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PJ Washington ruled out for today’s game vs. Abilene Christian

PJ Washington will not play vs. Abilene Christian. John Calipari just announced that the specialist PJ saw yesterday confirmed he has a sprained foot but no fracture, but put him in a hard cast as a precaution. He has been ruled out for today’s game.

Let’s win it and cut that cast off for Saturday.

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121 responses to “PJ Washington ruled out for today’s game vs. Abilene Christian”

  1. GM1978

    Was hoping they’d rest him in rd1 after learning about the sprain

    1. Doctor21

      Makes no sense “hard cast”. They usually use a boot. Hard cast usually means weeks. I never heard of using a hard cast for few days!

    2. cats646

      Yea hard cast doesn’t sound good at all. You don’t put on a hard cast just to cut it off the next day. We’re very unlucky.

    3. CoachCat

      It’s really pretty clear. JARED VANDERBILT

    4. catsarerunnin

      Or YOU’RE WRONG.

    5. CoachCat

      Or he has a torn ligament between his toes and he’s done for the year

  2. StuckinLville

    That’s ok. Let him rest.

  3. nocode96

    This is a good call on everyone’s part. If we can’t beat Abilene without him, we don’t deserve the next round anyway. I’d rather have PJ at 100% for Seton Hall or Wofford, than have him at 75% for both. Go Big Blue.

    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      I tend to agree, but 15’s have beaten 2’s before, so let’s hope the guys are ready.

    2. nocode96

      Also, anyone with better medical knowledge than me, is a hard cast what I think it is? Or is this something that truly can just be put in for a day or two? Weneedpitino, can you elaborate and help me out? I’m sure in your coaching days, you’ve had to make a few medical diagnoses and I’d like to hear what you have to say. Thanks.

    3. Mathlete

      A hard cast is probably exactly what you’re thinking it is, and it can be cut off whenever it isn’t needed anymore. UK athletes have pretty great health insurance

    4. ClutchCargo

      I think it’s the 100% for Seton Hall or Wofford part that has us a little concerned. Hopefully he can get to that point.

    5. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      A hard cast??? Oh crud.

    6. 8XChamps

      A hard cast can be used for sprains. It helps heal them better by having it fully protected and stable rather than simply wrapping it in tape and walking on it.

    7. Voice of Reason


    8. weneedpitino

      Nocode96 you know I’m like a lot of my fellow ksr commenters here, I find it strange as well that he has a hard cast. It kinda worries me you know, that he might be a few weeks healing up. Yeah my teams suffered quite a few gruesome injuries when I was coaching my church rec league teams and anytime a hard cast was necessary they were out weeks on end. It wasn’t to bad when we had one or two out, we had some of the best players in the tri state area, one time we even had a former mr. Basketball. Go cats, and go PJ’s hard cast!!

    9. catsarerunnin

      Slater I’m sure you got excited with the word “hard”. Relieve yourself while looking at mothers JCPenny catalogs from the 70s.

  4. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Show Thread? It’s game day! Come on man!

  5. MBrady

    ???NOT how I wanted to start the tourney !!

  6. ClutchCargo

    “Ruled out” sounds a lot more serious than just sitting out for precautionary reasons, which this seems to be.

  7. Commissionersteele

    Which means he also wont play Saturday if we win tonight

    1. Miller45

      Hard cast allows 0 per

  8. CornOnTheCobb

    Putting him in a hard cast now is what worries me, especially as far as getting him back in time for Saturday.

    1. weneedpitino

      Realcatsfan, yeah you know I’m pretty knowledgeable on the orthopedic end of things. Sometimes when some of the farm animals would stick their foot in a rut or a hole in the ground, they would sprain or break their foot or leg, weneedpitino would have to nurse em back to health you know. I got to be where I was pretty good at that stuff, heck even my neighbors had such great faith in me they quit calling the vet and let me tend to it. Go cats, and go backyard vet’s!!

