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50 responses to “New ESPN mock draft has Keldon Johnson well outside the lottery”

  1. cats646

    He needs to come back


      Agreed…and we NEED him to come back as well.

    2. riandri

      Question, if you could have only one of the two (Keldon or Tyler) come back which would you prefer?

      I am selfish – I want both, but just curiously asking if only one who works best with the 2019/2020 Team?

    3. Bruce Dickinson

      They both seem like they would be good teammates. They are both good players. Keldon probably has more athletic ability, but herro is a deadly at the foul line. He was also good on defense and a good outside shooter. I would probably picke Herro over Keldon at this point. In the end if we can keep either one that would be great.

    4. Miller45

      Herro especially needs to hit the weights hard

    5. NYCCatsFan

      Cool Bruce!

      Are you the lead singer for Iron Maiden?

    6. Bruce Dickinson

      No, I was the producer for Blue Oyster Cult’s Don’t fear the reaper. We had plenty of cowbell.

    7. J. Did

      Would love if both came back. If I could have one return? Herro. As indicated: Due to his all around performance, consistency, defense, offense and free throws.


      Herro only because of free throws lol

    9. Miller45

      Come back, please don’t jump ship too early and end up in the g league or in timbuktu playing

  2. Smyrna_Cat

    ESPN does these mock drafts to get clicks. They are meaningless. Still would like to see Johnson come back, but it is hard to imagine that happening.

    1. JoeMoney333

      There isn’t a site I’ve seen have him as a lottery pick. Planning Keldon in or out of the lottery has no effect on their clock numbers.

    2. 4everUKblue
    3. 4everUKblue
    4. 4everUKblue

      Granted 247sports is from February but the was updated today.

    5. Smyrna_Cat

      JoeMoney, the point I was making is that ESPN do these “mock drafts” to get clicks. These are pointless.

  3. natedaddy

    Hope he’s a man of his word. Cause he sure as hell won’t get picked in the lottery

    1. nocode96

      Did he say he will return if he isn’t picked in the lottery?

    2. ClutchCargo


      No, he didn’t say that.

    3. nocode96

      Dang clutch, you beat me to my own punchline! Lol. Was waiting for the reply.

    4. Soylentbeans

      So the first sentence of this article is a lie then?

    5. nocode96

      Looks to me like he didn’t say “if I’m not a lottery pick, I’m coming back”. Thanks TT

    6. makeitstop

      No, it was implied. I want to be, and if I am, I stay. I suspect it would depend on how solid the commitment and how far outside the lottery (financially) and if they say “next year u should be X spots higher in a weak draft.” Lots of ifs. But better than I expected.

  4. ScottGreene22

    Only kids on this team ready are PJ and Reid.

    1. Ez21

      What is Reid ready for bc he won’t play long if at all in the NBA?

    2. addyjaxlarkin

      Reid has a very bright future ahead of him whether he chooses to play professional basketball or pursue other things. Super intelligent young man with a great head on his shoulders. Extremely proud that he decided to grad transfer and become a wildcat.

    3. ScottGreene22

      Yes he can play over seas if the NBA doesn’t work out but I’d love to have him on staff as a grad assistant

    4. UK Maine-iac

      I hope Reid has a nice, long pro career whether NBA or oversees, but I hope one day he gets into coaching. He just seems like it would come naturally to him.

  5. BigJohnC

    Herro over keldon

  6. mothandras

    Neither of these kids are going top 15 so, if that is the case they should come back.

    1. mashburnfan1

      What u mean. They should go 1 and 2 cause they played for Cal and everyone here knows Cal puts guys in the league. None of these previous players would have been drafted had they not played for Cal. You see Cal develops guys and puts them in the NBA after 1 year {well 8 months}. All these BS mocks know nothing, Zion, who is he? He not a Cal guy. Real Mock draft…1. Herro, 2. Keldon 3. Nick Richards {may go 1 as he played 2 years for Cal} 4. Hagans 5. Quickley 6. EJ 7. Reid 8. Zion 9. Morant 10. RJ 11. some foreign kid 12. Quade {see could have been 4 had he stayed with Cal} 13. Gabriel {he did play for Cal but left so just slips into lottery}

    2. JT919

      Seek therapy mashburn, we’re worried about you.

  7. kjd

    No surprise here.

  8. WatchutalkinboutWillis

    Keldon needs to consider if he wants to just get paid or if he wants to have a long NBA career. I think right now there is nothing that keeps Keldon from being James Young. If he is fine with that he should go. If he isn’t, he should return, raise his draft stock and make an NBA team invest heavily in his future.

  9. BlueAce

    I would much rather have herro back for another year. Keldon really struggled against athletic teams and was a streaky shooter all year long. Herro has potential to be a great knock down shooter which we will need next year very badly.

    1. addyjaxlarkin

      This guy knows!!

  10. VirginiaCat

    I really hate this time of year when our best young players head off to the NBA whether they are truly ready or not, making it necessary for Kentucky to patch something together for next season. No significant experience or continuity on which to build. Not trying to be a downer, ladies and gentlemen, just stating the facts.

    1. catsarerunnin

      You’ll live.

    2. addyjaxlarkin

      Double U


      Good thing you live in Virginia then. Have fun with your 1 NC, and knowing UVA will likely be the only school in NCAA D1 history to be the #1 overall seed, and not only lose to a 16 seed…but get demolished by 20 pts.

      I’ll take the results from Cal’s teams, and his recruiting and coaching, over that embarrassment ANY FREAKIN’ DAY.

  11. friendsofcoal

    I’d love to have either return for a second year but if I gotta pick then it’s gotta be Herro. His potential is much better imo.

  12. Cousins Fake Tooth

    I like the kid, but I never seen what some of these mock drafts seen in him being so high on the list.

  13. bluecat15

    If Kelvin comes back do you guys think that will have an impact on Khalil Whitney or Keion Brooks?

    1. bluecat15


    2. JT919

      Probably not Keion Brooks. Their skill sets don’t overlap as much as his and Whitney’s. Might even be an upside, that unlocks some hyper aggressive offensive lineups (Hagans, Maxey, Whitney, Keldon, and Brooks/EJ/Sestina?)

  14. shelby

    I’m still not sure what killed and Johnson brings to the table. He plays hard he’s an undersized forward and seems to turn the ball over a lot when he gets into the lane. He had some games where he shot well from the outside but doesn’t seem to do it consistently enough. I honestly can’t put my finger on what kind of player he plans to be. Definitely a lot of talent there.

    1. JT919

      If he can shoot consistently and/or develop a more crafty inside game to avoid getting blocked so much, he’d be an oversized, crazy athletic shooting guard.

  15. gasman01

    I don’t think either one will come back. The will both be first rounders.

  16. Racerr11

    I would rather keep Keldon as of now. Tyler had a handful of games where he shot good but for the most part he shot consistently bad, missed alot of shots. He was better in some areas as the season went on but also saw him fall back some. At times looked like he didn’t want to listen and didn’t like to be coached at times. Johnson for me