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Report: Tai Wynyard attended UK parties with armed bodyguard

Earlier today, we found out Tai Wynyard is suspended indefinitely for a violation of team rules, and now, we may have a clearler picture as to what happened. The Courier-Journal is reporting that members of UK fraternities and sororities messaged each other last month about Wynyard attending parties with a person with a gun, who was supposedly there to protect him.

An excerpt from those group messages, as obtained by the Courier-Journal:

The Group Me message circulated by sorority members in January stated: “there is a (person) showing up to parties with the basketball player Tai Wynyard. (The person) showed up last night to our rush party and … had a gun … said he was ‘protecting’ Wynyard. … If you go out tonight and see (person) DO NOT APPROACH (person). Share this to EVERY SISTER.”

Well then. UK’s Interfraternity Council has declined comment.


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52 responses to “Report: Tai Wynyard attended UK parties with armed bodyguard”

  1. Jmlr1991

    Wtf what dose he need protection for

    1. Miller45

      ^^^^^ LOLOLO right?

  2. StuckinLville

    He’s not even popular enough for protection. But for people to freak out over a gun is ridiculous. I could see if he was waving it around. Plus, why go to a party if u don’t feel safe?

    1. A_Blue_Wildcat

      Bringing a gun to a college party where most of the people there are drunk/high, wonder why anyone would freak out at that

    2. Rembrandt

      If Wynyard himself wasn’t carrying a gun, then he didn’t do anything. People are searching for an explanation to Wynyard’s suspension. This sounds like a bad newspaper’s lame attempt to fill a news void by fabricating or embellishing a nonstory.

  3. timbo

    Well that’s a dumb thing to do and a dumb reaction to a dumb thing. Someone is auto-dangerous because they have a gun? In this state? Dumb all around. And dumb sororities and fraternities only contribute to dumbness. Ugh.

  4. Not Dan Issel

    SJW snowflakes afraid of guns. Ugh! Ridiculous.

  5. 502CodeRed

    Breaking News – NCAA agree to UofL appeal. Card keep banner.

    1. ClutchCargo

      Thanks for the laugh! ?

    2. Miller45

      this is a rare personal shot from me but that is friggin moronic. look how many players in 8 years have gotten in trouble for conduct at UK. doesn’t happen, and its not because they cover up. its because the players know they are under constant scrutiny and know people are just pulling for them to screw up and roast them

  6. unbridled

    Snitches get stitches. Just sayin.

  7. kydrummer

    He’s the son of a lumberjack champion, why does he need protection?

  8. chris43

    Like this flipping idiot is such a popular player that he’s getting mad rushed any time he steps foot somewhere. Plus dude is what 6’10?!? Ya really need a bodyguard?!? Damn dude….smh

    1. 502CodeRed

      You mad, Chris? Cal created this with the One And Done culture. It’s what you as a fan wanted or else you would have spoke out years ago. Embrace it, brohan.

    2. unbridled

      502…..Hahahaha. I truly feel sorry for you.

    3. ClutchCargo

      Codered is on fire with the irony and utter lack of self-awareness tonight!!

    4. ClutchCargo

      And don’t forget hypocrisy!

    5. Booby Petrino

      Lol lil code. If any players needed security, it would be the one and dones. Not the bench warmers/practice players. Genius.

    6. 502CodeRed

      Lil boobs mimicking me is flattering. I like it. Keep sporting that training bra. kiddo.

    7. Booby Petrino

      I know, lil code. You love any attention you can get, bc clearly you didn’t receive any from your parents or anyone else in your life.

    8. 502CodeRed

      Awwww, you are my favorite, lil boobs. Remind me of my baby niece,

    9. Booby Petrino

      So your niece only acknowledges you to laugh at your stupidity? Bless your heart…

    10. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Mike Tyson had bodyguards too ya know.

  9. Elwood BLU

    How could you not think it is dangerous for a college age kid to carry a gun to a party where everyone is drinking? I don’t understand how some of you idiots think it’s the wild west and everyone needs to be armed all the time.

    1. UkChubbs


    2. unbridled

      Lots going on in your comment.

    3. unbridled

      We obviously are not privy to the details and you make many assumptions.

    4. CombatMedic_98

      He did nothing but warned the bench for the last 2 years…zero production from this dude…not to mention “bone-head” kid getting played up like he is a star or something…get ‘em out o hhiii-yurrrr

    5. 502CodeRed

      Elmer BLU – Has his body guard been determined to be a college kid? I hadn’t heard that and just curious.