    2. unbridled

      Weneedpatino, donyou really think that is funny or humorous? Serious question

  9. RealCatsFan

    Hard cast does not sound good to me. Usually if it is a minor injury they want to protect it but maintain some movement to preserve strength and range of motion. This really worries me a little bit about him playing next weekend, to be honest. Maybe someone with some knowledge of orthopedic injuries can chime in.

  10. JTA

    2017 class will go down as the biggest bust in the history of the program. Bunch of headcases, drama queens and players who didn’t want to play in college

    1. ClutchCargo

      So, you’re saying you’re a class of 2017 commenter?

    2. BBNDan7

      This is stupid. Maybe the dumbest thing ever commented on here and it wasn’t a troll job. Congrats

    3. CellarDoorx06

      lol. Even a pessimist like myself finds this ridiculous.

  11. SleepieAce

    So I’m not a doctor, but I never heard of someone getting a cast for precautionary reasons. Sounds to me like he’s gone this weekend, maybe more.

  12. ScoggDog

    He’s not playing this weekend. You don’t put anyone in a hard cast for only two days. Maybe an air cast or boot … but not a hard cast.

  13. KYJelly

    Hard cast for a sprain? That usually only happens for serious sprains. Using a hard cast means we may as well rule him out for Saturday too.

    1. CatsClause71

      Why would Cal stir the fan base in a collective frenzy about the status of P.J. Cal has won a lot of games and has done a more than commendable job coaching and obviously recruiting. I think he is a geniunely good guy also but not sure why he would say P.J. is playing then dash hopes. E.J. and Nick are going to have to inxrease their point production as a tandem to equal what P.J. does. Cats#9 let’s go!

  14. Larkin123

    Its always a lie… hr away from joining team according to our coach…. expected him to play… bs

  15. Larkin123

    Not going to have him sat

  16. 4everUKblue

    I refuse to panic.

    1. BigolBlue

      You refuse to use your brain your so far up cals ass

  17. Ranch

    Cast? Does not sound good to me!!!

    1. tmcclan16

      And no Reid can’t score through contact! The kid gets blocked all the time. Love him he’s a great player but every player has flaws.

  18. tmcclan16

    Sorry folks but this is garbage he’s out for the tournament! You don’t hard cast somebody for two days. Goodbye number 9

    1. Willis Wolf Tattoo

      Have faith in the rest of the team. Tyler, Keldon, Ashton, Reid and role players can get us past this first weekend and beyond if they all play to their potential.

    2. tmcclan16

      The problem now is you have no inside threat to score. Reid can’t play through contact and our outside shooting is poor at best after PJ. The rest of our post is well just sad.

    3. StuckinLville

      Reid can’t play through contact? Have you even watched him play? He’s not known for bully ball for no reason. Pretty idiotic comment.

    4. Kat4Life

      I think he meant to say Reid can’t score through contact which unfortunately is pretty damn true

    5. tmcclan16

      Love my CATS but PJ is a very tough loss. Now today that may not matter but Saturday will definitely matter.

  19. chris43

    You’d think we could win first two games without him. The talent levels shouldn’t be any comparison. Now next week will be a different story.

    1. mikeintn

      I think we can, I am zero worried about this weekend, but love to have him back next week. GO CATS

  20. shepdog3720

    Don’t be surprised if his time in a UK uniform has ended. Something just smells a little funky….

    1. ScoggDog

      I was gonna’ say it … but didn’t want to hear from the Stay Positive Police.

    2. StuckinLville

      Just like with Vanderbilt

  21. 1IH

    I am wondering if his parents made them put the hard cast on him. Also my “source” said he was out for this weekend. So 1IH’s source is 1 for 2 at this point. Similar to last years FT%.

    My Bracket just got FD UP, I can’t see them beating Iowa State or Houston now, damnit.

  22. az1006

    Look…A hard cast doesn’t mean anything more than what it sounds like. It completely stabilizes the foot, and can speed up the healing. He can have the hard cast as a precaution, just like Cal said, rest for two more days, and be good to go Saturday. Or, they could roll the dice, rest him through the weekend, and if we make it out, have him 100% ready for the Sweet 16. I honestly think if PJ was done, we’d know it.

