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MKG Starts His Playoff Career NOW


You still love Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, right?  Is it dumb that I’m even asking that?  So do him a favor and watch him take on the 2-seed Miami Heat RIGHT NOW on ABC.

Plenty of upsets have happened early in the NBA Playoffs (::cough::PACERS::cough::) and there’s nothing keeping MKG and the Bobcats from keeping that going against my beloved Heat.  I’m torn.  All the same, Go Michael, and Go NBA Cats.

Article written by Corey Nichols

13 responses to “MKG Starts His Playoff Career NOW”

  1. Madouble

    What is the ref looking at?

    1. Calm down

      If I was looking at tossed salad……I might want to look away too

  2. js2

    MKG needs to start shooting a bit more.

  3. Landon

    5 points….. Hell of a game

  4. Craig Sager's Suits

    I kind of hope he gets bounced out of the first round. This kid is a liar and I quote “I’m going to stay and get my education… what are you all laughing at” – after the Vandy game of that year I believe… If you say you’re going to stay, you stay. I don’t care if he was drafted #2.

    1. Ha!

      Troll is trolling.

    2. Craig Sager's Suits

      It’s not trolling when it’s the truth and it happened. It was a post game interview in the locker room when he said it. If you followed the 2012 team at all, you would recall this.

    3. Ha!

      Okay. Let me edit my post.

      You’re an idiot.

      There, that makes more sense.

    4. Craig Sager's Suits

      That’s just your opinion, and I have mine. Facts are on my side, so I’m good with my original post.

    5. Jury Decides

      Craig Sager’s Suits – After reviewing your original comment, it is hereby deemed “fact” that you are an idiot, and the BBN doesn’t need assholes like you. Good day.

    6. Craig Sager's Suits

      If the truth makes you that butt hurt, then you’re the idiot. I’m a UK fan just like the next guy but I also appreciate truth and integrity and when MKG tells the press he was staying and then leaves, I take issue with it. I take issue with anyone going back on their word. I’m glad he’s taking care of his sick mother with the money that the #2 selection garnered him, but, I still think he’s a liar.

  5. jaxcats8503

    OF COURSE Corey is a Heats fan! He’s become the new BTI, but the differerence being we actually hate Corey.

  6. beavis606

    MKG was very smart to go pro when he did. He is a great athlete and a horrible, horrible basketball player