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Article written by Drew Franklin

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59 responses to “Next Man Up: Getting to know Immanuel Quickley”

  1. 502CodeRed

    Immanuel Quickley jump to da league. Do you think he will even know what New Circle Road or Keeneland is?

    1. 4everUKblue

      Bet he doesn’t know what an FBI investigation is but you do. Oh and hookers, pretty sure you know what hookers do for UofLittleBrothel.

    2. Duff86

      Just beat Duke in the Champions Classic next year.

    3. Eazy

      Why are you still here?! We own the one trick pony Cards all around. UK has finished ahead of UL in the directors cup 4 of the last 5 years and that was before Louisville was a total dumpster fire. UK is about to blow by UL in baseball with the new stadium in Lex. Louisville had a decent run because they had the new park but that’s over now. And you guys always choked in Omaha anyway. UK will win it all soon. Oh, and UK ranks 40 spots ahead of UL in academics too. We own you all around. Even the one sport UL actually won a title in isn’t even top 10 all time.

    4. Eazy

      UK has a winning record vs UL in 20 out of 24 sports and the trend is moving in favor of UK now that UL is in rapid decline. Cheating helped UL but they are done now. All that for just 1 National Title in 20 years under Jurich. Pretty sad actually.

    5. dballrb

      Go crawl back under that POS crack shack down by the river..

  2. Luether

    He sounds like a nice young man but might rather have someone at the guard position who can shoot…

    1. BBNDan7

      Yeah let’s bring in some punk kid who’s got a jumper

    2. syrin23

      I prefer a great kid who has a great jump shot. BBND’bag sees either or.

    3. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      My sources tell me he’ll be just fine.

    4. BigBlueNationDude

      Hey gettle did your sources tell you about Hami? What about us sucking this year?

    5. dballrb


    6. 4everUKblue

      BBNDude pretty sure you suck daily!

    7. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      BBND, dude, you need help. I was just poking a little fun at Luether. He’s made a cottage industry of citing his “sources”, and the more people slam him for it, the more he does it.

      Lighten up and walk outside and see the sunshine.


    8. BigBlueNationDude

      It rains too much lately to see the sun.

  3. bluecrowe

    Great write up. Sounds like a great young man and wonderful family. We could definitely use someone who is an unselfish leader next year. He will work on his shooting. Welcome to Big Blue Nation!

    1. syrin23

      Yeah, I like him already.

  4. Tony the Liger

    LOL @ BBC.

  5. BradCalthegoat

    Play Brad!

  6. shelby

    With IQ at the point, herro and johnson by his side, we will have GREAT shooters for him to pass to. Plus quade, gabriel, and baker who are also very good shooters.

    1. BBNstrive49

      That’s great in all but who can stay in front of anyone on defense…… one you just listed

    2. syrin23

      You don’t know that at all. In fact, it is stupid to assume that the most elite athletes in their class can’t stay in front of anyone. They might have been taught fundamental defense, but virtually no high schoolers are. Stupid thing to say.

    3. BBNstrive49

      If you think herro can play D…….you’re a idiot.

    4. BBNDan7

      He’s not even on campus yet….

    5. syrin23

      If you think Quade Green or Diallo can, you’re an idiot. He can shoot. If you don’t think he can learn, you’re an ifiot, so pretty much every scenario, you’re an idiot. And you have soul cancer.

    6. BBNstrive49

      No I don’t think any of them can play D. Yeah cause he can shoot he can play d. May I remind of you Wiltjer lol.

  7. Bull Filmer

    Really liked that code turd and blew-thur respond to this……Jealous bitches.

    1. Eazy

      Haha, yep. They are just jealous because UK owns them in all around sports now. Can’t say UK is a one trick pony when we just finished in the top 10 directors cup. Louisville has never been in the top 25 but I’m sure their fans are too ignorant to realize that.

  8. KYJelly

    This kid seems wise beyond his years, that usually translates well to being a leader on e court and while his shot does need work, it’s not horrible, and his basketball IQ looks really good, which as we’ve found out this year is EXTREMELY important

  9. BradCalthegoat

    Does it even matter? We still won’t win the National Championship! This kid will come in and be here 6 months and be a lottery pick. Deja Vu every year

    1. Duuuuuude

      Don’t worry…..we get Quade back.

    2. BradCalthegoat

      And? What’s that mean?

