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Article written by Maggie Davis

79 responses to “Matthew Hurt cancels John Calipari’s in-home visit”

  1. 57nukeduke

    Looks like duke showed him the money! Lol.

    1. mashman 93


    2. RealCatsFan

      Yep,the bag has been dropped.

    3. notFromhere


    4. 4everUKblue

      We already know K doesn’t develop his players, so big mistake by Hurt if he goes to dUKe.

  2. UKinIN

    It’s been clear for months that UK was going to come in second, at best, for Hurt so this isn’t too shocking. May actually be a case of a recruit not stringing other schools along.

  3. dismore

    Hope we can shoot from the outside next year.

    1. Larkin123

      Baker is homesick… recruited over…

    2. CATandMONKEY

      The concept of being ” Recruited over” is ridiculous. Get the best players possible. Compete for a spot. If a star freshman makes a 3-year starter come off the bench – So be it.

    3. notFromhere

      Bunch of trolls on here that have never competed in anything. So pitiful. “Recruited over” is bich speak (as in whiney boy bich). Take the job and do the job….

    4. ClutchCargo

      Preach, notFromhere! “Recruited over” is code for you’re afraid of competition. And I don’t believe Baker is, btw.

    5. yoshukai

      CAT&MONKEY ,, CLUTCHCARGO – a lot of these guys we watched in the final 4 would have been recruited over at Kentucky for some 5star athlete with no shooting skills. If Cal doesn’t change his old school philosophy and embrace the outside shooting of today’s game ,he’s seen his last final four. Scoring 60 points a game in the NCAA tournament will not get you to the final four.

  4. Big Sexy

    I’d like to think they cancelled before both teams showed up in Minnesota. Otherwise that’s just extremely rude and inconsiderate on their part.

    1. BBNmemberinoh

      I was thinking the same thing. Since this just came out I do hope the father was not an ass and at least called those coaches yesterday.

    2. BLUEinMN

      I saw Self and team at Newts in Rochester today so it looks like Hurt and family pissed off quite a few folks today. Not the kind of look I would want at UK.

  5. maximumscott

    I think we are getting Tyler or Keldon back. Probably Keldon and another recruit somewhere. We are going to go 9 deep next year

    1. Luether

      We are NOT getting Tyler or Keldon back…

  6. JT919

    Wonder how much K wired the family to get them to cancel.

    1. mashman 93


    2. JT919

      I’m only like 10% serious, don’t worry. The guy’s game doesn’t seem very team oriented so I didn’t think he’d respond very well to Cal’s message even if he had gotten one last visit in.

  7. Underdog


    1. Wade


    2. Luether


  8. makeitstop

    If Coach K cannot win w the class he had this year he damn sure can’t win just bc he gets Hurt. Maybe the kid wants to learn zone and drop a notch or two in the draft so he gets picked by a better team, or maybe he plans on spending 2 years after all and likes the academics.

    1. nocode96

      Nail on the head. I could’ve won that many games coaching dUKe this season. Hurt is not a difference maker. I have been on record here, and other sites, stating I wouldn’t really want him…even when UK had the momentum. He’s not going to play D like Cal wants at UK, and he’s hardly more than a slightly better Wiltjer. I love Wiltjer, and I’d be stoked if Hurt came to UK, kid is a solid player, but he’s FAR from a game changer. At UK, he could’ve been a high OAD if he was willing to put in work, he won’t do as well at dUKe. I wish him well, as he’s just a kid deciding to play basketball somewhere, it has no effect on my life or how I’ll root for UK. I also hope he does really well wherever he goes, but it’s not hard to see this wouldn’t be some massive blow, Zion he ain’t.

    2. makeitstop

      Agreed. Zion hurt us, Hurt won’t.

    3. notFromhere

      Maybe he likes to trip people, stomp on people, or flop. Only one choice if that’s the case, so why waste anyone else’s time?

      K should put that on tshirts.

      “University of Trip, Flop, and Stomp”

    4. 4everUKblue

      K also couldn’t win with any of the top recruiting classes of the last 4 years. Anyone remember how worked up we got over Bolden? Sure am glad we missed on him.

    5. JT919

      4ever, I do wonder if Cal would have been able to develop him to a better degree than K has, which is none. Gotta think he’d have made at least some incremental improvements by now in an actual player development system.

  9. Bigblue7982

    dUKe ugh.

  10. Han

    Coach K just failed to even make the Final Four with the best player in college basketball and his best recruiting class ever and yet he’s still getting whoever he wants.

    1. Bruce Dickinson

      If the refs were honest , duke would not have made it past the second round.

    2. StuckinLville

      Not completely true. He missed on 3 recruits that were said to be Duke locks for months until they choose Nova, Tennessee, and UDub over him.

    3. makeitstop

      Han, that’s after Jeff Capel left, right? Coincidence?