    6. unbridled

      Is the “body guard” a conceal carry permit holder? Was the “body guard” drinking? Was the “body guard” brandishing the weapon? How was it discovered that the “body guard” was armed?

    7. unbridled

      We know no details. We know nothing. It’s a rumor at this point.

    8. Booby Petrino

      Are guns even allowed in frat/sorority houses at UK? Guns are banned from anything controlled by the university unless they’re kept in your car. Idk if fraternities are considered to be controlled by the university. Obviously I’m not a gun enthusiast lol nothing against them, just don’t know much about them

    9. unbridled

      I didn’t think many of the frats were considered “on campus” anymore…but I’m really not sure.

    10. 502CodeRed

      “I’m not a gun enthusiast lol nothing against them, just don’t know much about them”
      Sooo the notion of keeping your mouth shut never crossed your mind? Good grief, lil boobs. smh

    11. Booby Petrino

      Man, lil code I’m not really surprised your comprehension skills are nonexistent. My comment was about gun rules on campus. If I were a gun enthusiast I’d be more likely to know the answer to the question I asked. The question was the reason for the comment. Lol you’re so mentally handicapped. And you’re on here all the time talking about things you know nothing about, hasn’t stopped you. You’re welcome for the attention. Now, I have a game dvr’d to catch up to. I’m sure you’re watching too!

    12. Miller45

      seriously you’re freakin stupid. I’m going to go troll UL sports blogs now. actually no, that’s an idiotic thing to do

    13. UKInsider

      Fraternities are student organizations and are governed under the UK Student Code. Therefore, if the Student Code does not allow guns on campus (it doesn’t), then fraternities are not allowed to bear arms. If a fraternity throws a party off campus and they get in trouble, it is not difficult for the campus officials to link the party to the fraternity and hold them accountable. So, as dumb as Wynyard was for attending fraternity parties, anyone posting under the assumption that fraternities are allowed to have guns in their houses or at parties is as dumb as Wynyard.

    14. unbridled

      So if it’s against uk policy….does that make it illegal???

  10. Elwood BLU

    Whatever the answers are to those questions, I wouldn’t be comfortable with it.

    1. unbridled

      I understand that, but my constitutional right to protect myself supersedes your uncomfortability.

    2. ryang1234

      @unbridled, I don’t think it said anywhere in the article that these were “well-regulated militia” parties.

    3. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      “The right of the PEOPLE…”

    4. unbridled

      Ryang….try harder. That’s embarrassing


    I’m always armed when I’m on or off campus. Rather safe than sorry. Not sure of the details, just open carry then no worries.

  12. 2thepoint

    We don’t know what the circumstances were that warranted the body guard or anything else pertaining to the issue. What if he got into a fight and mangled someone, what then?

  13. HackRichards

    May be that he’s been threatened. May be some butt hole from EKU sucker punched him.

  14. MadHatter

    Fake news. All a conspiracy for Matt to have our guns confiscated. Lmao

  15. Don Kean

    If he was carrying a gun and had a concealed carry permit in an area that is non restricted for carrying guns, then he is perfectly within his rights to carry the gun. If it is posted or deemed by law to be a gun free area then he is not within his rights to carry the gun on the premises, permit or not. For example you may not carry permit or not in a hospital federal building, public school etc. I don’t know if sorority /fraternity houses are on campus or not.
    We must remember with all soberness the incident with the football team and the air pellet gun a few years back. Would liberals over react to the thought of a gun even existing, Yeah, they do it all the time. They tried to claim they heard gunshots. AN AIR PELLET GUN SOUNDS NO MORE LIKE A POWDER LOADED gun going off than does a fart sound like an atom bomb, but these morons made it sound so during that incident. Needless to say, their could be liberal over reaction to this OR the carrier of the firearm could be in violation of the law if he carried his weapon into a properly and legally restricted area. If the latter is true he will likely loose his permit and the right to legally carry a weapon in the future, Which he should. I would not be shocked to find out he broke the law, but I also would not be shocked to find out it was a cigarette lighterr. And yes I am a believer in the right to carry a gun. I pray I am never put in a position to use mine. I do not brandish it for macho bravado, nor brag about it to make people fear me. It just is what it is in a dangerous world full of people who have little respect for others property, life, and rights. Dirty Harry may have said it best. There is nothing wrong with a little shooting as long as the right people get shot”.

    1. unbridled

      Phenomenal commentary Don Kean

  16. Miller45

    lol I support the right to arm bears

  17. KentuckyYankee

    Has anyone seen Steve Masiello?

  18. Howdy Doody

    WHY does a college athlete need an armed body guard ?

    Are the fans threatening him ??