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11 responses to “PJ Washington’s pink shoes are a tribute to grandmother battling cancer”

  1. bigbluebanana

    Good luck grandma! PJ is a beast, he’ll get there with his gameplay soon enough.

  2. michaelb

    All the people I heard were knocking the shoes .. “god those are stupid “. “Those shoes are hideous ” radio & tv & internet both . Terrible job . Just shows how silly & thoughtless people’s personalities are

  3. BBNJeffrey

    Um hello Michael, did it ever dawn on you “silly – thoughtless” people didn’t know what PJ was wearing the shoes for? If they did, then I will agree with you 100%.

    1. Iamheasyouarehe

      Um hello Jeffrey, did it ever dawn on you “silly – thoughtless” people could maybe use their brains for something other than ridicule? People are so quick to judge without even thinking about anything.

  4. ClutchCargo

    BBNJeffrey, I think the point is that the “silliness and thoughtlessness” was people bashing the shoes before knowing why he was wearing them.

    1. bigbluebanana

      100% agree clutchcargo. Even if people didn’t know, in the sports world, it’s a pretty safe bet that when pink is donned, there’s a message of cancer awareness. Really though, even if it was just a fashion choice, I’m not going to be the guy call PJ out on it!

  5. kydrummer

    Hope his grandmother can make a game to Rupp this season.

  6. BBNJeffrey

    ClutchCargo, good point.

  7. herm89

    And they suit his game too. Very cool.

  8. DaniTheGirl

    Did we ever find out why brad was rolling his shorts up…u dnt just get off the hook for something like that

  9. silverado

    What’s interesting is that Facebook is allowing its advertisers to access those they want to target, based on information the users actually provide, while you guys sell ads to anyone, period. Facebook gets hammered while you guys throw crap out at anyone who comes on your site. I guess you guys are just too small potatoes to matter.