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Random thoughts from the Thursday early games

Greetings from the early Thursday session, where Florida just knocked off Arkansas to advance to play LSU tomorrow afternoon. We’ve got a few minutes before Missouri takes on Auburn, so how about a few random thoughts?

There are already a ton of Kentucky fans here

The trendy narrative among the Nashville media is that Tennessee could have just as many fans as Kentucky this weekend, if not more, but so far, that is false. Per usual, Kentucky blue is dominating the arena, with a smattering of orange here and there, and even that is partly Auburn and Florida fans. Of course, Tennessee doesn’t play until tomorrow, but I’d be shocked if there are more Volunteer fans than Kentucky fans in the house for the Friday night session. If I had to guess, I’d predict a 65/35 split in the BBN’s favor.

The KSR Top Shelf Lounge is great

During the second half of the Florida/Arkansas game, I checked out the KSR Top Shelf Lounge and was happy to see Kentucky fans already enjoying the space. As the week goes on, I’m sure the lounge will get busier and busier, but I believe there are still spots available if you’re at the games and want to make the most of your experience. Drinking beer at basketball games is fun!

Shoutout to the Auburn band

The Tiger pep band is by far the best I’ve heard so far, playing an eclectic mix that’s helping me stay awake during boring basketball. If you’re curious, the pep band version of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is awesome.

SEC Tiger Mascot Rankings

1. LSU’s Mike the Tiger (live version)
2. Auburn’s Aubie the Tiger
3. LSU’s Mike the Tiger (costumed version)
4. Missouri’s Truman the Tiger

I’ve dissed Missouri’s mascot plenty in the past, but seeing him today just reminds me how awful that costume is. His facial expression just screams sadness, which I guess is pretty appropriate given the state of Missouri athletics.

Who did this to you, son?

Is Indiana finally off the bubble?

The Hoosiers lost to Ohio State 79-75 today, so can people finally stop pretending they deserve to be in the tournament?

This little girl is being raised right

She’s even got the “Ohhhhh” part down. Well done, little girl and little girl’s family.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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  1. kyinsider

    Hey guys check it out. The #1 up and coming Kentucky Sports blog. Your source for all things Kentucky Wildcats and Big Blue Nation!

    1. Bill Selfs Hair Piece

      I’ll stick with KSR, thank you.

  2. weneedpitino

    So evidently your buddy weneedpitino is getting pretty popular and my name is getting out after all. Mama was right I really am making a name for myself, contrary to what my wife is saying. She keeps saying “weneedpitino give it a rest they are making fun of you and they are not your friends.” I beg to differ. Well I say this because I just had a tennessee fan come up to me that said he has a kentucky buddy who is a fellow ksr commenter like I who told him all about me. He spotted me because of my make bbn great again hat and my terrible rashes from my bed bug experience from the cheap hotel last night. Well in our conversation I had mentioned about going out sometime tonight and he told me, “weneedpitino buddy, I like you, me and some friends will meet you tonight at a bar called Play on music row.” So anyway if any of you would like to join us tonight look for me my rashes and my hat of course and we will have a good time lol. Not all Tennessee fans are bad after all. GO CATS!!

    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Are you sure bedbugs is ALL you caught at that $20 a night no-tell motel?

    2. weneedpitino

      Mr. Gettelfinger the man that I like and respect the most here, how are you? You wouldn’t happen to be here in Nashville would you? If so maybe you could meet me and those fine young gentleman at the bar tonight. If so remember it’s called Play. Can you believe that I havnen’t found a hotel here in Nashville yet, my wife has only allowed me a 75 dollar a night allowance. Looks like I will be sleeping in ol blue. Mama can’t help me either right now, believe you me I tried. But oh well i’m having a great time here. Go Cats, and go Mr. Gettelfinger!!

    3. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      No I am not there unfortunately. Even if I was, I’m a teetotaler.

    4. weneedpitino

      I wonder if realme is here, I like him a lot to. Realme you wanna meet us at play tonight? Go cats, go realme, and go Mr

    5. Realme

      I asked for some new material, and you did not disappoint today, wnp. Gonna need you to stop referring to me, BP, and Jdub as “he” though. Something tells me that if any of us met you in real life, you would still not break character.

    6. weneedpitino

      My apologies to you ladies lol. So get this I figured I would Google this bar called play before I went tonight. Well I think those guys were jerking my chain, come to find out it is funny bar if you catch my drift. That’s fine and all, like mama said “weneedpitino son, to each his or her own.” So Tennessee fans are that bad after all. And of course mrs. Weneedpitino said “I told you so.” Go cats, and go to all the ladies in the ksr comment section.

  3. Ridge Runner

    That lil girl is just too cute. My wife & I really enjoyed that video.

  4. sincitycat

    The Hoosiers on the bubble: Is that the NIT bubble?

  5. KYjellyRoll

    Doug shows refereeing??