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Report: Marcus Lee will return to UK next season

Photo via Lee's Instagram page

This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, but it appears Marcus Lee will return to Kentucky for his sophomore season. Lee’s brother told that Lee will remain at Kentucky next season. (It’s mentioned in the middle of the article.)

If true, good news. One down, seven to go…

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44 responses to “Report: Marcus Lee will return to UK next season”

  1. ....


    1. Troy


  2. James

    Good news indeed. Hopefully we see more of Marcus next season. He really showed his ability in the tournament.

  3. In other news....

    Montrezl Harrell is returning to UL. Wow, Rick just doesn’t seem to care about these kids careers, only his own.


    1. Morehead Cat

      Still won’t be enough for U of LOL next year. He could be a lottery next year though

    2. CapitalH

      I honestly can’t wrap my brain around that. I thought he was a lock. It boggles the mind.

    3. BBN

      Next years draft is supposed to be pretty weak, he could be a lottery pick in the 15 draft.

    4. ukbradstith

      Smart move for him to return. I bet he goes mid lottery next year, he might not even be top 20 this year.

  4. Blue Jesus

    Well that’s one thing I wasn’t worried about I can get off my chest now!

    1. Big Blue Jesus

      Fake Jesus. I’m the one and only.

  5. Will

    Biggest concern here was transfer, not NBA. Good to hear he will be back!

    1. UKBlue1!

      Why? plenty of playing time. UK is losing 5-6 players off this years rooster counting Polson and Hood. He has spent a year practicing against some of the best college players in the country. He is going to play 15-20 minutes a game next year. UK has only signed 4 players for next season. I don’t expect Calipari’s rotation to go more than 7-8 players deep but he will be one of the top 8 players.

    2. L1C6

      I think lots of ppl were concerned about a transfer. If Willie and Dakari come back, add in Towns, and ppl were afraid Lee might go elsewhere.

    3. Mc

      UKBlue1!-We’ll wait to see who returns and who goes to decide on the playing time. Right now we have Lyles, Towns, and Lee for the PF/C positions. That’s 26.6 minutes each a game using the average.

  6. e3

    who thought he was leaving?

    1. Teachable Mo'

      Since Lee’s performance in the tournament was the most fun, exciting, and athletic of any player on the team over the entire rest of the season, who wouldn’t have worried?

      What Lee isn’t is big enough to play in the NBA. Yet.


    May not be a big surprise but it’s still good to hear. We just got that much better next season.


    I am trying to remember if I ever saw Lee take a Jumpshot. Were all his points off of dunks and FT’s

    1. KevinM

      Lee had a dribble drive in that game as well…he knows where the hoop is.

  9. James

    Good for Harrell. He can again be owned by another Kentucky power forward.

  10. theSkinny81

    Imagine the possibilities:

    PG: An. Harrison – he gets tired, Tyler Ulis/Dom Hawkins subs in.

    SG: Aa. Harrison – he gets tired, Devin Booker/Hawkins (for perimeter D) subs in.

    SF: Poythress – he gets tired, Willis/Lyles subs in.

    PF: Towns (starts?) – he gets tired, Willis/Lee/Lyles subs in.

    C: WCS (if returns) – he gets tired, Dakari (if stays)/Towns

    Andrew Harrison, Aaron Harrison, Poythress, KAT, and WCS…. biggest lineup ever?


    Harrisons at the 1&2, Trey Lyles at 3 (he’s got some outside/drive to his game), WCS PF, and Dakari?

    Even bigger?? lol

    1. Jughead

      That hurt my brain.

    2. Adorable

      ^ All them big words? lol

    3. Chaz

      Fun to think about isn’t it? Strange thing is, it could happen. Probably won’t, but it could.

    4. Mc

      The only thing I’d say is the 3 spot backup. I’d also guess that Willis will only get a minute or 2 more per game if all of this did happen.

      I think you’d see lineups like Ulis, Harrison, Harrison; or Harrison, Harrison, Booker. Also, if Lee is capable of guarding a small forward some games, he could play the 3 in lineups that have Towns at the 5 since Towns cans spot up from 3.

      My guess is that Lyles starts at the 4 regardless.

    5. somerset bill

      you have 12 players in that rotation, skinny. if this coach were ever going to play more than 8 or 9 this would have been the year, i think.

      that is why it is surprising that lee is already saying he is returning rather than waiting to see what willie and dakari do. especially since coach told lee that the reason he has played so little is that he has two guys of willie and dakari’s caliber in front of him, the talk is heating up that willie is coming back, annnd he has two more big men who seem to be just as good coming in.

      maybe he does view himself as a 3 to 4 year guy. after all the word was regarding his big tourney games that cal essentially gave him a couple tasks (which he performed spectacularly), and told the others not to give it to him outside of those positions. that might be informing his image of how much of a contributor he could be.

      one other possibility is that he is getting his who’s going and who’s staying info first hand from the goers and stayers, and that he knows there’s going to be some room next year.

    6. theSkinny81

      Well this is all just for fun – please don’t take it too seriously, lol. I don’t think Willie AND Dakari will return (but who knows). And this is also assuming the Twins return, and I don’t have a good feeling about that either. Plus, sometimes a recruit doesn’t always meet or exceed expectations. I could see Devin Booker, for instance, kind of having a limited role, much like Marcus Lee this year if he struggles a bit. I hope he does well, of course.

      But hey, I think we can all agree, I’d rather have too many players than not enough!!!

  11. asdf

    We still could either be overstocked or short-handed in the paint next year, and we still don’t know which it will be.

  12. amirite

    Marcus Lee with the putback season!

  13. Megan

    Yay! Keep the good news coming.

  14. Leach Report

    Marcus Leeeeeeee!!! 🙂

  15. eric

    Is this what Kentucky basketball has come to?

    We have to be told that our NINTH man off the bench is not going to the draft? Good freaking Lord. I swear we are going to have a year where Cal will literally not be able to field at 12 man team if this keeps up.

    1. Michael

      That happened in 2011, when we had only 11 players on the roster. Got anything else?

  16. ukcat58

    Marcus ahs great talent – Given time and the UK development process he will get his pro NBA opportunity but he may need to stay 2 more years.

  17. Patrick

    With Harrell announcing his return to Louisville next season, Jeff Goodman is predicting them to be a Top 10 team next year and even Final Four contender. Obviously they improve but I really don’t see them that much better. They lose 3 starters and half of their offense and the only thing that Harrell brought each game was dunking and screaming.

    Goodman and Dana O’Neil are starting to ride in the same boat together and Forde is the captain.

    1. Dude

      It’s April 14th…………………….

  18. Coop

    Marcus is projected as a Top 10 pick in 2015 by alot of people. He reminds me alot of Marvin Williams.

    1. KevinM

      I’m offended by that comment….Marvin is a junk player….Marcus simply is a big man who is aggressive…what aggressive play have you ever seen Marvin make?

  19. Freddie Cowan

    Like he had a choice?

  20. CB

    EJ is for real wait and see!

  21. Kevin C.

    If WCS returns, UK will have the best front court in all of college BB….and most NBA teams. Teams will be forced to shoot 50% or better from 3, to have a shot at beating us.

  22. Old Codger

    Means less playing time for Derek Willis now. Willis could’ve been the next Cliff Hagan!

  23. JP

    Will Derek Willis become another Jon Hood?

  24. Don

    I wonder if Cameron Justice would be a spot player for Kentucky. He is from Hazzard, Ky.