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Oscar Combs calls Anthony Davis the best player he’s ever seen at UK

Oscar Combs has been covering University of Kentucky basketball for over 50 years and he has seen a lot of good basketball while doing it. So when he called Anthony Davis the best player he has ever seen at UK, it carries some weight.

On this morning’s radio show with Matt Jones, Oscar put Anthony Davis above everyone else on his list of the best to ever do it, over legends like Dan Issel, Jamal Mashburn and Kenny Walker. Oscar said Anthony Davis is the best to wear UK blue, hands down.

Listen to another hour of radio with Oscar Combs in the show thread below. He’s killing it this morning.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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30 responses to “Oscar Combs calls Anthony Davis the best player he’s ever seen at UK”

  1. Ernie

    Matt, would you please shut up and let Oscar talk? It’s Oscar for crying out loud!

  2. louie dampier

    Each to their own,..but I concur.

  3. Al Becker

    Uhhhhhh, no. Issel. But maybe Combs was busy learning to say “bass-key-ball.”

  4. Matt's Stinky Brown Nose

    My hero has a first name, its O-S-C-A-R

  5. Ryan

    Didn’t know it was still 2012

  6. Shawn Kemp

    Was I considered a 1 n done?

  7. kadizkat

    Oscar knows!!

  8. ukfan

    Only because Julius Randle hasn’t played a game yet

  9. goose

    Davis is more than the best basketball player ever at UK. Had he played a few years here, it would have been complete dominance of the Collegiate game, much like Bill Walton’s time at UCLA.

  10. Culver

    I’ll take Mashburn over Davis any day of the week! Davis had A LOT more talent around him at UK than did Mashburn. Mash was doubled and even tripled team just about every time he got the ball, even during his freshmen year. Monster Mash all the way! Anyone remember Mash hanging 50 on the Bulls…with Pippen guarding him…as a rookie?!! If not for injuries Mash would of been a NBA Hall Of Fame inductee. JMO!

  11. Culver

    Mashburn goes for 50 as a rookie!

  12. Participant

    You can measure everything but heart…

    #1 Dan Issel
    #2 Kenny Walker
    #3 Pick from the rest….

  13. brain


  14. blue blue

    Please davis was almost automatic. This dude balled every game. Even when he didn’t score he helped in other ways. Defense, steals, rebounds blocks. It wouldve been scary to have him two more years. Teams didn’t wna go against davis any game last year. This dude changed the outcome of the game in so many ways. In just one season is crazy enough. Yea issel and mash and walker all ballers. But davis was just outstanding. I always knew that in every game he was gonna show up. During the tourney every game it was almost like you knew, if the other team takes it to the rack it was going back out. Davis would block it. Or get boards. There wasn’t to many games i was nervous that yr. Total domination!!! Two more years at uk coulda been total domination for two more years. Dude is the best. N it definitely showed the next year. We’ll never have that again I don’t think at uk. The championship game was legendary stats in itself…

  15. blue blue

    I’m sorry I said last yr I meant 2012

  16. MadTex

    Oscar is just a pompous windbag from Eastern KY!!!!

  17. Joe Ky

    Common Oscar, Have you just forgotten the “Horse.”

  18. EK

    Boy it would have been nice to have Davis for 3 or 4 years!! Holy Sh-t……! 13 spots for the best since 1978, Starting 5.. SF Mash,PF SKY, C Cousins,SG Delk, PG Wall…. On the bench Davis,Lee,Robey,Macy,MKG,Bowie,Bogans,Rondo! GO CATS!!

  19. EK

    sorry Goose over Bogans!! GO CATS!!

  20. Not Dan Issel

    It is obvious that some of you “youngsters” never saw, and thus have no clue, as to how good Dan Issel was. Still the best in my book, and I’ve seen all of them since 1961.

  21. trubludeww

    For once I have to agree with Oscar! All the guys that have been mentioned were great. I have followed Kentucky Basketball since the late forties and we have enjoyes some great ones. But I have never seen a complete “game-changer”, at both ends of the court, like Anthony Davis! Offense, defense, run the court, rebound, make crucial plays – this kid demanded respect! He stymied every team’s game plan. GAME CHANGER – that’s the highest compliment I can give him!

  22. Oscar Don't Know SheeeYat

    Issel. No question. Great NBA player also……

  23. Neil A

    #6 Shawn, you would be considered a NONE and done.

  24. jim marshall

    I watched every team that year alter their offense and every player alter their shot when Davis was in the game.did you ever see such a game-changer since Kareem or Wilt?

  25. kes

    oscar is a dumb redneck windbag. embarrassing that people look at him as some kind of representative of the university of kentucky.

  26. Bobby Peters

    Oscar Combs is from Jeff,Ky and worked at the Hazard Herald in Hazard, Ky. as a sports writer. Moved to Lexington, Ky. and started the Kats Paw. Kes has no ideal what he’s talking about when he bad mouths Oscar. Oscar knows as much about Ky. basketball as anyone.
    Bob Peters

  27. bigcatstanding

    #8 I agree with you watch Kentucky basketball for more than 40 years, and only one player in all that time as long as he was still on the court, made me feel like even if we were behind he could make it happen Jamal Mashburn number one, Anthony Davis is definitely in the top 5, but I will say this after Julius Randle has finished his career at Kentucky there will be stiff competition for number 1 at that point. GO BIG BLUE

  28. goose Carby

    Issel Davis Walker Sky had 3 & 4 guarding him all the time

  29. Dewballer

    MASHBURN! 92 and 93 MVP. Davis couldn’t hold that crossover. Davis had a lot of guys to help. Mash would drop 25 or 30 on him like hid in every game that mattered. Luv ya AD, but pcchtplease he aint the monster mash. C’mon man.

  30. KYIA

    I also think Mash was a great player but if you compare Mash as a freshman to Davis it would be a hard cal. If Davis had stayed for one more year his ability to score would have shown he would have had games with 50 points too. But the Best player ever to play at UK was Dan Issel he should be the Silhouette to the NCAA as Jerry West is to the NBA .