  23. UKFan7787

    I know rumors yada yada yada but did anyone else hear a story on ESPN radio yesterday that he has a torn ligament in his toe? I am completely serious that someone was telling me this yesterday before the PJ story really came out. I was curious if anyone else has heard something like this?

    1. 1IH

      It’s worse than a ‘foot sprain’, they do not know if he will be back at this point is what I’m told. We will not get the truth publicly. Period.

    2. Bobbum Man

      I didn’t hear anything UKfan… and don’t pay any attention to 1H he likes to act like he’s got the scoop

  24. Larkin123

    Dont worry swaggy cal is back…

  25. Rixter

    I once stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, so I feel qualified to look at medical sites on the Internet, and read that:
    a ‘mild’ foot sprain requires 2 – 4 weeks to recover. A more severe sprain may require a splint or a cast.

  26. cking

    This sucks…

    I don’t have a good feeling about this.

    We wont make it without PJ.

    Were done if he’s in a cast.

  27. 1IH

    At this point I’m saying he is getting healed up for the Combine. If we know anything it’s that Cal won’t let a player injure themselves more when there’s a PayDay on the line. FFFFFF FloppyTop! I hope the get blasted in the first round.

    1. Rixter

      I hope the gets blasted, too. Whatever that means

    2. 1IH

      Typo. I hope they “FN FloppyTop” gets blasted in the first round meaning smoked, crushed, destroyed by their opponent. Before I wanted to see them in F4 but not FL them!

  28. 4everUKblue

    It is worrisome but I think PJ will be fine.

  29. chrislarkey

    Derek Anderson all over again

    1. 4everUKblue


  30. chrislarkey

    I guess we will be the first 2 seed to go down

    1. Rixter

      We’re definitely the first 2 seed to lose our best player.

  31. dmill4444

    Well Cal will have a good old tried and true excuse lined up for another year of not making the final 4 or winning a title

    1. 4everUKblue

      GTH Slater!

    2. StillBP

      lol We’ve made plenty of FF since Cal has been here, such a tired argument. The title, okay….but 1 title is as many as any coach has gotten us except Rupp. Can someone bring Rupp back from the dead so these complainers will be happy?

    3. bigblue2284

      it isn’t about final fours it’s about championships, about sealing the deal when you’re the one seed and his record dating back to UMASS is insanely bad. Anyone with a brain knows the 2015 FF doesn’t mean anything because Cal blew the Wisconsin game, see below.

    4. StillBP

      anyone with a brain knows 2015 does count because we did make it to the Final Four. I’ve checked around, he is actually credited with making it to the FF in 2015 so perhaps you should find a brain that works. No need to read the click bait article, I don’t need someone else’s opinion to form my own. Cal will be at UK until he doesn’t want to be here anymore, another championship or not.

    5. StillBP

      It doesn’t matter what seed you are, you either win a championship or you don’t. Just because you have talent doesn’t guarantee anyone a championship, see coach K’s roster for further proof if you need to. He’s had plenty of teams with great players and didn’t win it all.

    6. bigblue2284

      StillBP talent matters he’s had more of it than anyone including K. Yes 2015 was a final four but do you think any fan is proud of that season? Or will it be remembered as a waste? The players have said as much. Also you should learn to debate without name calling, it makes you look like your immature and incapable of backing your point up.

    7. bigblue2284

      I also never said the 2015 final four doesn’t count I said it doesn’t mean anything to most fans because it was a colossal heartbreaking let down. Let’s try and work on our reading comprehension.

  32. DerBaron

    With millions at risk in the draft we may have seen PJ in his last game.

