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Randle, Young and Cauley-Stein make CBT’s “College Basketball Dream Team”

Big Blue Madness 2013

Rob Dauster and the crew over at’s College Basketball Talk assembled a “College Basketball Dream Team” for the 2013-14 season, featuring 13 players that would hold their own in the NBA.  CBT approached the selection process as if they were assembling a new 31st NBA team that will play 82 games over the next six months.  Starting at power forward is Kentucky’s Julius Randle…

F: Julius Randle (Kentucky): Like Wiggins, Randle’s physical tools leave him ready for the next level, although the 19 year old’s skill set will lag a little bit behind. That said, his ability to bully people around the basket should allow him to have an impact immediately, and as the season goes on, the hope would be that he’ll develop enough of a face-up game to be a legitimate secondary scoring option.

And coming off the bench, Willie Cauley-Stein and James Young…

Willie Cauley-Stein (Kentucky): We were enamored with Cauley-Stein’s ability to run, his athleticism and the shot-blocking presence that he’ll provide. He’s coming off the bench because McGary’s more physical.

James Young (Kentucky): The biggest weakness on this team is perimeter shooting, which is why Young made the cut. We toyed with Joe Harris and Tyler Haws for this spot, but took Young because we believed he was better equipped for the defensive end of the floor.

Andrew Harrison did not make the roster, surprisingly, losing the backup point guard spot behind Marcus Smart to Arizona State’s Jahlil Carson. Carson, who led all freshmen in scoring last season at 18.5 points per game, is the 21st-ranked NBA prospect on’s Top 100, 13 spots behind Harrison.  Agree to disagree, Rob.

Go Cats.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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10 responses to “Randle, Young and Cauley-Stein make CBT’s “College Basketball Dream Team””

  1. Teachable Mo'

    “enamored of”

  2. BluKudzu

    I suppose this suggests UK will be a worthy adversary this year.
    Go Cats!
    Hey Vegas! Gimme a buck on the 400-1 odds of 40 and 0.

  3. LaRueBigBlue

    It’s Jahii Carson not Jahlil.

  4. MonkeyHumpnaFootball

    Spell checks are optional!

  5. Pembroke Burrows

    ==== The folks @ NBC are obviously dumb as a box of rocks ! Willhe Callhim-Frank-n-Stein has a looooooooooooooog way to grow to become 2nd team anything !!! This big goon looks like a complete BOZO when he gets on the court with his headband (which he really never needs because he hasn’t played hard enough to sweat) his compression sleeves, with elbow pads, his compression hose with shin guards, and knee pads …………… dude looks like he’s afraid to fall down on the court and skin his knee, or elbow, and he certainly can’t use those things to help his shooting, cause all he can do is dunk !!! Goon couldn’t make five free throws in a row if his life depended on it !!!!

    He was a clown last year, and he will be one this year ……….. dude must think Slick Watts was cool back in the day ………. luckily, we have a TRUE center to rely on to be our starter ……… Dakari will not look, nor play like a BOZO ………….

    Frank-n-Stein can ride the pine !!!


  6. Michael F. Jox

    I’m guessing you’ve never seen Carson play, and really haven’t seen much of Andrew like the rest of us. So you’re saying you disagree with him because DraftExpress is always right. Oh, I see. They were right about Poythress and Goodwin last yr, so I see where you’re getting your logic now. Keep up the hard work.

  7. hawkfather

    Jahlil? lmfao.

  8. Michael Wright

    Young can shoot the rock.

  9. bosshog

    It just never ceases to amaze me how many Cardinal and other fans troll anything related to Kentucky. Could we propose a cyber-movement such that no UK fans will ever troll other teams news items, or engage in needless debate? Yeah, I know, a laughable proposal- I may as will propose that we all try working together to make the world a better place for everybody. But seriously, if you’re a UK fan please refrain from being a loser and posting garbage on the sites of other teams. It is something that we can control, and maybe it can begin to make an impression.

  10. Gene T.

    Loser Cardinal fans sooo want to be like UK! Sorry little bro! Go back to your little chicken coop and watch the big boys down the road.