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37 responses to “Reid Watch: No Travis in walkthrough video”

  1. Smyrna_Cat

    I am not sure this is really an update at all?

  2. weneedpitino

    I think he might be finished for the year. What’s a troll? I keep getting called that, and what does it mean to feed it. You youngsters always confuse me.

  3. weneedpitino

    Go cats!!

    1. makeitstop

      Dude seriously it will be warmer back under ur bridge.

    2. Skooms

      What’s an NCAA championship?? I know you UofL fans don’t remember what they are and how to get them without cheating.

  4. makeitstop

    Florida – we need him for that game but we match up ok without him today, they’re not going to give us problems in the paint like UT. Nick being a rim protector will allow us to extend our D which we need to do w their shooters… one of whom will hv a career night, as per usual. I just want him back for Saturday and get prepped for Nashville.

  5. kyinsider

    Would love to have Reid but not worth playing him in a useless regular season game. Would love to see him playing limited minutes on senior day.

  6. Larkin123

    Guys, the way it was announced and everything since… no travis anytime soon…

    1. Bobbum Man

      U mean how they said he would be out a few weeks and he’s been out a few weeks? Yeah pretty mind blowing stuff

    2. ClutchCargo

      Yeah, he’s actually well within that “at least two weeks” time frame, so he is most likely right on schedule.

  7. AirForceOne

    The SEC regular season title is off the table now. From here forward, it is all about the NCAAT….let’s get him ready for that.

  8. DelrayCat

    No upside to playing him. Reid is needed more in the NCAA than anything. Although, I bet he comes back for SEC Tourney with reduced minutes.
    Another loss and we are looking at a #3 seed out west 🙁

    1. ChetSteadmansSalisburySteak

      One more loss and we’re a 3 seed? That seems a bit drastic. Lose Ole Miss and Fla and have a weak SEC Tourney showing? Maybe.

    2. KayutsBy90

      I think a 6 or 7 loss UK is still a 2 seed. Though probably out west.

    3. Ubtrapper

      I don’t agree with this. If he has a grade 1 sprain, there’s no reason he’s not playing tonight. He needs to be playing asap. The longer he sits out, the longer it will take to get our team chemistry back.

  9. ChetSteadmansSalisburySteak

    Like I’ve been saying since his injury; I think Cal will keep him out the rest of the regular season, and likely the SEC tourney that he already thinks is pointless b-ball anyway. Getting him back 100% for the NCAAs is likely the play here.

  10. bigbluebanana

    As long as we get him back 100% in time for the big tournament, I don’t really care. Even if we lose out (we won’t), that’s fine too, it’ll get folks sleeping in us again and it’ll get bash and bigolblue hard for a few days.

  11. weneedpitino

    Why is it taking so long, in my younger days a man could rebound from such a simple injury such as this in 3 to 4 days max. But that’s when men were men to, and not some millenial wimp. Heal up soon Travis, I tend to like you overall. Go Cats!!

    1. Skooms

      It’s “too” not “to”.

    2. makeitstop

      Gee ur ole LaSalle ran great, weepinino

    3. makeitstop

      Lol that’s “heating” but w weetino’s attention to detail he’d miss that, it’s for everyone else.

  12. makeitstop

    If he’s not practicing, he’s not playing. Sounded like he was shooting but not practicing as late as Saturday so it’s just what they said: “at least 2 weeks,” which is tonight. But with UT playing MSU and at Auburn Saturday, and LSU @ Florida tomorrow, it’s premature to throw in the towel on the SEC title. If we lose or LSU wins tomorrow then yea, I’m with u AFO, but right now there’s a decent chance they both drop one, given the way the past couple weeks hv been for ranked teams in the power 5.

    1. makeitstop

      Btw I don’t love our odds – but I like them way better than weepitino’s 6 seed projection, for comparison sake!

  13. weneedpitino

    Walk it off Travis. you got this. C-A-T-S, Cats, Cats, Cats.

  14. weneedpitino

    6 seed that’s right, just remember you heard it here first. My crystal ball is rarely wrong.

    1. Skooms

      2 year postseason ban that’s right, just remember you heard it here first. My crystal ball is rarely wrong regarding UofL.

    2. makeitstop

      Ur crystal ball is hearing in ur bowl

    3. ThankfulCat

      I bet I can make you disappear in say….15 seconds?


  15. clarks

    Ur name should be weedpitino cause u smoking something lol

    1. UKBigBlueForever


    2. makeitstop

      “weetino” isn’t bad, saves characters for the attack…

    3. makeitstop

      And he’s smoking his “crystal ball” tonite

  16. makeitstop

    Btw credit to Weedtino/Weetino or whatever for galvanizing cat fans on here. He’s the AOC of card troll foils. The gift that keeps giving. Back to ur bridge, buddy.

    1. Bobbum Man

      I dunno why they continue to let these guys post day after day… maybe that’s why he’s got 10 accounts and names though. Either way it’s just sad

    2. makeitstop

      U just know he’s the pride of his office… not

  17. CoachCat

    No more sad then the same people that post about every opinion offered

  18. weneedpitino

    I feel like not many like me here because I’m honest. What I say everyone knows is true. Go cats, and coastal carolina.