    1. 4everUKblue


    2. 1IH


  33. IllinoizBoy

    This just does not feel like our year. We have the talent but things keep going against us

  34. murphy60

    They must have taken PJ to the UTC down from the hotel

  35. big_beardy_man

    Well that sucks

  36. CoachCat


  37. weneedpitino

    I’m trying to get my tournament game watching plans in order. Since cracker barrel don’t have no televisions, does anyone have any recommendations as to where I should partake in my game watching experience. I checked with golden corral, I ain’t been their in years so I couldn’t remember if they had televisions or not, so I called and they don’t. So where should I go, I’d love to watch with a lot of you guys and gals if possible. Go cats, and go to restaurants with multiple televisions!!

    1. makeitstop

      On behalf of the people ur mocking let me just say it’s incredibly poor taste. U want to laugh w ur friends at the Pendennis Club about the tubes in “outlying areas” of the state, knock urself out, yuck it up, but it doesn’t make u sophisticated, it just makes u snotty.

    2. makeitstop

      That’s “rubes”. It’s really wearing thin pal.

    3. makeitstop

      And while I’m on it, I’ll match CVs w u all day every day and twice on Sunday but u know what I don’t do, put down people who are darn fine people who go to Golden Corral and Cracker Barrel bc they like it and it’s what they can afford, u snotty, snarky little prick.

    4. weneedpitino

      Yeah not really sure what you’re trying to say but you sound pretty annoying, and you’re probably not liked by many. I eat at cracker barrel once a week and I used to do the golden corral til that one time I went in and they got a 64 on the health dept score. Didn’t go back. Go cats, and boo to people who think they know who people really are in real life on the ksr comment section!!

    5. wyatts1

      You just seem like a dic weneedpitino and I’m sure your some goody little kid looking for attention by trolling a Kentucky basketball website after they beat the hell outta your favorite team,. I could be wrong and your just some sorta sad little troll hoping for laughs, either way you still seem like a prick. Go big blue!! And go weneedpitino to play in some busy street somewhere, soon!!

  38. big cat

    Takes all the pressure off the team IMHO…if they lose, oh well. If they win, great. It is what it is….which means I won’t be expecting too much and my blood pressure will be normal.

    1. bigblue2284

      Pretty sad you aren’t expecting much from a team that was hailed in pre season to be elite. Speaks volumes to the coaching job done by Cal this year, as well as the recruiting misses he has had.

    2. ukcamel

      Bigblue you should just not be a fan. Whining and crying before the tournament starts about a season that netted us a 2-seed (after you promised 10+ losses in December). Maybe you’d be happier following the Harlem Globetrotters.

    3. StillBP

      bigblue sounds a lot like BoB, probably same person. Again, preseason expectations mean nothing. Talent doesn’t guarantee a championship, no matter who the coach is. So when UK doesn’t have the #1 recruiting class, does the team who does have it always win the championship? No? Shocker.

    4. BigolBlue

      Hey still bp you are a slut. Now go suck off all the players.

    5. bigblue2284

      I’m not whining or crying I’m acting in reason, the name calling from fans such as StillBP is the whining and emotional part you’re referring to. Fans like the two of you refuse to let people be subjective, if you want to go back through my post then I’d suggest you view the ones where I praise the team as well. sometimes the team isn’t that good, sometimes they get hot at the right time and often times Cal is a let down in the tournament sorry that’s hard to accept.

    6. bigblue2284

      objective not subjective.

    7. KatFan48

      NO. You had it right SUBJECTIVE. If you can find your twin BigolBlue aka lilolchicken he will surely help you cry THE SKY IS FALLING. THE SKY IS FALLING

    8. ukcamel

      “I’m not whining and crying…”

      *proceeds to whine and cry some more*

      You have trash opinions, expect to be called out for them or keep them to yourself. Your choice.

  39. 4everUKblue

    All you worriers are going to feel silly when PJ takes the court.

    1. CellarDoorx06

      I would personally LOVE to have that opportunity!

  40. Memphiscat

    What’s the mindset of these player now…
    1) Joel Justice to Appy State rumors.
    2) Cal to UCLA rumors.
    3) PJ injury.

    This is not the time for all these distractions!!

    1. StillBP

      Cal to UCLA is a joke. It’s a little early for April Fools but I guess someone got the jump. I’m sure the players are not worried about that.

