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Only in Kentucky: Bride and Groom allow UK game to be shown during ceremony

What do you do if your wedding is at the same time as Kentucky’s NCAA Tournament second round game? If you’re this couple from Somerset, you let your guests watch it during the ceremony.

Scheduling your wedding during the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament is still frowned upon, but shoutout to Devan and Randall Smith for making the most of the situation.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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11 responses to “Only in Kentucky: Bride and Groom allow UK game to be shown during ceremony”

  1. Iamheasyouarehe

    Why would any Kentucky basketball fan ever schedule a wedding during the NCAA tournament? What’s 3 more weeks?

    1. Wade

      Maybe a special day or memory of madness with a lost one! Either way wedding last 20 minutes and then you party and what’s a better way to entertain than with a dj, bourbon, and the cats playing!

  2. Cokely53

    Has anyone else had any issues with the KSR app freezing occasionally? It’s been a problem for me in the past week or two.

    1. catsarerunnin

      Has for me too. I figured it had something to do with the endlessly ads loading.


      Yes I have to exit the App and reopen to get it going

    3. satcheluk

      Haven’t had any issues.

  3. Realme

    This was the right thing to do. It would be insane to expect people to show up and watch you get married during a tourney game.

  4. Teeitup64

    Cokely53. Yes it has happened to me a few times.

  5. nadroj

    Disgusting. They need to think more about their priorities.

    I agree I guess that ideally you wouldn’t schedule it during the tournament, but it’s not always easy to reserve the venue on exactly the weekend you want. But a wedding is more important than a basketball game, and the ceremony of it is obviously ruined by playing a basketball game in the background. It’s tough, but of course you sacrifice the game for the sake of the wedding.

    1. macattack

      It’s more thinking about others than anyone else. Most people outside of your immediate family and friends would rather be watching a tournament game. I’m glad they had TVs for the people there. But it still doesn’t make it right to have your wedding then. Even if it’s during the reception, most people will be sitting by a TV or on their phone watching the game. Basketball in March here in KY is more important than religion. As long as the bride and groom understand that a lot of people will be unhappy with them and will be focused elsewhere, they’ll be fine. I would not accept anyone getting pissed because I’m trying to watch the game.

      I had a friend get married (in college at UK, no less) during the SEC tourney. During the reception, no one was dancing or eating. They were all crowded around the TV. That’s just how it goes here.

  6. RealCatsFan

    I would venture that the same thing happens regularly in Alabama for autumn weddings.