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33 responses to “NCAA starts process to enhance name, image and likeness opportunities for student-athletes”

  1. BCO

    This has gotta be great news for the big schools. You imagine how much Anthony Davis woulda made while here?

    1. Ben27

      Anthony Davis was not as big of an attraction until his accomplishments in the NBA. Yes he won a national championship, but his superstar status was developed in the NBA.

      Now players will charge for their autographs from day one! All the freebies are a thing of the past. This is just a legalized way for alumnus to pay players! Teams like Kentucky, Duke, North Carolina will have a huge advantage. It is only a matter of time before the NCAA will have to try and equalize that advantage. This will end up being a terrible problem for the NCAA to manage. Pandora’s Box, once opened cannot be closed again.

  2. nocode96

    This is honestly their best course of action. Otherwise, pretty much every state is goi g to vote this into law and the ncaa will be left with their thumbs up their butts…just like now really, but at least they’re trying to get out ahead of this.

    1. Bluebloodtoo

      Not sure you could call it “getting ahead of this” when they basically ignored it until states started making laws. Still, I’m happy to see that something got their attention.

    2. nocode96

      You’re probably right. I was thinking of “get ahead of” as in, “do it now before all the states pass the law and they look even worse”. Either way, I feel this is a good thing. Happy to see it come to fruition.

    3. GoCatz

      Another “brilliant” comment from NOCLUE96

  3. UKinIN

    Also means the NCAA can hold onto their money because they won’t have to pay the players themselves.

    1. JASUN74

      They’ll all still get their $1600.00 a month check. The better players will make some money no doubt, nothing will really change for the six man in basketball I don’t believe. What scares me is our Football program! There’s ten or more schools that have big time programs and high fan bases. They’ll always find a way to pay kids with the old hand shake. It’s going to hurt The other teams that don’t have a 100 thousand plus stadium and the bigger fan base and boosters. I think the BIG BLUE NATION will hang with a lot of the big schools as long as we can win. I’m just hoping it helps us I guess. Our Basketball team will always be great, but we’ve got a juggernaut in Football right now and I just don’t want any set backs. Go cats. Sorry for the rambling. Lol. I know I said the same thing over and over.

  4. Realme

    “Assure student-athletes are treated similarly to non-athlete students unless a compelling reason exists to differentiate”. Really? The NCAA said this?!?!

    “Ensure rules are transparent, focused and enforceable and facilitate fair and balanced competition.” Nope, nope, nope. This is a prank. This has never been a goal of theirs.

    1. runningunnin.454

      Ha ha, when you start at the bottom, considering their tarnished image, you can only go up. Now, let’s also see them do something about their tarnished officials, football and basketball, to the point that they’re actually respected.
      I see better officiating at the NAIA level.

  5. TrumanClaytor>BoLanter

    Pandora’s box is officially open….

  6. TonyMontana

    This should have been done a long time ago. If you are opposed to this, your ancestors probably owned people.

    1. Megan

      So if anyone disagrees with you, you direct animus toward them by besmirching their ancestors? That’s messed up.

      As Carnac the Magnificent once said: May your favorite daughter be featured in NFL Films’ Sack of the Week!

    2. JASUN74

      That was awesome Megan! I mean really!! This will definitely hurt some of the lesser teams in most sports. We may not see it for a few years but it going to change things no doubt. Tony, we all want kids to have money and life to be fair for everyone!! They get free room and board and they also get 1600.00 per month to live off of or save or whatever. That’s not bad to be a star for some big University!!

      I do think it’ll cause a lot of jealous kids and hopefully doesn’t effect us too bad. There’s definitely a lot of arguments either way and I can respect every ones without calling them out like that.

    3. TPACAT

      Or, maybe some of us just think it will be the end of “amateur” sports and that’s all, race-baiter…

    4. cats646

      My ancestors did own people. Wtf does that have to do with any of this. You’re a jackass Tony Montana. I bet your ancestors were professional sobbers at community funerals back in the day since b!tching and whining seems to come so easy for you. Grow up kid.

