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Mitch McConnell celebrates Duke 2010 title win in new ad

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell released a new campaign ad this morning, but had to pull it immediately because of a millisecond mistake that has everyone talking. Fortunately, LEO Weekly’s Joe Sonka was able to grab the video before they pulled it down.

What was the mistake? McConnell’s staff showed clips of Louisville winning the national title last season, and instead of Kentucky winning it the previous season, they used the footage of Duke’s title win in 2010 (check the 1:09 mark):

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 8.50.38 AM

The campaign quickly spliced in a shot of Julius Randle and released the new version:

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 9.08.17 AM

Between this mistake by McConnell, a Republican, and Louisville mayor Greg Fischer, a Democrat, proclaiming Friday “Cardinal Red Day,” it seems like both parties are determined to piss UK fans off.

UPDATE: The McConnell campaign had to pull the ad because it violated NCAA rules by showing a current player. Overall, just a bad day for them.

UPDATE x 2: UK released a statement saying that use of footage with Randle was not an NCAA violation because the school wasn’t aware it happened, and the school has sent the McConnell campaign a cease and desist letter:

The University of Kentucky consulted with the NCAA earlier today regarding footage of Julius Randle in a Mitch McConnell advertisement. Although the use of the student-athlete’s image in the advertisement is not permissible,because it was done without the knowledge or permission of the university or the student-athlete, it is not an NCAA violation. The University of Kentucky has sent a cease and desist letter and will continue to take appropriate measures to ensure improper usage of a student-athlete’s name, image or likeness is prevented.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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87 responses to “Mitch McConnell celebrates Duke 2010 title win in new ad”

  1. Bob Cobb

    They should not be using the images of NCAA players in their advertisements without the permission of the players. Period.

    1. technicolor yawn

      Wow, an actual comment that makes sense on a political post. Bravo sir

    2. Adam

      Great point, Bob. There’s no way they should use these kids to benefit their campaign.

    3. Sam I Am

      Well done. We need to find one more of you and breed the two of you to fill the internet with your level-headed offspring.

    4. Aaron

      You are right bob.

  2. nanan


  3. my John

    Mitch the bitch . what did you expect ?

  4. doyouknowanything?

    You do realize that this put together by an outside agency and that Mitch McConnell had nothing to do with the actual video production. Blaming the Republican party for this mistake is just something a liberal loon would do. Meanwhile, what Fischer did makes sense for him, since he does preside over Louisville. Asking him to do anything UK related would be like asking the Mayor of Lexington to proclaim friday “Cardinal Day.” Ignorance is bliss but must be pointed out from time to time. Anyways, go CATS and beat those dirty birds.

    1. Obviously you don't

      You do realize Louisville is located in THE STATE OF KENTUCKY??

    2. CBF

      Didn’t Mitch have to approve the message? If he approved it without watching it, well that is ignorant.

    3. JackB

      This is basically correct. I’m sure the production company thought they were using UK footage because they saw blue uniforms. Oops. And the Louisville mayor is weighing his options and picking a side. Frankly, I’d rather they openly say who they root for than wear a 1/2 red and 1/2 blue blazer like John Y Brown did.

  5. Robert

    Mitch does care about Kentucky anyhow. Why is this a surprise? The surprise is we keep voting for this guy who has been there for 30 years. This year is different.

  6. Jarrod

    So McConnells people never saw it prior to being released? Keep drinking the kool aid.

  7. btowncatfan

    No one is blaming the Republican Party, but it was Mitch’s message of which he did approve. He says so at the end.

    1. Willu

      There’s absolutely no way Mitch could be held responsible for this, afterall he hasn’t had an original idea in thirty years!!!

  8. Lexington 3

    “Never has it been so hard for the rich to become poor.” Mission Accomplished.

  9. doyouknowanything?

    Can you read? I never said that his people never saw it. I saw he had nothing to do with it. I guess you proved my point. You have no idea how an ad agency works. Sounds like you are drowning in your own kool aid there.

    1. Ummmm

      “I saw he had nothing to do with it” i think you meant “said” but anyway he has everything to do with it the ad is for him………. Like most politicians they just vote before they read anything.

  10. Mad Monk

    Vote Matt Bevin!

  11. Canyouwrite

    Double negatives, verb tense, word choice and you have no idea how a political campaign works.

