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MUST-SEE VIDEO: UK basketball’s strength and conditioning program

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Throughout the summer, we’ve seen glimpses of UK basketball’s summer conditioning program, which has included underwater treadmills and hot yoga. Now,’s Chad Hobson is taking us behind-the-scenes of Rock Oliver’s strength and conditioning program, and the video is really awesome. We can’t embed it here, but click the pic or this link to check it out.

Oliver describes the workouts the players are doing, and why they don’t do plyometrics or any skill-specific work. “We don’t do anything [skill-specific]. Our guys love to play. What’s more specific than playing the game?” Rock says. “I’ve got pros on my team. They’re doing plyometics every time they play.”

Rock singled out Dakari Johnson for how hard he’s working on his conditioning and nutrition, and said he’s dropped from 271 lbs. to 255 lbs. so far.

Also new to the regimen: pool running, which Marcus Lee says is “the hardest thing I’ve ever done”; and hot yoga, which Randall Cobb suggested to Rock. As someone who has sweated buckets in hot yoga before, I can say I have a new admiration for the team now.

The video is fascinating, so stop what you’re doing and go watch.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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12 responses to “MUST-SEE VIDEO: UK basketball’s strength and conditioning program”

  1. Beavis606

    Rock sucks. Our players lack of conditioning has been noticeable for years. They have to be able to run run run

    1. Rick

      You’re an idiot. He’s been one of the premiere strength coaches in the country for decades.

    2. Chuck Norris
  2. shields eyes


  3. cracka

    do they not let our useless children at the end of the bench play yoga with the guys?

  4. Arnold

    They were doing plyometrics in the 1st 35 seconds. Box jumps are plyometrics

  5. lazy

    I got exhausted just watching that video

  6. kes

    I didnt know rock hired leroy byrd as an asst.!

  7. Dave Baker

    Dakari Johnson once weighed over 350 pounds!

  8. J

    Lol. They were doing plyometrics at the start of the video……….

  9. Not just getting an education

    Not only do they get an education for free but get to hang out with and participate in activities with friends. All the while they getting in the best shape of their life, enjoying the pick of the co-ed litter, are highly revered on a basketball crazed campus while preparing for a professional basketball career. These are all the things virtually all of us have longed for the majority of our lives. Enjoy it gentlemen.

    1. GP

      Look man, I really get tired of hearing this same old song and dance. Every student on campus has the same opportunities that the basketball team does when it comes to personal fitness, and talking to women isn’t the end all, be all of college life.
      Not every woman on campus has the hots for basketball players.
      And, coming from a current graduate student, if you know where to go on campus, you can participate in all of these physical training activities for free.

      Sure, the team gets access to exclusive facilities, but the facilities for the general student population are NOT bad at all.
      It’s all a matter of knowing your way around campus.