    5. jaws2

      cats646 you are soooo spot on with this comment.
      My family didn’t own any salves either, but I do know it’s a FACT that 49% of slaves owned in New Orleans were owned by free blacks. Just sayin’.

    6. The Big Lebowski


      No doubt!

  7. Rod Crandler

    I have a feeling some recruits are going to start making a lot of money for their “autographs”. This should be very interesting.

  8. bgoad72

    Cause a free education isn’t enough for people who might not otherwise afford it. And now the rich get richer. All the big schools benefit and smaller ones will never have a shot at anything anymore.

    1. AdamN

      Free education, housing, and food is worthless nowadays. People spend 30 years paying off something these kids get for free, but that’s not good enough. Now kids will just go where they can make the most money. This is the end of amateur sports. Before anybody calls me an old man… I’m 33 years old.

    2. cats646

      I believe you’re right Adam. And I’m 24

    3. The Big Lebowski

      Ask the kids who skip college to work for Google, Facebook, Microsoft and other corporations.

      A “kid” can go straight from HS to working for any of these corporations and make good money. No one questions this. Why is that?

      There has been nothing amateur about College Basketball since Larry Bird squared off against Magic Johnson in that Michigan State-Indiana NCAA Championship Game back in the late ’70s. Since then it has been all about the money. College Football was big money before that.

      The only difference now is that the guys who actually play the game will get a slice of the pie as well. This is way overdue.

      Even the Olympics did away with the archaic “amateurism” rules a few decades ago.

  9. Battle4TheBluegrass

    NCAA Football 2022?

  10. mashman 93

    Podcast coming out tonight Jack?

  11. MacAssassin123

    EA has already responded and ready to reboot third NCAA video game franchise.

  12. TPACAT

    Be careful what you ask for… A Senator has already indicated he will introduce legislation to tax an athlete’s scholarship if they decide to pursue profit. Which, in an ironic twist, is justified actually. Can’t have it both ways…

  13. sp

    I’m glad the NCAA stepped in here. They really didn’t have a choice. They will be able to regulate and put caps on amounts these kids can make. If they don’t the recruits are simply going to go to the highest bidder. And that’s not necessarily good for UK. We have some big donors who will be ready to pay for “appearances” but the money in places like Houston and Los Angeles dwarfs what people in Lexington and Louisville will be ready to pay. And the schools in big money states would have an obvious advantage.

    I’m sure the coaches are breathing a sigh of relief too. Their recruiting pitches to top recruits wouldn’t have anything to do with coaching or winning or getting to the pro leagues, it would be about how much money they had lined up to get them.

  14. WKY Cat

    Without a cap the big blue blood football programs are going to crush everyone else. The FCS programs instantly became irrelevant. But even with a cap there will be plenty of corruption and unreported income. Previously you didn’t want boosters directly interacting with players because you couldn’t control the corruption. This rule encourages it and no way at that point to stop under the table money. Hiring agents while in college is next then the agents can secretly obtain money for the players.

  15. Headhurts

    Ok 5 star Basketball talent you stand to make more a KY than any other school so line up and let’s win a few more titles,……… not sure.

    1. The Big Lebowski


      It might give Kentucky a leg up on recruiting.

      How will the NCAA react to that?

  16. jaws2

    As I’ve stated repeatably on this issue. These kids are now going to be considered pro’s by the IRS and have no idea how this is going to affect them from a tax stand point. Forget taxing the scholarship issue, they’ve now become self employed and will be accountable for reporting income on a 1099. If they’re making money, the feds and state revenue departments are getting their cut. You can count on players getting paid to be taxed in EVERY state they set foot in, regardless if they’re playing or not. This will be taxed just like professional athletes that go from state to state to ‘earn’ income’. Oh BTW, cities and locals that smarten up will do the same. You earn income in my area, you’re going to be taxed on it. The feds are going to make certain they’re contributing to SS also. Unless these kids are accounting majors or have parents and friends who are, they’re also gong to be hiring and paying someone to figure this out for them. Welcome to the real world kids.

    1. The Big Lebowski

      I’ve been doing that since I was 17 years old.