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Report: Kentucky will play UCLA as part of December doubleheader in Chicago

According to Ohio State reporter Bob Baptist, Kentucky will play UCLA in late December as part of a doubleheader, with Ohio State and North Carolina.

Thad Matta reportedly announced the news tonight on his call-in show, telling listeners that the event is a three-year deal, with the first taking place in Chicago, then Brooklyn, and then somewhere out west. We knew Cal was working on another non-conference event similar to the Champions Classic, and this seems to be it.

See you soon, Windy City?

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19 responses to “Report: Kentucky will play UCLA as part of December doubleheader in Chicago”

  1. Han

    Last I heard was the same teams were doing it again. Regardless, cool for us.

    1. Blue Jesus

      This would be in addition to the Championship Classic, I believe. I’m pretty sure that has already been renewed, and this is just another series Cal was pursuing. In other words, more big time basketball!

      I do have a question though: how will this affect our series with UNC? Are they also in the series for all three years? If that is the case, then won’t playing them at the neutral site mess up our yearly home-and-home that we just got corrected to be on the off years of UofL? If I remember correctly we took that off year from the UNC series in order to make it so either UofL was at home while the other was away each year.

      Regardless, I’m excited about the news!

  2. SoCal Will

    Cal is right, “UK is college basketball”!

  3. OneAndDone

    What will this do to the yearly home and home series with UNC? Will we play them twice that year? We had to take a year off just to get it on the right rotation with the Louisville game.. Hope this doesn’t jeopardize that series….

  4. Corey

    Would this mean that UK would drop their annual meeting with UNC since UNC is in this, or would they just drop it for that one out of three years that they meet.

  5. bung

    I think Rupp was 3-0 against wooden…he would approve…

  6. Chaz

    At last the two Titans collide again. IU fans with long term memories intact may remember the 1987 season and Steve Alford (He’s a coach now, if some of you haven’t been keeping up). Should be a good game. Not earth shattering, but a nice match up. Looking forward to it.

  7. blake

    Someone please post a kink to replay of the wsu game….thanks!

    1. joeblow

      You can watch a replay of the WS-UK game at

  8. March Madness

    Listen to Tom Leach and watch highlights from Kentucky vs Wichita State

  9. Ben

    The real question is, will Ohio State ever win one of these games? Probably not.

  10. Bob

    UCLA is the match up i have prayed for , for such an long time. We are 4 Titles away well 3 after this year from having the most NCAA Titles . I hope and pray our 4th Title will be between UCLA and Kentucky someday as we take the lead completely . UCLA during Wooden’s years was also an great school with probally the best to ever coach the game in John Wooden . And for those whom state they bought players ect let this year teach you something about the sport . Kentucky is loaded and all the BS greatest team ever 40-0 on and on .Kentucky has been an very good team all year but they have been slow in forming an team. I said maybe 7 loses for them . As we all see an team can have all great players and still never win an Title . John Wooden built great teams and coach Cal is also an master of the sport and someday will be as Wooden if he stays .These are kids and sometimes develope slower. But whats great about this sport ask Tenn and Kentucky . This could end up an Sec fight for the final 4 . We all know the SEC the 6th rank conference the weak one.Three teams out of the final 16 SEC teams. I love saying this if anyone sees that prune ask him when Duke plays again from the great ACC .Our cats are peaking at the perfect time that counts and will beat louisville. It may have taken all season to come together but they have.The WS game has the mouths of the sports world eating crow . I have sit back this year and enjoyed the ride . I think Johnson will have an break out game in the next 3 games and when he does he will tear up some ass!! I hope Alex P. stays and becomes our next D. Miller. All year we have been hammard about 1st round lost in the NIT last year . All the teams in both NCAA and the NIT can beat anyone on an given day. We BBN need to stop stressing out our teams and pressuring them and let them play and have fun . I love this team and i am proud to be an Cats Fan. However when the day comes and coach Cal decides it’s over i hope we bring home an head coach from OK. State and Asst. from Florida to lead our Cats. GO BIG BLUE !!!

  11. Hill

    Tom Crean would not approve of this.

  12. Cayts

    Will this lead to an all-cupcake home schedule?

  13. vator32nh

    I really hope the game out West is in Las Vegas.

  14. UKPhelps

    I’m so glad that we are playing better teams in late non-conference instead of early on when everyone is crappy. We need a real gut check other than Louisville going forward into conference play. Great scheduling Cal!!

  15. UKkathy

    I am thrilled at our pre-conference scheduling. Not cupcakes to pad our win-loss column. Playing tough teams makes us tougher in the long run. Thanks, Coach Cal. GO CATS!

  16. TAXman

    How does Ohio State make it into a “Champion’s Classic”? If it’s been 55 years since your last title, you should probably not be considered. Or maybe we can add San Francisco and Oklahoma State?

  17. jestowns

    It’s crappy that it probably takes away yet another opportunity to play a big pre-conference game at Rupp. I’m a lifelong KY diehard, but I think ticket holders may start to get frustrated not having many big matchups in Rupp before January (besides L’ville).