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Poythress spending late nights on his own in the gym

(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

(Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

A source with knowledge of the happenings around the basketball program told KSR that Alex Poythress has joined Derek Willis in the midnight sessions in the Joe Craft Center. Poythress has been walking over to the gym late at night to put in work on his own time since Kentucky’s loss at Arkansas.

Before today’s practice, Poythress, who says he doesn’t mind coming off the bench, told reporters part of the reason for his elevated play is he is in better shape this season. He said the treadmill doesn’t affect him anymore and he feels like he can run for days.

Watch Poythress and Marcus Lee talk basketball below.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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12 responses to “Poythress spending late nights on his own in the gym”

  1. Big Dave

    This is awesome! Hopefully more teammates will join him.

  2. UK/TN

    Is it me, or is AP becoming the MKG for this team? Drag them with you, Alex!

    1. M

      I guess it just depends on what you mean by MKG. If it’s energy then maybe a little bit. AP has shown some life lately. However, MKG played some hard-nosed defense too. I’d like to see Poythress get some steals, and have more active hands and anticipation. I was surprised to see he had 9 steals last season, and has 3 this season. MKG just had better instincts on both sides of the ball. AP is doing a good job in his current role though. Hopefully he continues to progress.

    2. UK/TN

      True, but Alex is not an on ball defender like MKG was, he just isn’t built the same way, but he is a power house, and my reference was that his hard work and energy

      is showing up in games! He is quickly earning the respect of his coaches and teammates, and hopefully soon his energy and hard work will begin infecting the rest of the team!

    3. M

      I agree. I think he has a more defined role now and he’s playing well. He has played with better energy these past few games. Hopefully he can keep it going. I know MKG was more of an on the ball defender, but he also made a lot of steals from having good anticipation. I agree with you though that AP can fill that role, and hope other’s follow.

  3. D-Rock

    Alex is finally coming out of his shell and having fun. Good to see! We forget that these players are kids sometimes and it takes a bit to adjust to the limelight and get comfy.

  4. blue

    I think AP’s improvement lately is a direct result of the pressure being, for the most part, off of him. Last year he was this freshman coming in after the ridiculously successful 2011-2012 freshman class, and surely it got in his head.

    This year, he’s got some experience, and all the spotlight is on Randle, Andrew and Aaron, and Young. He still has pressure from Cal probably, but that’s nothing he hasn’t had before. The relief gives him room to grow on his own rather than in alignment with everyone else’s expectations, because now those expectations, unfair and fair, are on the new freshmen.

    It’s not rocket science, and it’s not the same situation a guy like Hawkins is in, but it is nice to see.

    1. I agree, blue

      I think he is really comfortable as the 6th man on this team, and for these reasons I think it would be a mistake to bring him into the starting line up, as some have suggested.

  5. scott

    I have talked to Alex a couple times and he is a great kid,nice manners. what’s great about him is he is humble and down to earth not just a great player, but a great person glad he is doing well.

  6. UK_Ryan

    If this catches on, I vote we call the participating players “The Gremlins”.

  7. TE

    AP is the man! Would love to see him evolve into a rebounding/put back/defensive machine. He has a decent touch on the outside, but truly his game that will get him to the next level will be as a defensive/rebounding/2nd chance pts. machine like a Rodman, Kenneth Faried, Birdman. His offensive putbacks/dunks are similar to what Manimal does in Denver.

  8. Hey media

    Hey media can you at least give alex a chance to roll out of bed he still has lint on his head and white stuff in the corner of his mouth back off the guy a little..