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Article written by Brent Wainscott

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14 responses to “REPORT: EJ Montgomery Receives NBA Draft Combine Invite”

  1. maximumscott

    Probably where the Jaden Mcdaniel tweets came from….

    1. nocode96

      What did he tweet?

    2. mashman 93

      Surely EJ comes back.

  2. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    Maybe Cal knew something about EJ’s intent to stay in if he got any positive feedback. Not saying that is his intention but if so it would explain why Cal is trying to load up on post guys when he usually likes to save scholarships in case guys stay.

  3. SanDiegoCats

    We need bigs next year but if we get a Guy or 2 to commit or transfer I don’t think I’d be all that upset if EJ stayed in draft.

  4. Larkin123

    EJ stays in the draft kiss ff goodbye… sure we have Bahamas fans who will list all the players with tons a freshmen who are not top five players, but this kid would average 11 and 8 and changed shot on defensive end. Active monster!!! If you think he is a Richards type a his soph, you cant judge talent. He was already equal to Richards with one less year…

    1. Cokely53

      If we lost EJ and got Blackshear, that would still be a net gain. Some of you fans are so pessimistic. The sky is falling!!!

  5. VirginiaCat

    The rule change that allows “student athletes” to work with agents is what worries me with respect to EJ. Agents have a vested interest in college players staying in the draft, in order for agents to make money. Consequently, I think we will see more and more “bubble” players staying in the draft.

  6. nocode96

    Wouldn’t blame him a bit for staying in it, not even a little. It would put the pressure on Richards to improve and be the player we all know he can be. Probably couldn’t hurt in our pursuit of Blackshear and McDaniels.

    1. mashburnfan1

      He will not be picked so I would blame him for staying in the draft. You do know there are more kids declaring early than there are draft picks made. That does not include Seniors and overseas players. Many of these kids will not be picked and some will find places to play, G league, overseas etc but sadly some will not. As for Reid and Nick, are you really waiting on word for them, I can save you time and tell you now they have zero shot at being drafted as well. Only thing Nick and EJ has shown so far is size, which is important, but Nick has been a disaster and EJ simply did not get much of a chance to play. Both have potential, and size will always give them a chance, but they have a lot of work to do.

  7. UKinIN

    Next up on the UK 2019-20 roster playlist, “Goodbye to You” by Scandal.

    1. CATandMONKEY

      Their best tune.
      Great synth solo before the 80s made synths caricatures of themselves.

  8. sharpshooter81

    Nothing wrong with EJ going to the combine and see how he matches against other players. In the end the scouts are going to advise him to go back to school like they did Washington last year.

  9. JT55

    Hopefully he comes back if he doesn’t get the projections he desires. I’m not sold on Blackshear wanting to come here, and I don’t think Mcdaniels is the type of player we need to make a run.