    2. Memphiscat

      Agree, but there’s a cumulative effect to all the stuff swirling around. Teams don’t need this kind of stuff this time of year especially a team full of freshmen. Thank goodness Reid is back.

  41. ukcamel

    So many orthopedists and other medical experts (including some psychiatrists) read KSR, and they have all apparently diagnosed PJ without seeing him or reviewing his medical records! That’s impressive.

  42. Swizzle

    Change his name to TP cause the dude is soft

  43. Kat4Life

    Dammit….. I hope this is a classic Cal Head fake,

  44. Chacosrule

    He’s likely finished and they can’t tell you that because of the tv ratings drop off.
    I’m so sick of our constant bad luck.

  45. chrislarkey

    Oh well
    Bring on football season

    Maybe next year

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  47. BluejayK

    But BBNDan said we were idiots for saying there’s more to this than we know..

  48. makeitstop

    Ruh roh Astro, from Harvard Medical School on casts for sprained feet: “For more severe midfoot sprains, especially in dancers and other professionals whose livelihoods depend on their feet, the doctor may immobilize the foot in a cast and recommend temporarily avoiding bearing weight on the injured foot. As symptoms subside, you can gradually resume weight-bearing and other normal activities, and you will need to start a rehabilitation program of stretching and strengthening…”

  49. BigJohnC

    KyJellyRoll here…saw someone with the name Kyjelly

  50. bbn606

    Oh no my world has just ended, Cal to UCLA and no PJ.

  51. JDizzle14

    Why is it they can never just say wtf the true deal is, instead of covering shit up and making it a cryptic mystery? Typical Cal, talkin in circles and riddles, one day sayin he’ll play, the next he wont, while all along knowing the damn truth….

    1. CellarDoorx06

      THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A MILLION TIMES, THIS!!!!! Just tell us THE TRUTH! Is it because they know Ratings will fall off if they publicly stated He’s played His last Game in a UK jersey today? The Fans deserve better…This doesn’t make sense at all, from a medical…as well as from a logical standpoint.

  52. mrcoconuts

    I’m a PT. Have never heard of a hard cast when films and MRI are negative. And a “foot” sprain and not an ANKLE sprain? Hope to be wrong but have a feeling we won’t see him again in UK uniform.

    1. makeitstop

      Mid foot sprain is pretty common but also seems to be a longer recovery than “just a precaution.” That said, they told Cal the MRI was negative and x-ray negative and he repeated that, so unfair to say it’s BS. U can’t see inside the door. He’s calling it like he’s seeing it and repeating what he’s told. Now the hard cast goes on, what do u want him to say “holy crap we’re SOL!” He didbt day “day to day” after the hard cast announcement he said Out today. Let them get past this game and see what they say… keep in mind the other team is reading the reports too so might be good to keep them prepping for PJ even if we know he won’t play. The opposing coach and the team are primary audiences we’re secondary. And I’m ok w that.

    2. makeitstop

      And coconuts, sorry, that wasn’t really a reply to u apart from the common mid foot sprain – I agree w ur assessment, the “stop calling BS” part was to posters above. It’s frustrating but it’s not Cal’s conspiracy to keep people in the dark.

    3. weneedpitino

      Alot of these people don’t know what they are talking about on here. If I could see him and his records I could get to the bottom of it in no time. Go cats, and go people who know what they are talking about!!

  53. twilkjr

    Is he the coach of the UK men’s basketball team or a talent scout for the NBA? I thought he came to UK to win championships not prepare his players for the NBA. Tired of his BS, hope he goes to UCLA.

  54. JT55

    I have major doubts that he plays another minute for UK. I work in orthopedics and have never seen a hard cast applied when the imaging is negative. There’s more than meets the eye here.

  55. CopenhagenCat

    Im not a Dr but i did sleep at a Holiday Inn last night. But he is walking on it and not using crutches. If he isnt playing Cal just needs to come out and say hes done for the year.