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14 responses to “Read of the Day: Bleacher Report’s profile of Tyler Herro”

  1. wildcatlove4life

    I spoke to Herro yesterday before they left and might I just say, he left a great impression. First he posed with some kids for a pic and gave them an autograph then I asked him some UK b-ball trivia and he got it right. I shared with him some stats about the last 4 national champs at UK and he thanked me. I’m glad we got him for a year & I bet he goes off for 20 in the first game. His demeanor seemed laser focused & ready for the challenge at hand!

  2. Realme

    So ironic to read this right after hearing the Rooferee’s lawsuit was dismissed. What people in Wisconsin did to Tyler was worse than anything that actually happened to Higgins, but no Herro’s played the martyr.

    1. wildcatlove4life

      I agree , I had no idea he & his family had to endure so much hatred from the hometown . I have a new found respect for Herro’s toughness!

    2. Luether

      A smarter move by Herro would have been to NOT prematurely commit to Wisconsin…

    3. 4everUKblue

      A smarter move by you would be to NOT comment on this site ever again.

  3. henderblue

    Terrific article. I hope that in the NCAA tournament he gets more looks, more shots. I hope they run more stuff for him. Let’s see him get to the free throw line a little more. Where, he’s the best.

    1. Bleedblueky

      Totally agree and he jumped over others as my favorite player this year since he always plays with 120% energy & effort. Wish him the Best on whatever his decision would be!

  4. nybrasky

    Forget the crazy cheeseheads, the most concerning part of that article to me is that apparently kids don’t learn to swim until middle school in Wisconsin?

  5. Iamheasyouarehe

    That’s a great article, I had no idea how bad it was for him or about his struggles. I like him even more if that’s possible, he made the right decision coming to UK. This makes me more concerned he will go to the NBA even if he’s not a lottery pick, I really want him to play one more year.

    1. henderblue

      Me too

  6. BGrassKY

    Reading this article makes me want Duke again.

  7. speaksthetruth

    How can you say cal can’t coach and the players don’t care after reading that whole article?

    1. Matt10

      You are speaking the damn truth!
      Oh wait…

  8. Luether

    Thanks for the link to a good article, Mrs TT…