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NBA scouts like James Young, a lot


Since Day 1, we’ve heard nothing but great things from the preseason Kentucky basketball practices in the Joe Craft Center, and today is no different. According to Adam Zagoria, John Calipari is telling folks that NBA scouts believe James Young might be the best player in the country. Zagoria sent out this tweet earlier this morning:

John Calipari told Kentucky HS coach Jim Youngman and recruits yesterday that NBA scouts in attendance at practice said James Young might be the best play in the country, Youngman told [@AdamZagoria]

Of course, this could be more Cal-Speak, but it’s still great to hear. Go ahead and add it to the list of music to #BBN’s ears:

1) Julius Randle is built like LeBron James.

2) Aaron Harrison may be the best player on the team.

3) James Young might be the best player in the country.

It’s almost time…

Article written by Drew Franklin

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29 responses to “NBA scouts like James Young, a lot”

  1. CatsFan

    Check out for a family friendly forum!

  2. WTF?!

    I think Cal needs a lesson in logic. If James Young is the best player in the country, how can Aaron Harrison is the best player on the team?

  3. ItsPrettySimple...

    2 – He didn’t say those things on the same day, nor did he say anything contradictory here. Cal said Aaron is the best player on the team a week or so ago, scouts say Young may be the best player in the country this week. It’s really not too difficult for most of us to figure that one out. Bless you.

  4. DH

    2- Did you even bother reading the post?

  5. TDog

    Debatable best player in the country coming off the bench. #BBNProblems

  6. gossie21

    29 days until the start of the regular season….. I can’t wait.

  7. bosshog

    I like James Young…..a lot…..a smooth athlete, shooter with range, good size…..and like Randle he understands just how special it is to wear the blue and white…..let’s talk about him and the other guys….even their navel lint….instead of so many articles about Kansas….so sick of hearing about Kansas on this sight-enough-give it a permanent rest.

  8. Chicken

    I think James Young is going to have a great year! However, this is an ego massage…. Cal knows that either Young or Aa. Harrison will likely be coming off the bench; how they handle this could have a huge impact on the team.

  9. KoolUK

    were gonna need a lot of those to improve on our first round nit loss. embarassing

  10. Biglaw Dawgin'

    Andrew Harrison is the best player in North America. And no human being can guard Willie Cauley-Stein.

    Coach is running out of superlatives, but I like what it means for the Cayts.

  11. Bubba

    James Young actually has a very polished offensive game. He can shoot the jumper, get to the rim, rebound, jump out of the gym, and guard almost four positions on the floor. A lot of you think it is very likely that he comes back, but I just don’t see it happening.

  12. So You're Telling Me There's a Chance

    Aaron, Andrew, Young and Randle are all simultaneously the best player on the team, best player in the country, and best NBA prospect. Got it? Just making sure we’re on the same page here.

    – Cal

  13. DuhVille

    Oh god. I don’t want Dec. 28th to get here. Yall gonna whoop my boyz in red!

  14. cracka

    “John Calipari told Kentucky HS coach Jim Youngman and recruits yesterday that” … so what recruits did Cal go see yesterday? Did I miss this story?

  15. Real UK Fan

    Makes no difference to me which one is best. I am just thankful that all of these guys are wearing the UK blue and white.

  16. Walt

    #15: Well said, well said.

  17. trey

    Thomas Nelson High School?

  18. Jon

    He definitely looked to me like the best defender at the all-star games but I haven’t really heard his defense mentioned anywhere.

    If he is a good offensive player as well then this could be close to the truth.

  19. Jen

    All of these assumptions that Young will come off of the bench are laughable. I’ve said all along Poythress will be riding the pine. You don’t bring a player of Young’s caliber and sit him behind a guy who closely resembled Droopy Dog for most of last year. I’m sure Poythress has improved and all of the competition will be good for him. I’m also sure Young is better at SF than Poythress.

    The same junk was said about Miller starting over MKG in 2012. Oh, but he’s a senior, of course he’ll start. No, the guy coming in is simply better than him.

  20. cotton

    I could have told you that. James Young is way under-rated!!! He should play WITH the twins, Randle and Willie/Dakari. He’s too good to be 6th man. Jmo.

  21. cracka

    young and harrison weren’t ranked #1 and #2 at sg for no reason … they’re both very good, well-rounded players … in baseball, they say “5 tool player” … in basketball, i guess if you said dribble, shoot, defend, pass and rebound as the basics, they’re both what i’d call 5 tool basketball players … 8 days to bbm!

  22. cracka

    agree jen, but ap could start just from a playing time perspective … if ap starts at the 3, young can spell both ap and aaron harrison and could end up playing more min than ap, but not starting

  23. cotton

    P.S. And I also suspect Marcus Lee is way under-rated. Again,..jmo.

  24. cotton

    And Jen,..I concur with everything you say,..fwiw.

  25. Jen

    Cracka 22: Good point. That’s the only way he’s not starting.

  26. jus sayin

    James Young should come off the bench. Not because Poythress is better, but because Young would play better off the bench than Poythress and it would bother him a lot less.

  27. cracka
  28. Bunny

    I love reading this stuff and can’t wait for the season to start. Go Cats!!

  29. WildcatFaithful

    James will either be our ‘super sixth man’ or start at the 3 spot – either way, he gets 30+ min. per game.