, by your assistant”

    1. notFromhere

      “Paid strippers performing sex acts” in fact does equal prostitutes by definition.

    2. Rod Crandler

      My point exactly. That’s why I get tired of UofL fans and Pitino saying, it was just strippers.

    3. notFromhere

      Sorry, RC, misunderstood your post.

  17. notFromhere

    “I’m Rick Pitiful and I approve this massage, but I have no idea it’s going on 4 times a year for 4 years in the dorm named after someone close to me, where I always knew everything that was going on.” This message paid for by Adidas…

  18. nybrasky

    Ease up, guys. His nephews didn’t know and the stripper parties were in a dorm named after their dad who died in 9/11, so clearly Rick is innocent. Seems pretty cut and dry to me too, Rick.

  19. RealCatsFan

    Pitino hear “Yanni” instead of “Laurel”.

    1. TB112162

      RCF he hears Katina or Karen

  20. W.C.

    cats646: Suppose the head prosecutor, who decides who gets prosecuted for prostitution, was a big UofL fan, advertising that fact on his official web site. Can you imagine all the people who would have been put on the witness stand (including the 3 multi-millionaires who have since been fired),.in order to send McGee and Powell to prison? I rest my case.

  21. Wildcatbb89

    I think Rick Pitino did himself a disservice by the decisions he has made for so long. He complains that he was done wrong, but he shouldn’t be surprised because his reputation made the decision to fire him a lot easier.