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Article written by Maggie Davis

20 responses to “Rex Chapman: this UK basketball team is ‘intellectually curious’”

  1. thenamerobdigity

    Ask Rex this question; Is Cal leaving to coach the Cavs after this season?

    1. BigBertha

      Let me ask you this question: why are you an asshat?

    2. catsarerunnin

      Because he’s a poop head.

  2. bigcat68

    Rex was a great basketball player. That’s where it ends.

  3. bigcat68

    I will say I like his basketball knowledge.

  4. Harlanian

    Done deal, huh Rex?

  5. Harlanian

    O wise one, where can I find a deal on an iPhone?

    1. justgettingstartedbro

      What a turd comment

    2. BigBertha

      You give people from Harlan a bad name.

  6. madarchitect

    So many folks in glass houses…

    1. mashman 93

      True and they are all so perfect with their comments about Rex and we know they’ve never made a mistake. smh

  7. shelby3605

    A lot of assholes on here!

    1. JASUN74


  8. mashman 93

    King Rex!!!! He’s a great ambassador for Kentucky Basketball along with Coach Hall.

  9. BlueWho

    “Bruh” go back to block or charge ? Joke lol

  10. JASUN74

    We’re a lucky bunch of fans getting to post with some of these saints that post here. Thank you God for letting us be around so many Great Men!! I’d love to see my boy Rex slap the shiiit out of a bunch of you punks. I

  11. BigBertha

    People are very bold with anonymity. Rex and Richie have served their time. I hope you never find yourselves going through what they went through…it only takes one bad decision. Be better, y’all.


    Ignoring the ignorance of past posts. I like what I’m hearing from Rex in this video. I know it’s a special group. Just a couple of pieces true #BBN fans are wondering about. Question answered for me. We will be in the mix for #9.

  13. BLUEDOUG65

    Saw Rex first time against bullitt east . He would play hard for a few minutes and then coast a few . Clearly bored of the high school game but was one of the top five most athletic guys I’ve seen in person .. I loved watching king Rex and still remember billy packer saying .. he was going to dunk that !!.. after getting fouled by pervous in the beatdown they gave the cards that year


    I’m intellectually bi-curious.