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Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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11 responses to “Pilgrim’s Insider Notes: Summer practice reports”

  1. Cokely53

    Great stuff jack. Your post has given me a lot to consider when it comes to the line up and I have a couple questions with it.
    Who on the team is a natural 3? Juzang because of his height seems like he would be a good fit and maybe even brooks because of his versatility. I’m sure Quickley could play it but I’m guessing he may be a little undersized to play it all the time. Whitney doesn’t seem to fit the style of the kind of 3 Cal likes to go with because while he has a great pull up game, he doesn’t seem to have the consistent range to take it outside. Only Trey Lyles comes to mind when thinking of guy who played the 3 with that style of play.
    If brooks and Whitney aren’t the front runners for the 4 spot, who do you expect to start at the 4 and 5 spots? Again just more speculation because I haven’t seen the team but I was guessing EJ would play the 5 with brooks/Whitney at the 4 which would basically give us the depth we needed down low but it looks like you feel EJ and perhaps Richards would start?

    1. Ez21

      Lyles couldn’t shoot the 3 well at all. MKG couldn’t either and he played there and thrived. When have we had good shooters on both wings while Cal has been here? Cal won’t start Brooks or Whitney at the 4. Cal will start nick and EJ early and Sestina May take Nicks spot later w EJ moving to the 5.

    2. Cokely53

      Miller/lamb, Keldon Johnson/Herro, James Young/ Aa Harrison, Julius Mays/Goodwin (bit of a reach but they could both shoot, and they played together on the wings when harrow ran point.

  2. BobbyBlue

    Great read Jack but I am still wondering why all the secrecy surrounding the Greg Brown recruitment.
    Sure like to hear your insight on that .

  3. IrishCat

    With all the talk about elite wings joining the team next year, I like hearing that the staff expects big things out of Dontae Allen!

  4. UKFanSC

    Super report Jack. And put me down as someone who is not surprised by the Allen report. I think he is vastly overlooked by most. We need more out of Nick than 8 and 5, he needs more than 20 mins too

  5. Aar

    I think 8 & 5 in 20 from Richards will take this team where they need to go. More would be better. I’d love to see 3 blocks in 20 out of him, too. With his size and agility, he is the one player who can truly make this team unstoppable by himself. Just needs the fitness to bring the motor for more than 90 seconds at a time.

    The other thing that can make this team unstoppable is 3-4 players over 35% outside the arc, each taking 3 per game while defending well and being strong inside the arc and paint. If one of those guys is a stretch four, like Montgomery or Sestina, all the better. Modern hoops teams need multiple shooters to space the floor. Otherwise, opponents just pack line or box and one – like UK did to Wofford in the second round.

  6. RAGE

    I hope this team can really shoot the ball… I don’t worry about our defense at all… I mean after the start we had last year on defense and then how strong the d was at the end of last season.. I am convinced that Cal can’t teach anybody how to play defense… I just hope that this team can score the ball and we won’t have to go long stretches where the whole team just struggles to find the basket… That has been our troubles the last few seasons.. I think Cal has made a concerned effort to recruit more shooters and natural scorers… Hopefully this year we really start to see the improvements and changes Cal has made in recruiting and offense…

    If nothing else I just hope we have good movement on offense… At times last year and the previous year it was frustrating watching us on offense at times with one person handling the ball and the other four guys jut standing around

    1. RAGE

      I meant that Cal can teach anybody how to play team defense and

  7. JT55

    The front court still worries me. Especially when we play a team with a physical presence. Sestina is ok, but not the answer to guard some of the boys from LSU and Blackshear from Florida.

    1. UKFanSC

      It’s time for Nick to take that step. I agree with you, unless we get a much more physical EJ and Nick we are going to be at the mercy of our backcourt. I think both of those guys are up to the task.