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Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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17 responses to “Next Man Up: Tyler Herro Fueled by All-Star Snub”

  1. wyatts1

    Can’t wait for this kid to put on the Kentucky blue and start kicking some ass!! This year’s team is picking up and will be a tough out, but next year’s team is gonna be damn good. I’m honestly looking forward to beating dUKe in champions classic in November.

  2. shelby

    I think i’m looking forward to tyler herro in blue more than any other player in a long time: i’ve always loved players with a great jumpshot .

    1. syrin23

      Same here. A player coming in with basketball skills, not just a vertical. Imagine that.

    2. catdaddyd

      I hope he’s more like Jimmer Ferdette than Josh Carrier, Tackett, Chris Harrison, etc…

  3. bigbluejon

    Like I tweeted to you days ago Ms. Tyler…Devin Booker 2.0

  4. rcope58

    As always in Kentucky, next years team will be really good . Having a multi faceted player like Tyler will open up the middle. Don’t forget that we will also have Jermarl Baker available to add to our outside shooting prowess.

  5. Luether

    Just hope that Cal doesn’t “Jon Hood” Herro…

    1. catsarerunnin

      I hope you don’t “doofus” yourself again…

  6. CatsandPats

    I firmly believe Tyler is good enough to shoot his way into the rotation next year. Unlimited range. Something similar to what we encountered with DB.

  7. mikeintn

    Looking forward to seeing you play next year Tyler, keep the good attitude you have and you’ll go far.

  8. Angelo

    Great Work Tyler! Long is Good! especially in basketball and writing…

  9. humboldt24

    Loved this piece and can’t wait to see him in blue

  10. 2015betterthan1996

    Not that I don’t appreciate these Herro updates, but is there anyway KSR could spread the love out and give some updates on Quickly and Johnson? They are both higher rated incoming players who I believe Herro will be playing behind next year. I know Kentucky fans get really excited about quality shooters, but the weekly Tyler Herro posts seem a bit much without any updates about our other commitments.

  11. BBNstrive49

    He got snubbed cause he isn’t good

    1. Eazy

      He is a 5 star recruit that could’ve gone anywhere and he’s not any good? lol. You are an idiot.

    2. Eazy

      He’s also one of the best players to ever come out of Wisconsin. What do you have to say about Johnson and Quickley? They both made it. I’m sure you hate on them, too. Pathetic.

  12. Eazy

    All that jealousy from Wisconsin fans reminds me of Louisville. How bout you win more than 1 title Wisconsin. Oh, that’s right you won’t even make the NIT this year in a sorry big 10. Lol.