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Michigan State now a 3.5 point favorite over Kentucky


The latest odds are out, and according to Vegas, Michigan State is a 3.5-point favorite over Kentucky. Last week, it was reported that Kentucky opened as a 2.5-point favorite, but apparently that was an error. Or the oddsmakers suddenly are really concerned that James Young only had five points against Northern Kentucky (kidding).

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45 responses to “Michigan State now a 3.5 point favorite over Kentucky”

  1. Mc

    I can’t stop watching that video. LOL. Wow.

  2. tom

    I think that spread is more like it.

  3. sel;krjg

    LOL What the Eff….. hahahahahhahahahaha

  4. sel;krjg

    LOL that’s T. Thompson after a sandwich request….

    1. LOL

      That’s so true with many other requests too says Mr. Thompson. LOL…

  5. Bob

    It should probably be higher, I think. MSU is a veteran club, I think they win this one going away. In March or April when we meet again we win. #IMO

    1. Mc

      While we could lose, and I like our chances come March/April, I’m not betting against our young Cats. MSU has struggled early on in seasons against athletic teams. They lost to UConn early last year. The year before they lost to Duke and UNC. Then Duke and Syracuse the year before. Then Florida and UNC the year before, and it goes on and on. They probably have a few wins in there too, but they aren’t some incredible powerhouse team. They have shown the ability to struggle with long, athletic teams throughout the years. They are a well-coached team with some solid college players. The Big 10 in general has struggled with 1 championship since 1990. Granted that championship was MSU over a decade ago.

  6. Jonathan Howard

    Lmao That chick is going nuts. I think I’ve watched it for about 5 min now.

  7. Jonathan Howard

    I think at one point she does her best Pacman impression.

  8. Scheduling!

    All we needed was couple more weeks for these guys to gel. I completely disagree with the scheduling that set up top teams to compete this early in the season. But we’ll see. 40-0 would be nice.

  9. Malibuken

    That girl is awesome and UK wins by 5

  10. Yep

    Band nerd. That’s all.

  11. Bob

    As we all know odds are set by how betting goes and reflects not much .I think this will be an great game however i think Kentucky is too strong across the board and too deep off the bench with talent .I like how hard WCS and Alex P. are playing .I see Kentucky by 6-8 points over Mich State and as we all know the beat goes on. This game will be an turning point for the Cats to clear up any misunderstandings of youth on the court .Sorry MS you’ll not taste #1 Wed.

    1. Megan

      That’s exactly right. The line is not a fact or statistic or prediction. It’s simply Vegas’ way of evening out the bets. Apparently, the house would like to see a little more money on UK. The line doesn’t mean MSU is slightly better than UK or should win a close one. It doesn’t mean anything like that.

      Speaking of betting, which seems to be quite the pastime at KSR, is Matt betting on the Cats? I’m curious where “the expert” is putting his money in this intriguing matchup.

  12. Steely Dan

    Guess who’s back for the Tardinals? One Chane Behanen who was booted from the team just a few weeks ago

    1. scorpiocard

      He was suspended, not kicked off.

      Do you understand the difference?

    2. Catpocalypse

      Did Pitino not say that he was “at this time, no longer with the team” when all this started? Then he had to earn his spot back on the team? Obvious, with Ricky’s P’s ‘humility’ winning over he felt bad for the kid and decided to quickly allow him back on the team… or figured out that they needed another rebounder. UL team is like a soap opera “As the L1C4 Turns” are you just shooting for National Attention? is that it?

  13. yah

    3.5 either way is in the neighborhood of what most people call a “toss-up.” I figured the line would be even or MSU would be up to 2 point favorites, but this line doesn’t surprise me that much. I can’t imagine the majority of the action won’t go on Kentucky.

    Anyway, not that I will be in any way “ok” with a loss (that is a loser mentality that we should never have at Kentucky), this game means a lot more to the veteren MSU team than a Kentucky team that basically has two players back from last year playing in their third real game and their first against a top-notch opponent. I will be upset if we lose. Very upset. But I won’t be really depressed unless we get run out of the gym which I just can’t see ever happening to this team this year.

    The UNC and UL games in December will tell us a lot more about this team.

    1. VinnyCent

      Disagree. I think our guys feel like they have something to prove just as much as MSU does. that 3.5 spread is now Tackling Fuel.

  14. cracka

    as long as randle isn’t in foul trouble and we continue with how well we have done with shot selection so far i think we win

  15. RealCatsFan

    Wow, change the colors around and these could be Duke students.

    I’m glad to see the Cats as an underdog. These kids need this as fuel to get them ready. Hopefully Randle will take that personally.

  16. Melvit

    Does it bug anyone else that she is wearing a Spartan Brass shirt but playing the saxophone?

    1. dubowski

      nerd alert

  17. RichieFarmer'sMustache

    That might be the best thing ever posted on this website.

  18. binarysolo

    I wish I’d gone to band camp with THAT girl.

    1. grumpycat


  19. BigBlueAces

    If you really want to interview somebody interesting on KSR, please schedule that chick.

  20. Atlantaalumnispokesman

    Wednesday morning we’ll be singing “We’re No. 5. We’re No. 5”. MSU goes to #1 after beating UK. The Duke-Kansas winner is #2. The loser #4, Louisville is #3.

    1. Mc

      Ok. 1 loses to 2 and falls behind the loser of 4 vs. 5. Troll on.

    2. Red Headed Stepchild

      TARD ALERT !!! We see you, Thanks for visiting.
      You do realize that every “hit” you give this site, makes #BBN look better.

    3. Linda Taylor

      You forgot to put the UL in front of your name.

  21. Mylie Cyruss

    My sister!!!!!! I Love her!! :-PPPPPP

  22. DH

    HAHA!! Wow.. My first reaction was to be embarrassed for her, but then I realized how much fu%& it she had in her bucket and was probably having the time of her life and I got a little envious… Ok, maybe I wasn’t really envious, but DAMN, that’s some funny ish

  23. Gbm

    Were going to lose tomorrow night. They are not playing that great. Team last year started out better than the team this year. Don’t believe me look at the comparison in the two Transy games.

    1. VinnyCent

      Yes because exhibitions matter.

  24. SanDiegoCats

    Have to imagine MSU will play zone early tomorrow. If the twins and Young hit from outside, and we shoot respectfully from the line, we will win. I was going to start my comment with “If X plays well” but then I found myself typing each players name in. Yesterday’s game was great, start to finish, and that was with J Young playing ok. Looking forward to tomorrow. Wish it wasn’t already here, I don’t like being that nervous. Went to the KU/UK game in New York two years ago and it was awesome. Wish I was in Chicago.

  25. Al Becker

    Orgasms are fun.

  26. brain

    She’s getting jizzy with it.

  27. barn

    I don’t care who we would play tomorrow nite—we win by at least 8 points

  28. Brian

    This is no laughing matter! That girl is clearly having a seizure!

    1. somerset bill

      yeah, all i can hear in my head as i watch it is that radio commercial, “i’m having… a stroke… i’m having… a stroke….”

      actually, she also seems to be taking a peek at herself on the jumbotron every now and then.

  29. Take the points and MSU

    Deleted my post when I told you to take the points….duh…..well guess what, they got it tight this time….STILL…I’d take the points. This game is too close to call.

  30. We re Winning

    UK will kick MSU s ASS tomorrow night! Wait and see..

  31. WyvernsBaitShop


    I don’t know what that girl is “DOING” per se — but it looks like it’d burn calories

  32. catdaddyd

    I think that’s Amy from the “Big Bang Theory.”