  12. Chicago Chris

    Democrat and UK fan, but I can excuse the mayor of Louisville for celebrating the University of Louisville. And I’m sure McConnell didn’t edit the commercial himself.

  13. Mitch McConnelL1C4

    Maybe it wasn’t a mistake at all… maybe it’s just how a Card fan thinks… Mitch McConnell is Cardinal fan, full stop:

  14. fingers AND toes

    Cats by double digits.

  15. TeamMitchBBN

    It was obviously a mistake hence the reason it was taken down. Thanks Mrs Tyler Thompson for showing you’re no different than the rest of the Liberal media out there. Mitch is the man and he is a Cats fan.

    1. Mitch McConnelL1C4

      Mitch is decidedly NOT a Cats fan. See here:

    2. ALG

      Oh God. Shut the Hell up.

  16. Wedding Planner

    I am a Democrat. Neither of these are huge mistakes.. but the Louisville Mayor stunt is much worse. At least 40% of his constituents are Kentucky fans. This is a far-fetched analogy, but it is similar to the majority discriminating against the minority.. formally. Nothing is more un-American

  17. Magnum's Mustache

    Mayor Fischer called for everyone to wear red two years ago when we beat UL in the final four. This was no mistake for him.

  18. Ravi Moss

    Remember: When UK won the championship in 2012, Mitch McConnell was invited to the White House to celebrate with the team and he refused. When Louisville won, he was invited and he came quicker than Pitino.

    I am never never never voting for that Kentucky-hating, anti-freedom snapping turtle. No UK fan should.

    1. inside info

      Yes, let’s PLEASE base our voting for national politicians on whether or not a they are a fan of UK or UL, not on how good they would be for the state and country.

    2. Retired bball Player


      Let me get this straight. You aren’t going to vote for a person based on their college b-ball preference?

      Haha! And you wonder why some idiots are on office.

    3. thatguy

      Ravi, you do realize that Mitch is a UL alum, so that would make sense.

  19. clint

    VOTE for real leadership VOTE MITCH !!!!!

  20. ALG


  21. Dave

    What really makes me mad is not this video error but Barack Obama saying 30 times that I could keep my health care plan if I liked it. That I could keep my Dr if I liked my Dr. That the Obamacare premiums would be $2500 less per family. Obama lying has hurt millions of families far more than a video.

    1. old timer

      I don’t wish to start a healthcare debate but it is amazing how the right can somehow bring everything around to Obama. I was watching Fox the other night and former Ambassador Bolton was blaming Obama for not finding the missing plane. This post was about a mistake made in a McConnell ad.

    2. PaducahCatsFan

      I’m not a fan of Mitch and I will not vote for him in the primary, but to base your voting decision on whether he’s a Cats or Cards fan is ludicrous. Now, voting against Mitch and Obama based on what they’ve done to hurt this country while in office- Go for it!
      Go Cats! Beat those dirty birds!

    3. 9-asty

      Dave, no one cares that your broke a$$ can’t afford health care. Maybe if you tried harder in life instead of whining about everything you’d have a decent job with decent health care.

    4. JustSayin

      Dave, talk to your PRIVATE insurance company about which doctors are in their PRIVATE plans. Do some damn research on your own please.

    5. JIM


  22. tom

    As a former tv producer, we had a favorite adage: ‘Whoever likes sausage or television, should never see how either of them are made,”

  23. Noel Gallagher

    The Republicans had to use Duke image, because they only want white people in their ads.

    1. Adam


    2. PaducahCatsFan

      You might want to do some research on the Democrat party if you really believe the Republicans are the racist party……
      Abe Lincoln, MLK Jr., republican congress vs Lyndon Johnson for the Civil Rights legislation, etc.

    3. old timer

      PaducahCatFan you might want to dig further into history before you make such claims. The Republicans surely helped Johnson pass civil rights legislation. However, as Johnson said at the time the Democrats would lose the south because of that legislation. All those southern democrats who fought so hard to maintain segregation switched to the Republican party. They did not change their racist attitudes just their party affiliation.

    4. lol

      Those Dixiecrats are all Republicans now, bud.

    5. joe

      Abe Lincoln would have some problems in the primary

    6. billy

      Lance Thomas, the Duke player being hugged, is actually not white.

