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78 responses to “NCAA rules Memphis’ James Wiseman ineligible (UPDATED)”

  1. nocode96


  2. gobble gobble


    1. YeahIsaidIT12

      Gobble, How is this funny?
      But would it be funny if he would’ve been apart of UKs roster? Yeah, prbly not!
      That the kinda response that give UK fans a bad name
      This kid is a baller and basketball is his life
      this is sad news, bro

    2. bigbluebg

      It is funny considering the comments from Penny Hardaway before the season began. How the hell did Penny not think he would get in trouble for this. Plus if he did come to UK he wouldn’t be ineligible because Cal wouldn’t give a kid’s parents $11.5k to move to the Lexington area. So, that doesn’t make any sense.

      It is sad for the kid, but he knew that money wasn’t “free”, so I think it’s fair game to laugh at him for his poor decisions.

    3. Duuuuuude

      Not funny but would not have happened had Wiseman come to UK. Calipari would not have put him into this position. Penny needs to be ridiculed for this.

    4. 4everUKBlue

      gg is always making stupid comments, nothing fun about it as far as Wiseman goes. I feel sorry for the young man, he put his trust in the wrong man. Let the ridicule begin.

    5. JASUN74

      Exactly Yeah,, this is definitely not funny. It’s a shame actually that they’re going to cost this young man experiencing college Basketball.

    6. UKNUTZ

      I couldn’t help but laugh when I first heard this either. It shows what you get when you put your trust in Penny. If he had came to UK then he would not be dealing with this issue. Penny Hardaway knew this before he recruited him to come to Memphis. If he didn’t then he sucks at his job and screwed this kid out of his college basketball career.

    7. YeahIsaidIT12

      Ok u kno what I meant tho, if he would’ve come to UK and been ruled ineligible for any reason that wouldn’t be as funny to u I’m just gon assume silly mf

    8. YeahIsaidIT12

      so now u & Cal chill in your moms basement on a regular basis smh… yeah, I doubt u kno anything about what Cal would do & if u any kinda “Cal fan” you’d know about how giving he is to the less fortunate, and you gon say ion make sense tf but the point bein let’s just say hypothetically this was cals first season coaching UK and last season he was coaching Rese in High school and helped his family move while he was coaching high school… Penny wasn’t at Memphis coaching yet when all this went down so nah not funny and fr I think the NCAA is ridiculous af for doin this to wiseman and penny it’s bs fr. Free Matt Jones & Wiseman

  3. cats646

    That kinda sucks. I was looking forward to watching him play. Couldn’t have happened to a better coach though lol.

    1. 4everUKBlue

      About time for mashbum to show up claiming Cal did it too.

    2. coal miner

      There was always questions of why top recruits would go to Memphis and play for an unproven coach now we know why.

    3. 4everUKBlue

      Exactly miner. Penny is an amateur coach.

  4. Catsfan1715


    1. Rixter

      Wow, indeed. As in, ‘wow, it took the NCAA 18 months to find Penny Hardaway guilty of breaking the rules’

  5. catfan838


  6. bigcat68

    So he could’ve came to UK or elsewhere and played?

    1. nocode96

      Yes. He’s been ruled ineligible because Penny helped him and his family move to Memphis last year (financially), and because of this, the ncaa ruled Penny a booster,which is why the suspension.

    2. Corder

      No. I don’t think so. He still took money.

    3. tncatrn

      I guess it comes down what the ncaa terms a booster. Otherwise no one could ever give a player or family ANYTHING AT ALL or it’s an impermissible benefit. I think it is Penny’s relationship with the school PLUS the money that hurt him

    4. fifthoffive

      Penny gave Memphis $1 million in 2008 for a sports hall of fame. That makes him a booster, so that, with his paying for the Wiseman’s move to Memphis makes Wiseman ineligible.

  7. UKFaninCO

    And so it starts.

  8. MtnCat

    Penny Hardaway cost the kid his eligibility as he acted as Booster before he was coach. Rookie mistake I guess

    1. 4everUKBlue

      Hopefully other recruits will take note of this, it would be reason to recommit if it were my son.

    2. 4everUKBlue

      *decommit not recommit.

    3. fifthoffive

      I think if any Memphis booster paid for Wiseman’s move, and the kid went to Memphis, the ruling would be the same. Just happens the booster is now the coach.

