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Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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11 responses to “NBA Draft Combine Measurements in the Calipari Era”

  1. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    If you did that now Orton would dominant the highest body fat%. Time has not been kind.

  2. whatwasthat

    Seems like someone who is pretty good at basketball is missing from the list.


    Shai’s bf% was scary low, LOL. He probably cramped up just walking down the sidewalk.

  4. UKSam

    I know they didn’t do the combine but do we have the numbers on AD and KAT

    1. BigMike

      When did Kanter play for UK?

    2. The Original WTF Guy

      It’s hard to overstate how stupid this all is. Why does it matter how tall someone is both with and without shoes? It’s as if the clowns doing this don’t realize the difference is solely (HAHAHAHA) due to the shoes. Furthermore, it’s not like you can plug these numbers into an equation and determine who is the best basketball player. Finally, and this is where I will get into trouble, it smacks a bit of treating these guys like nothing more than animals, or worse. I would expect to see these sort of numbers at the Keeneland Summer Sales where there really is nothing else to go on except bloodlines. Maybe the NBA, and an even more egregious NFL, could start providing background on the family tree the same way it is done for horses. It should be about who can play basketball the best, not how tall someone is in and out of shoes.

  5. davisfeathers

    When do they play without shoes?

    1. ClutchCargo

      They don’t play without shoes, but including the thickness of the soles of the shoes in a player’s height is meaningless because every other player also wears 1.5″ thick shoes. Furthermore, when you compare the height and wingspan of a guy, you have to then disregard the height in shoes. Football players don’t play without cleats and helmets, but the NFL combine doesn’t bother to list that silly measurement.

    2. davisfeathers

      yes but they never stand under the rim without shoes on, so in basketball it only matters how tall they are with shoes on

    3. ClutchCargo

      So someone could wear 70s style platform shoes and improve their combine measurements? It still doesn’t make sense to do that. Standing reach is way more relevant than height with shoes, imo.

  6. CalsCats3.0

    Transfers are a weird element. Wiltjer was here two times longer than any of the one done players.

    Lee was in Lexington recently and was given the opportunity to sign the wall of former players.