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Quade Green: “We’re going to beat Louisville.”

Quade Green was cocky and confident in his postgame interview with the UK Sports Network. He told Mike Pratt and the show’s listeners that he likes the glasses because he can see better at night, and then thanked the fans for bringing the energy that willed the Wildcats to victory.

But things got real fun when Pratt asked Green if there is anything he would like to say before Christmas, to which Green told the Rupp Arena crowd, “We’re going to beat Louisville. That’s my Christmas present for y’all.”

Hear Green’s entire interview from the UK Sports Network’s pregame show below:

Article written by Drew Franklin

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21 responses to “Quade Green: “We’re going to beat Louisville.””

  1. Mathlete

    I hope I’m not the only one who hopes Quade keeps the goggles… Brett the Hitman Hart’s finisher was the Sharpshooter, and Quade looked exactly that part today!

    1. Kevin C

      Nope, definitely not the only one….those peeps are dope as hell, lol.

  2. dballrb

    I love the confidence that Q exudes…

  3. Eazy

    We are 34-16 vs Louisville so it will just be another day at the office. Nice win today. VT is better than Louisville hands down.

    1. 502CodeRed

      Unlike the football beat down I suspect UK may win this one. Playing a team with zero recruits for next year and an interim HC. If it’s not by 20+ somebody is underachieving…again.

    2. 502CodeRed

      Seriously though, football schools like VT are good in basketball too. The ACC is the best and toughest conference in the country.

    3. Bull Filmer

      uavel – which is a commuter juco – has ZERO business in the ACC.


      Jurich paid – and swallowed – astronomical amounts to get uavel in the ACC.

      I am quite certain, as it stands to reason, that the ACC regrets the uavel juco’s admission – what with all the baggage uavel has….then……and especially now.

      uavel = joke.

      Lame, commuter ….junior college.

    4. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Nah. Prolly not. Look at what UNCheat got away with. The only thing that makes them mad at UL is the Cards don’t have the teflon on their back that UNCheat does.

  4. Joe Dan Gorman

    Aren’t those the sunglasses that UCLA stole in China?

  5. KYjellyRoll

    I like this guy

  6. KYjellyRoll

    Where’s the highlights for the game?!

    1. KYcats11

      Look up Kentucky wildcats TV on youtube, it should be their mist recent video.

  7. jaws2

    Quade is becoming my favorite player. I really like his attitude and I think he’s slowly becoming the leader on this team. I think by the middle of the season he’ll be one of the best in the country.

  8. henderblue

    I like Quade’s ability to score in different ways. I like SGA’s ability to get in passing lanes. We have 2 elite scorers in Knox and Diablo. Our interior players are getting better. If we stay healthy this team has potential to be very very good

  9. TBW3011

    Like his attitude. Talk the talk. Now walk the walk.

    1. blueblood4life

      Right let’s see final four because that was his comments at beginning of the year! We are going all the way!!! Go big blue!!!!

  10. blueblood4life

    Great confidence Love it !! Go get em green!!!

  11. Kat4Life

    We need an alpha male….. didn’t think it would be the smallest guy on the team

    1. Kevin C

      Damn…already forgot about Ulis huh?

  12. carl5498

    Wanted to listen to Greens post game interview but looks like it’s not there. Can it come back?

  13. 5bucks

    Quade reminds me of a young Anthony Epp’s. This team success may well depend on his ability to stabilize this team in close games.