  9. Booher

    Dodged that bullet

  10. BlueByYou

    Guessing had he come to Kentucky, this may not have been an issue, all the NCdoubleAAssholes would have tried to implicate Cal somehow.

  11. ColoradoCatFan88

    Karma is a bitch. Welcome to college basketball Penny!

    1. Patrick_David

      Sucks for Wiseman and a costly mistake by Penny….dang shame for the kid…

  12. 4everUKBlue

    That sucks for Wiseman, if he had come to UK he would be playing and probably for a title. What else will they find going on at Memphis?

  13. abovthecrowd

    Didn’t take Penny to dip the old toes into NCAA trouble. I would have thought he learned better from his time in college.

    1. Skooms

      Bro, when Penny was in college, this kind of stuff stayed pretty well hidden. Different era now.

  14. Rixter

    hang on – this happened ELEVEN YEARS AGO? And it’s an issue now?

    1. Rixter

      Dang, you can’t sneak anything past the NCAA!!

    2. Grazilla

      @Rixter – where are you getting that 11 year timeline? If he helped his fam move in high school, that would only be at most 4. I got the impression it was approx 2 years ago and Penny dropping wads of cash on his family for personal gain. Then all the sudden he becomes coach and Tada! He lands these paid off recruits. That’s a violation for sure. And honestly, Memphis should be culpable.

    3. wadmalawcat

      Penny paid $11,500 to move them from Nashville to Memphis in 2018, which should have made him ineligible in HS(Since Penny was his coach). Maybe you confused the dollar amount for years. Either way, am I the only one that thinks that’s a hefty number to move a family that supposedly has nothing.

    4. Cousins Fake Tooth

      NCAA stated 2018. My calculations thats like, 1 year ago.

    5. makeitstop

      Rixter broke the real story here: Wiseman was in HS 11 years, no wonder he’s so good!

  15. Heavy C

    Damn right it’s funny..its freaking hilarious. ESPN may as well build a studio in Memphis because the next couple of years will be full of this kind of fun and adventure.

  16. UKCatAttack

    I’m curious what would’ve happened if he’d went somewhere else to play. I’m sad for the kid but it is kind of funny for Penney Hardaway.

  17. MP3

    Ha! Wiseman ineligible! Except for Zion it seems Cal luckily struck out on every dirty player. Good karma for a clean program. Maybe DJ Jeffries is next

    1. UKNUTZ

      Yes, I want the NCAA to pump the brakes on Wiseman a little and start digging deeper into DJ Jeffries an his family. I almost feel bad about Wiseman, but I would love to see DJ Jeffries thrown under the bus after what he did. Committing to UK, talking crap, and decommitting.

  18. Bluebloodtoo

    It’s funny from the perspective of penny not knowing (or caring, whichever) about the rules. Not funny from wiseman’s perspective. But in reality, you gotta be careful about all this stuff. Always assume Nobody is looking out for you, but you.

  19. Papaw

    A judge has put a hold on that decision pending litigation. Wiseman can play tonight

    1. VirginiaCat

      Exactly, despite being adjudicated as ineligible by the NCAA, he will still play pending the results of litigation, which could take forever. It does bring up an interesting situation. If the NCAA wins in court, would any winning games involving Wiseman be forfeited?

    2. Cousins Fake Tooth

      Just because a judge ruled him eligible, doesn’t mean the NCAA has. Games will be vacated.

  20. mashman 93

    How long ago did James move to Memphis I mean was he kid or the last little while.

    1. Bluebloodtoo

      One of the tweets in the article said “in high school”, so it would seem to be somewhat relevant.

    2. mashman 93

      I read that and Penny sucks!!!

    3. Han

      2018 is when his family apparently moved to Memphis, where he then played for Penny in high school. After Penny paid for his family to move. And then Penny got the Memphis job. And then Wiseman committed to Memphis.

  21. dckr

    He should drop out and go play for a pro team overseas. He’s toast if this is all true

  22. bigcat68

    It’s my understanding if they play him and eventually loses an appeal or whatever, they would have to forfeit any games he played in.

    1. Bluehender

      Of course. What kind of emergency constitutes having to play in their game tonight? Never heard of that before

  23. Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert

    At least Cousins mom was smart enough to get out of dodge when reporters started sniffing around her housing situation in Lexington. Cousins bro was even attending school in Lexington. The packed up and moved out in the middle of the night. Smart.

