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Randle, Aaron Harrison Named To SEC All-Tournament Team

Photo via SI


Despite the loss today in the Championship Game, there are some slivers of good news coming out of Atlanta. Julius Randle and Aaron Harrison were named to the SEC All-Tournament Team after the game. Joining those 2 on the All-Tournament team is Jarnell Stokes of Tennessee, and Patric Young, Michael Frazier, and Scottie Wilbekin of Florida. Wilbekin also was the tournament MVP.

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Article written by Will Totten

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22 responses to “Randle, Aaron Harrison Named To SEC All-Tournament Team”

  1. BrowGettinBuckets

    Davis has 40 pts so far tonight

  2. John Ellis

    A great thing about the loss. This team hasn’t won anything. That game should maintain a hunger, they won’t be remembered for anything important if they don’t reach the FF.

  3. Willy

    I’m sorry but there are other players on UK that deserved to be named to the SEC All-Tourney team a lot more than Randle!!

    1. rockatao

      Agree. Team played much better today when Randle was on the bench. I think WCS is the key for this team. When Good Willie shows up, the Cats are pretty darn good.

  4. bamman

    oh god..i just read a pat forde article on yahoo without realizing it was him….am i going to go to hell now???

    1. Say Tan

      Yes…Yes you are

    2. Ben

      I’ve got some links to insane erotic Garfield and Doonesbury fan-fiction if you want to keep reading that kind of trash.

      Although, both of those links might be a step up from a Forde article.

    3. bleedsblue365

      i have done the saM
      e thing. hate to give a “hit” on an article written by KENTUCKY WILDCAT HATERS.

  5. Rigged all the wat

    Since the tournament selection of seeding is so bizZare this year, do you think the $1 billion challenge has anything to do with that?

    KSR should do an article on that. I think this year it is more confusing selection seeding of all time.
    This billion dollar challenge will increase ratings significantly this year.

  6. STEVE!

    Somebody forgot to tell Randle that there was a game today.

  7. John

    Browsed a Wichita State message board thread for the selection show and they said “Uh oh, Kentucky in the second round, we better start buying tickets now!” love it!

  8. katdaddy

    Cal proved again That his X And O coaching is lacking. Aaron Harrison has the hottest hand the whole tournament and he goes to Andrew and James Young for a winning Basket. He’s a real dumbass! I’ll be so glad to see Randle and young Gone. And Andrew would be on the Bench a lot more.

    1. Bizzaro World

      I’ll be glad when you move outta my basement & start contributing to society- singed g-ma

    2. sharp as a marble

      Katdaddy, your grammar is horrible and your analysis makes you look like a lunatic. If you are under the age of 12, I apologize for my comments. If not, how do you get by in the world without a chaperone?


    I just don’t understand the infatuation with Randle, he is perhaps the most over-hyped player in UK History

    Great Defensive Rebounder but his offensive skills (scoring and rebounding) are lacking, we came back today because we didn’t include him the offense

    Great comeback today for the Cats but my god how can you not get a shot after a timeout and 15 secs on the clock???????????? This one is for sure on Cal

    1. Whyrandle

      I agree. Randle reminds me of Rhodes of the pitino era, Morris of the tubby era, or even freshman Terrence jones, but he gets more touches.

  10. katdaddy

    Bad coaching and a low IQ with the point guard position is how you don’t get a shot off. Aaron should have been involved. He had the hot hand the whole Tournament.

    1. RJ

      Having a website with an anonymous comments section is how you get shitposts like everything that katdaddy writes.

  11. bosshogg24

    Why did Randle stay in bed today and not go to the Dome to help his team? UK could have won with Randle!

  12. james justice

    Randle will make a good Pro. Today proves it. I never watch the pro’s, because they only really play for about three minutes a game at the end, and no D. As I said Randle will make a good Pro…Jack

  13. james justice

    I watched only Randle for 5 minutes. He just stood there with a grin look on his face. Yes, I agree that the team plays much better when he is on the bench…..jack


    No offense to anyone else but, if WCS had not been playing the way he did, UK would have lost any or all of those games.