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Mock Draft Updates on UK’s NBA Prospects

With just 11 days before the 2019 NBA Draft, former UK Stars PJ Washington, Tyler Herro, and Keldon Johnson are patiently waiting to see where they will be selected. As June 20th draws closer, many scouts and different websites are routinely making new mock drafts.

Here is where the Kentucky trio is slated to be selected in some of the most well-regarded mock drafts on the internet:

PJ Washington

CBS Sports: Round 1, Pick 13 to the Miami Heat

The Round 1, Pick 10 to the Atlanta Hawks

NBA Round 1, Pick 18 to the Indiana Pacers

Bleacher Report: Round 1, Pick 11 to the Minnesota Timberwolves Round 1, Pick 13 to the Miami Heat

Tyler Herro

CBS Sports: Round 1, Pick 15 to the Detroit Pistons

The Round 1, Pick 18 to the Indiana Pacers

NBA Round 1, Pick 21 to the Oklahoma City Thunder

Bleacher Report: Round 1, Pick 15 to the Detroit Pistons Round 1, Pick 21 to the Oklahoma City Thunder

Keldon Johnson

CBS Sports: Round 1, Pick 19 to the San Antonio Spurs

The Round 1, Pick 27 to the Brooklyn Nets

NBA Round 1, Pick 22 to the Boston Celtics

Bleacher Report: Round 1, Pick 26 to the Cleveland Cavaliers Round 1, Pick 25 to the Portland Trail Blazers


Overall, most of this speculation is not too different from earlier in the draft process. Washington seems destined to be a lottery pick as teams really like his wingspan and improved shooting capabilities. The Miami Heat are the most popular destination as they need a leader in the frontcourt who can foster a competitive culture. While there is always a risk that he could fall in the draft due to his undersized height at the position, it seems almost certain at this point that Kentucky will have a player selected in the lottery for yet another year.

Herro has seen his stock slightly improved in the past few weeks. After reports of him having a legendary workout with the Boston Celtics, it seems that Herro’s reputation as a shooter has improved in the eyes of many front offices. Seeing him projected to go as high as 15th to Detroit is the highest I’ve seen since he declared. Being selected by the Thunder is the most popular prediction as they badly need more outside shooting. Seeing Herro play alongside NBA stars Russell Westbrook and Paul George would be a dream for many Kentucky fans.

Johnson on the other hand has seen his stock slowly fall ever since the midway point of Kentucky’s season as he finished the year on a bit of a quiet note. The consensus from many experts is that he will go somewhere in the late 20’s at the end of the first round. This is a bit disappointing, but the bright side of that is Johnson might get picked by a very good team at the end of the first round. The mock draft by CBS was the kindest to Kentucky as it predicted that all three players will be taken in the first 20 picks. If that happens, then this will be yet another great draft night for the Wildcats.

Article written by John Reecer

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  1. Swizzle


    1. nocode96

      Those three kids that laid their ass in the floor every night for the school you’re supposed to be a fan of you twit. The same three kids who in about 3 months are gonna have more money to spend on designer toilet paper than you’ll make in decades. Those three kids who gave their heart and soul to Kentucky basketball only for you to make some snide comment on a blog site on s late Sunday. That’s who. One of those three got my little boy into basketball, he bought his jersey and stayed up into the night pretending he was that guy shooting hoops in my driveway. Those three who endured the tradition of winning and Kentucky basketball remains prevalent. Who? Who the f*ck are you?

    2. KYjellyRoll

      Awesome. Response. Right on man. Agree 100%. I had a son that came into loving UK basketball this season also.

    3. makeitstop

      Well delivered punch, nocode. And well deserved.


    MN he plays with KAT, Miami he plays with BAM!

  3. RC

    Keldon falling into the bottom of the 1st round is a problem. He’s not going to play for a good team, which means he’ll bounce around the G league. He’ll have to develop a reliable jumper and a better handle to play in the NBA and that’s harder to do in G league obscurity. Keldon is a tweener who’s only NBA-ready skill is energy. He really could’ve used another year at UK to solidify his skillset.

    1. michaelb

      Rc , if he falls to the bottom of the first round as you speak , wouldn’t he then go to a good team by default ?

  4. michaelb

    6’7 front court players are not undersized anymore