    1. mashburnfan1

      You can’t say that, Cal would never cheat or have wins vacated….All the Cousins stuff was on the up and up. Oh wait UMass and Memphis did happen when Cal was coach. On the bright side Cal already gave Memphis practice at having wins vacated. Recruiting has always been, and always will be, dirty. Even in HS teams and coaches recruit kids to their school illegally, happens all the time.

    2. 4everUKBlue

      I told you mashbum the liar would show and try to say Cal cheated. Oh wait, there has never been any evidence tying Cal to either of those cases. If you have any proof mashbum I’m sure the NCAA would pay a handsome price to nail Cal. Too bad, you got nothing just like everyone else you dumbass.

  24. michaelb

    The schools statement contradicted the headline of this article … so what’s really going on ?

  25. Han

    Turns out Penny’s connection to kids like Wiseman and Jeffries, a big part of why he was hired, was a little too close.

    1. TonyMontana

      and apparently included financial incentives. I know Penny is a former NBA star, but dropping $12 G’s to help a kid move to your district seems like a lot of money for a high school basketball coach to spend. I guess it all comes back to the AAU leagues getting big bucks from Adidas & Nike. It’s all a tangled web.

  26. TomKat9698

    That’s a shame, but, who’s surprised that Penny is a cheater? Trying to coach in the big-time too fast, so thought he could cheat his way there.

  27. michaelb

    But why isn’t penny sitting out ?

    1. ColoradoCatFan88

      That’s what I’m saying

  28. T-Town Cat

    This was an issue when he transferred from Ensworth HS in August 2017 to Memphis East. “Wiseman played at Nashville-based Ensworth School previously, and his ties to Team Penny and East assistant coach Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway could force him to sit out this season due to TSSAA transfer rules.

    According to section 13 of the TSSAA handbook, “If a student with an athletic record transfers to a new school where an ‘athletic coaching link’ existed in the past 12 months, that student is ineligible for 12 months at all levels in the specific sports where a linkage was present.” He should be ineligible to play for Penny.


      Exactly. And if it were UK, he would’ve been…permanently. You only need to look at how the NCAA handled Kanter, to know how this would’ve gone down. Everybody knew the only reason Wiseman chose Memphis was because of his prior affiliation with Penny, so this shouldn’t be a surpise, even to the NCAA. It’s not like Wiseman chose Memphis because of Penny’s impeccable coaching record.

  29. peaches76

    Can’t feel sorry for Wiseman. Didn’t have to move and sure as hell didn’t have to take the money.

    1. ClutchCargo

      I seriously doubt a teenager has the final say in whether his mom accepts Penny’s money and chooses to move halfway across the state.

    2. michaelb

      Yep just point finger and mom and dad & make them sit out games

    3. peaches76

      Based on many years of involvement in high school sports, uh yeah, if the kid wants to play in Memphis for Penny then mom n dad are going.

  30. Wild Turkey 101

    Football, basketball or whatever Memphis stays in trouble.

  31. makeitstop

    Dumb. Easy to catch, and a clear violation. Don’t feel too sorry for Wiseman, he’s #1 next June regardless and now he doesn’t risk getting hurt or exposed. The guy who loses is Penny who’s back to the NIT w egg on his face.

  32. michaelb

    UnWiseman….. heheheh what ?? I had to sry lol

  33. McFarlands Boogers

    Forget Wiseman, Penny should be the one in the dookie for this. Let Wiseman play and suspend Penny.

  34. Bluebloodtoo

    So… in a case like this, would he be eligible if he transferred to a different school in the middle of the season… like a team that wears blue and white uniforms, you know what I mean? No! Not Duke! The other elite team that wears blue and white.

    1. oruacat2

      Hell, no.
      I doubt that’s the only money these grifters took.

  35. MacAssassin123

    That’s unfortunate

  36. Plicknog33

    It would not have affected UK the same since it was a Memphis ‘booster’ that did this. Now anyone that believes this happened before Penny became the Coach is just crazy. Wonder how much money he spent to secure Jefferies and other recruits? Precious was a known red flag asking for money which is why KU and Memphis were the only big schools that went after him. Memphis risking a post season ban this year and other penalties because of Penny’s ego and smug attitude lol