    7. Facts

      The Republican party has officially opposed discrimination since Lincoln. The Democratic Party has always officially supported discrimination. Around the late 1960’s, the folks receiving the benefit of that discrimination merely changed. LBJ has a famous quote about that, too. The head Democrat in the U.S. Senate a few years ago was a former KKK leader. He would still hold that position if he hadn’t died. He never switched parties.

    8. not an old timer

      Old timer- What else did Johnson say? Something to the effect of getting the black (he used the N- word) vote for the next 200 years. BTW- He didn’t switch parties.
      It’s amazing that “all ” of the south switched to the republicans, yet the party division is relatively the same. The democrats rely on your stereotyping to buy the ignorant vote. Apparently it worked with you.
      Also which party actively campaigns for the ethnic cleansing that is abortion in the minority neighborhoods? Hint: it’s not the repubs. Last year they were successful in killing more black babies than were born in NY City.
      Educate yourself old timer!

    9. old timer

      Not an old timer- Your Republican party has tried to enact voter ID laws all over the south not to curb voter fraud but to limit minority voting. I was a Republican for most of my life but left because of the lunacy that has taken over the party. When I said the racists left the Dems to join the Reps, that does not mean that suddenly all dem reps switched while in office but there is no doubt that the civil rights legislation caused the south to become Republican because of Johnson’s civil rights legislation. The racists changed parties!!

  24. Gowcats

    Report on Tampa Bay Times that Steve Masiello accepted the USF job.

  25. chris

    I’m sure there is a picture of UK super blogger Matt Jones somewhere dressed up in his Cameron Crazy get up, painted Duke Blue, and standing between some 12 year old, 3rd year medical student and two physics majors who have no idea what basketball is, jumping up and down like they are having a diabetic seizure. This has already been acknowledged as a mistake by the video production company. Keep the politics in the Herald Leader.

  26. Crash BandiCAT

    Kentucky’s state bird is the cardinal, so “Cardinal Red Day” is less offensive in that context. But in all fairness, we should change the state animal from the gray squirrel to the wildcat, just to keep things on the up and up.

  27. Adam

    Ditch Mitch

  28. whatever

    Lame. Wouldn’t mind at all if KSR stuck to “sports” posts/columns/issues. Jmo.

  29. sharp as a marble

    I would not base my vote on who the candidate’s favorite team is. There are certainly more important things to worry about. That said, Mitch’s record is bad enough to vote for ANYBODY else. If you hate the big money that is pouring into politics, look no further than Mitch. He led the court case to open the floodgates and has fought campaign finance reform at every turn. He also has a long track record of voting against numerous programs that might benefit the country but earmarking funds for the same programs for Kentucky. At least such earmarks are now banned. The man oozes sleaze. That he is a Card fan is just icing on the cake. I am not a liberal Democrat. I don’t like Harry Reid any better. I am just sick of slimy politicians on both sides and to me he is the worst of the worst.

  30. stevem

    Mitch McConnell has been the second most powerful man in the country for the last15 years and look where we are as a country. If you think he or anyone else in Washington is looking out for your state or country you simply don’t know how the process works. The gaff with Duke shows you how out to lunch his people are.

  31. Rk

    There is a special place in Hell for politicians.

  32. Chris

    Mitch is a RINO Mat Bevin is a true conservative.

  33. EdLongshanks

    Ditch Mitch!! He is as much of the problem as Obama Bin Lyin. He is a career politicians that desecrate the constitution and stifle freedom for their own personal gain. I implore each and every Kentuckian to vote for a candidate that is fundamentally different and would actually govern with principles that reflect kentuckys values.

  34. Dave

    9 asty. You can stop reading The Democrat party’s talking points. You do not know me or you would not make foolish statements. I have a full time job with the same company for most 30 years. I do not appreciate anyone lying to me about my health care. I am tLking about all Americans who were told lies about Obamacare. It is funny that you attack me when I merely repeated Obamas words. You cannot argue the facts so attack the messenger. Very old trick.

  35. EdLongshanks


  36. James

    One has to be pretty desperate to dig through this ad second by second to point this out in the first place. This is a sports site, not a political site, so why not keep it that way? Especially those that write/post the articles.

    1. Lora

      I concur!

  37. SanDiegoDave

    McConnell is arguably the worst Senator in the history of the United States. I don’t care who Kentucky elects as long as it is someone other than him.

  38. BIll James


    Plus the fact that politicians will use anything BUT the truth and their own ideology to win a race proves they are ALL tools.