    3. Eazy

      UK just won a title in 2012. Most programs have never won a title and we have 8. Hardly something to complain about. And a program like Kansas only has 3.

    4. BBNstrive49

      I hope he’s just going to classes and not playing next year then.

    5. BigBlueNationDude

      Good points

    6. RealCatsFan

      To all the whiners that can find nothing to do but bitch about UK having an off year and not winning the championship every year: please get a life. Go outside, find someone who needs help, whatever that may be. Help someone less fortunate! It will make you feel better about yourself. Sitting behind a phone or a computer and obsessing about UK basketball is NOT going to make you happy in life. Enjoy it when we win, and when we don’t, find something to do to take your mind off of it. Otherwise your life, and the lives of those around you, are going to be miserable.

    7. BBNstrive49

      Good point Dr.Phil

  10. Lip Man 1

    Sounds like a good kid. Am concerned about this though, “As for the actual game, which is why I was there, Quickley struggled to hit shots.”

    He’ll fit right in then with “the gang that couldn’t shoot straight…”

    1. TonyMontana

      He just happened to struggle to hit shots in the one game that Drew attended. Just go look at his videos or check his stats or look at his ranking on any recruiting service. He obviously can hit shots.

  11. BigBlueNationDude

    Can he shoot? I cant take another non shooting guard

    1. 4everUKblue

      Have you ever even held a basketball in your hands BBNDude or are you too busy with your joystick?

    2. BigBlueNationDude

      Does it matter what Ive done and have playing basketball? I freely admit I suck. Your argument is as bad as our team this year

  12. joseph_daniel

    Praise God, I’m thrilled to see this young man suit up for the Cats. It’s never widely discussed, but from an outside perspective, it does seem that Cal aims for the Christians in recruiting. When he is able to have leadership on the team that knows Jesus, those teams are beloved and clutch. I wonder if that is what is missing from this team… Not youth, but boldness at the end of games. I still believe it will come together though. Who knows, maybe we finally get a bracket to fall apart for us this year?! Lord knows we are due for that.

    1. RealCatsFan

      I doubt if being Christian is a prerequisite for Cal, even though he is a devout Catholic. He does place a priority on them being of high character with good families around them, and that often goes hand in hand with being Christian, but not always.

  13. Shagaris Sock Puppet

    I think you’re right! You know all these kids on this years team and im sure they all sin every day so much that this is their payback, a terrible season! We should all pray for them to win and I bet it will work. I am now for certain, that all the tweaks were all prayers that were answered from the good lord to make UK basketball great again, using uncle Donald’s words right from his mouth.. Makes perfect sense!

  14. CPACAT

    Sounds like we may have to get to know Immanuel really fast….

  15. callitlikeiseeit

    Diallo is the worst player Cal has brought to KY.

    1. henderblue

      And you’re in the category of worst fans, with comments like that.

    2. Booby Petrino

      yeah he should play Johnny David instead of him. Or Dillon Pulliam. They are probably much better, but since Cal can’t coach, he doesn’t even know it! Will we even win a game next year? Doubt it. i see us going 0-fer next year. Fire Cal, bring back Billy Clyde! Or steal Steve Kerr, I’m sure he’d come here!

    3. BigBlueNationDude

      This is the 3rd season in a row with a Briscoe/hami type player. For the love of god please cal recruit guards who can actually shoot.

    4. callitlikeiseeit

      Y’all just keep lying to yourselves . Lol.. Such good fans

  16. Sentient Third Eye

    Reminds me of Fox in that he is not the highest-ranked PG in the class, but he is probably the best.

    1. RealCatsFan

      Quickley also reminds me of Brandon Knight – another high character young man with amazing parents.

  17. Biglaw Dawgin'

    Awesome article. And he seems like an awesome kid. On a side note, how does an AAU team get away with being named “Team BBC?” LMAO. That’s classic. I can’t even google his AAU stats without hitting a firewall.

  18. bbnZach

    Hey haters, IQ was K’s priority at PG in the class. Who got him again?

    1. BBNstrive49

      He couldn’t get them all bro.

  19. callitlikeiseeit

    Just hope he’s better than that bum Diallo

  20. dballrb

    Sounds like a Brandon Knight 2.0…I’ll take that every day of the week,twice on Sunday.

  21. dballrb

    Herro plays with a attitude. Gotta love his confidence. When we need a 3 or keep the D honest..Herro fits the bill…Mark it down..