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Possible controversy? Jerry Tipton reports on Kentuckians officiating UK games in the Bahamas

Have you wondered who’s officiating UK’s games in the Bahamas and where they came from? No? Well, Jerry Tipton looked into it. The three-man crew are Cynthiana natives that called the UK Bahamas Trip four years ago. UK is footing all the expenses for John Hampton, Brent Hampton and Bart Lenox while they call all four of UK’s games this weekend.

Tipton notes that all three are employed by the Southeastern Conference and call SEC games during the season. None are allowed to officiate Kentucky games, but Tipton interviewed former officials and coaches to see if there could be a potential conflict of interest.

Tipton created a hypothetical that could cause some issues with the three officials from Kentucky. What if one (or all three) were calling an Alabama vs. LSU basketball game and the results could impact UK’s standing in the SEC? It’s a fair question, but longtime SEC official Don Rutledge completely dismissed the idea of collusion.

“If you don’t trust people more than that, you’re an idiot,” he told Tipton. “And the film doesn’t lie. You go back and look at film and you show me something, and then you prove cause. I have never been on the floor with a referee I knew was cheating in all the years I was a referee. I’ve never see one. Now, I’ve seen some get mad and a get a little vindictive.”

Tipton does say there haven’t been rumors questioning the integrity of the Hampton brothers or Lenox. He even says the three are well respected across the league.

John Hampton went on KSR this morning and was asked about the article.

“I just took it as Jerry being Jerry,” John Hampton said. He later went on to say in his interview with Matt Jones that Tipton took the article “a little too far” in discussing hypotheticals.

I actually didn’t have any major issues with Tipton’s article. I’ve met some of these officials and I don’t think there should be any questions about their integrity, but it was a nice look inside how John Calipari runs his practices. Tipton did create a somewhat negative hypothetical, but as he notes, if UK were tied with Alabama atop the SEC and the Cats were playing LSU with three Alabama natives officiating the game, some fans wouldn’t be happy.

However, I think Rutledge summed it up best. You have to trust officials are calling games for the right reasons and if there is any funny business the tapes will tell the entire story.

Anywho, an interesting read on a somewhat slow news day. Read Tipton’s piece HERE.


Article written by TJ Walker

34 responses to “Possible controversy? Jerry Tipton reports on Kentuckians officiating UK games in the Bahamas”

  1. StuckinLville

    Jerry being Jerry. Nothing to see here.

  2. Rondo2Davis

    Now we know why there are no lines on the games.

  3. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Yeah, and a certain ref with blond highlights on his “roof” isn’t biased at all. No siree!

  4. kentuckybackupplayer

    Jerry believes the russia stuff is true too.

    1. DelrayCat

      Do you mean how the Russians conspired with our current president to subvert our democratic process?
      Smells a little treasonous to me.

    2. Han

      All of the Russia stuff gets proven when the President eventually admits each piece, like admitting the point of the Trump Tower meeting was to get dirt on Clinton. That’s a fact directly from President Trump and not the so-called 13 Angry Democrats who are mostly lifelong Republicans.

      The question isn’t whether any of the particular events happened but rather if they’re illegal or not.

      Also, you might ask if you’d believe it if the subject was Clinton or Obama and not a Republican president. (And before you accuse me of being a stupid librul, I’m a Republican and have never voted for a Democrat that I can remember.)

    3. steve simpson

      If everybody would quit even acknowledging his existence , he’d fail to have a job.

    4. jaws2

      No Delray, the one about the democrat candidate paying $500,000 for a made up dossier on the current President. Yeah, the one that was fed to the ‘investigative’ party by the Russians. Yep, the same democratic candidate and party that, admittedly, sabotaged its own competing candidate, the reigning socialist democrat leader. You know, the clean guys in this entire charade. Your idiocy makes me puke.

    5. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Delray, don’t forget the FBI was involved in that whole fake dossier thing too. If you don’t agree with Trump’s policies or don’t like him personally, fine, but there is still no proof of collusion on his part whatsoever.

    6. Tom Bombadil

      Delray cat is a doofus! Can’t I just click on a Kentucky article and read about the Cats without you mentioning stupid political shit? Do you have to put politics in everything. Get over yourself good.
      Leave the Cats out of it. Thank you

    7. Blue Bill


  5. A_Blue_Wildcat

    The game was pretty fairly called, we drew more fouls but we also outrebounded them. The only thing that could be argued was that maybe the tech that was called at the end of the first half on bahamas was soft, but that’s really it.

    1. Han

      Those kinds of techs often get called before games get out of hand when one side’s getting frustrated due to superior athleticism on the other side.

      We see it a lot and have ever since Cal got here. Often those tech situations escalate to double techs because our guys are usually young and fiery and shove back.

  6. nybrasky

    Jerry gonna Jerry…even on Paradise Island.

  7. Catcasey1

    Y is he still working got be going on 90

  8. ClutchCargo

    If I’m not mistaken, Don Rutledge is from Lexington, and he had a definite bias against UK. Of course Tipturd would go straight to that guy.

  9. ClutchCargo

    Also, it’s exhibition games. Who really gives a crap?

    1. Han

      Tipton’s always looking for a way to attack UK and Cal. Trying to delegitimize their performances this week is par for the course for the slimeball from the LHL.

    2. ukcamel

      This should be the only thing said regarding the stupid (even for Tipton) article. What is less than a nothingburger? A nothingslider?

  10. BoogieDMC

    Why link his article? All it does is gives him more clicks. How that POS has made a living covering UK since the 80’s is beyond me.

  11. sincitycat

    Please, no more mention of Jerry (the turd in the punch bowl) Tipton on this site.

    1. ClutchCargo

      Unless it’s Not Jerry Tipton we’re talking about. We all need more NJT in our lives!

  12. lexslamman

    These are the kind of questions a journalist should be asking. Tipton did good work here (he usually does, TBH).

    1. Bill Selfs Hair Piece

      That’s what I was thinking. Good on Jerry for investigating. Like Matt has said, if UofL had a Jerry maybe they wouldn’t be in the situation they are now.

    2. ClutchCargo

      Asking hard questions and writing about it is his job. But being an ass and making it about him is where he crosses the line of being unprofessional.

    3. notFromhere

      What? Making up scenarios to BE the story is not journalism.

      I really wish people could watch videos of Tipton asking questions at press conferences over the past 10 years. They’d stop saying this stuff about him after watching a handful of them. He’s a gossip columnist and not much more

  13. Bluebloodtoo

    Yeah, after reading the article i feel like he balanced it out pretty well. I can see some concern with his hypothetical, but it was in line with the general topic and it was not the last thing he left on the readers mind.

  14. jpbky2

    I was more surprised that someone even found and read his article. Does anyone actually read the Herald-Leader?

    1. Sentient Third Eye

      I like puppies. I don’t like Tipton.

  15. magimae

    Jerry the jerk is one of the reasons I no longer read the Herald-Leader

  16. krautdog

    TJ-don’t you realize Jerry’s only reason for existence is to stir the BBN!

    1. notFromhere

      Right? Who doesn’t know this

  17. CombatMedic_98

    He needs a life and prayer

  18. notFromhere

    I don’t read Tipton. I don’t encourage that kind of behavior. If we keep encouraging him, next week he’ll be writing about UK having an unfair advantage because they have fans that don’t read his articles