  39. Wheels

    I’m with Mitch but the faux outrage from both sides is absurd.

  40. DitchMitch

    Well Grimes picked Witchita State over Ky so both candidates appear to have in inability to think ahead. Freedom Works has offices In Lexington and Louisville. You can pick up your Matt Bevin signs there. McConnell and Grimes are obviously out of touch.

  41. Uk3k_j

    This ad has been approved by coach k

  42. Hypocrite Hater

    I find it amazing how blatanly obvious the hate and disdain the republicans and FUCD NEWS have for the poor and minorities in this country, yet they continue to act like they are on the moral high ground. DAVE if you want to talk about lies look no further than the hate filled bigot loving FUCD NEWS I’m sure u watch. Over 4000 young people dead over GOP lies, go tell the parents how right that is hypocrite.

    1. That's weird

      What cable company do you have? I looked for FUCD News but it doesn’t appear on my channel line up. I also have a question about your 4000 young dead over GOP lies comment? What lies did the GOP tell that were voted on solely by republicans leading to these deaths. Seeing that the current admin are democrats, why has there been no mention of deaths or totals under that leadership? Please also show proof that republicans and this so called “fucd” news have disdain for the poor and minorities. I know several people who have little to nothing and several minorities that are republican. Do they have hate and disdain for themselves?

  43. David

    The video was taken down because the ad uses the image of Julius Randle, current player.

    As dumb as it is, this video actually puts Julius’ eligibility in jeopardy.

    Even though Julius nor UK approved the use of this photo, UK must actually report this to the NCAA.

    It is stupid but an incredibly big freaking deal. This is not about politics, being conservative or liberal.

    It is about an ad agency not understanding the NCAA rules.

    Or, because Mitch is a UofL fan, his campaign purposefully is messing with UK. That is not likely. But politics is dirty. Ticking off UK fans is not the way to get re-elected so I guess this is the shoddy work of an ad agency that doesn’t understand sports.

    But this is real head ache for Sandy Bell right now.

    1. JackB

      I think you’re right. The Duke thing was obviously a dumb editor thinking the blue uniformed team was UK. Using a current player, however, is a real no-no I’m pretty sure (unless you are advertising NCAA games of course).

    2. chris allman

      If Randle is unable to play-Mitch goes down in defeat

  44. Bryan in Orlando

    Matt Bevin. Enough said.

  45. Elwon Seafour III

    I did not realize current players images could be used in commercials. I hope Randle is not ruled ineligable.Remember when Steve Alford had to sit out the IU-UK game because some student organization used his a photo of him on a calendar.

  46. struggler

    Mitch, Mitch, Son of a … He’s a Cards Fan and a LAME WEAK “leader”. Vote Matt Bevin. The people are rising up and coming for you Mitch. Idiot!

  47. Noel Gallagher

    Only thing worse than this video are the comments about it

  48. gr8scot

    mitch, please please just disappear

  49. Kevin C.

    With all of the UK fans throughout the nation, it’s hard to imagine Mitch getting re-elected after this debacle. As if the first flub-up wasn’t bad enough, they “fix” the problem with something that could force UK to self-report a potential violation to the NCAA, even though they had absolutely nothing to do with it. UK needs to be proactive and aggressive with reacting to this, and make Mitch out to be the buffoon he is in the process.

  50. Lora

    Yes let us vote for lundergan grimes because of this. Ha, ha!

  51. Lhosk

    This is funny!!! If all the things going on that are true scandals. This is not one!

  52. Aaron

    Didnt allison grimes pick against uk against wsu
    Bad enough but then mitch does that. Mitch must be ul fan. Lol

  53. LovesCats

    I didn’t one bit appreciate being sent an eMail at work today with the Mayor’s Proclamation. Don’t have a red drop of blood in my body and won’t be sporting that nasty “R” color on Friday. As for Mitch’s blunder…no matter who is at fault this is inexcusable. Totally!!!

  54. NKYguy

    Here’s the spot and it was approved by Mitch McConnell. Our last two senatorial candidates (Rand aPAULling and Conway) went to Duke and Alison Lundergan Grimes didn’t pick UK to win against Wichita St or the tourney. Can we just let our Senate seats go vacant for a while. Maybe I should run.
    The spot in question

  55. NKYguy

    I’m sure any former player would have an issue with being put in the commercial, although I doubt that they have the copyrights to their own image while they were with the NCAA.