    4. notFromhere

      BruceD for the win

  11. chrislarkey

    I hope he is the major bust dukie deserves to have, I hope he was paid and it all comes out.

  12. wallywildcat

    Oh well. Next.

  13. Wade

    He didn’t impress me in the mc D game. Sestina is the guy we want and have and I think we get keldon or herro back! Still have plenty of options and I could care less if it’s hurt! If it is cool if not don’t care. I think duke has a starting spot for him and guaranteed it with other things guaranteed if you catch what I’m saying.

    1. JT919

      No doubt he’s starting. Poor Marques Bolden sure as hell isn’t. Hope hurt likes busting his ass for every shot he takes, cause defenses sure ain’t keying in on anyone else on their roster.

  14. Cletis75

    Maybe he has decided to come here and didn’t want to waste Cal’s time. If not, oh well, I don’t want anyone that doesn’t want to be here.

  15. Bruce Dickinson

    If he wants to develop his game more I’m not sure why he would consider duke.

  16. bbn606

    I bet that was a first for Cal.

  17. binarysolo

    Cool, time to delete this Joel McHale-lookin photo off this site once and for all.

  18. Kat4Life

    The very first time I laid eyes on the kid I uttered the word, “Duke”……I mean my god, just look at him. He SCREAMS Duke. He’ll be joining “The Brotherhood” next week. We’ll be fine.

    1. notFromhere

      Yeah. They all definitely have a twink kind of look to them. Always have.


      My first impression as well and even more so after watching him play…

  19. michaelb

    Good . I’m really tired of seeing that stupid picture of
    Him across ksr

    1. notFromhere

      I just dont see why everyone is so worked up about him or his choice. If it’s dike who cares. If he doesnt want to play here, it doesnt matter where he goes

  20. VirginiaCat

    It’s predictable. A top recruit spurns us and we denigrate him and his likely destination, Duke. Had he picked us, everyone would be excited and singing his praises. Good effort on Cal’s part to try to get him to Kentucky, but once again, a big swing and miss. The worst part is that Hurt will probably stay 2-3 years.

    1. notFromhere

      Did he pick Duke? Didnt see that he had. Thanks for the scoop

    2. JT919

      Can’t speak for others but I’ve never thought highly of him. An offense first ball hog and Cal don’t go together that well. Would have been a fine player sure, but I like McDaniels or one of the reclass targets better, assuming cal can land one.

    3. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      Only a dukey would be upset about us bashing Puke.

    4. catsarerunnin

      VCat is a duke douche.

    5. nocode96

      VCat is a ~~dUKe~~ douche.

    6. makeitstop

      Ur right V-Cat, we should only recruit people we are certain to get. (Slaps forehead) Did u ever hear the expression “u can’t get a hit w the bat on ur shoulders?” Cal has the best decade of recruiting in school history and in the NCAA. His classes are 1-3. We never got everyone we wanted. One year a shirt kid named Tyler was the best point guard we could find bc all the “great” ones were gone. Worked out OK after all… last year our best guy was a 4 star “project” (SGA) – arguably this year, too w Herro. Big swing and a miss for higher rated players. But turns out Cal CAN coach bc he did better w them than K did w his 2 #1 classes. Sorry, I know that offends ur Duke sensibility.

    7. makeitstop

      That’s a “short” kid named Tyler…

    8. KYCat4EVER

      SPOT ON as usual VirginiaCat!

  21. VirginiaCat

    The worst part is that Duke is getting an excellent mid-range and long shooter. We could have used that and, hopefully, Cal will keep his promise that he won’t recruit anyone who can’t shoot.

    1. 4everUKblue

      You’re no doubt a dookie.

    2. ready4nineNOW

      Yeah, I know, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist sure was a bust!

    3. makeitstop

      There is no way u are actually a UK fan. Duke is a Rorshach test for UK fans. Ur natural inclination is to defend Duke… that’s unnatural for Kentucky fans.

  22. notFromhere

    Has always looked to me like a skinny laettner. Never thought he’d come to UK.

  23. chrislarkey

    He is skinny and will get his preppy little spoiled butt pushed around
    Hope he gets dook in trouble

  24. RealCatsFan

    Man, at this point some of us will look a little silly if he fools everyone and DOES come to UK (including me – I don’t see it happening at this point). On a side note – if Emmert is ever ousted from the NCAA and they bring in someone with integrity, dook and UNCheat will be running scared.

    1. makeitstop

      Can’t come soon enough.

  25. shelby

    His mom must be a consultant ??

  26. HackRichards

    I’m sure the kid is reading this page. THANK YOU ALL for helping him make and/or confirm his decision.

    1. Kat4Life

      The point is, at least for a guy like this, it doesn’t really matter. He’s a thin 3 that won’t make or break any teams season. Duke included. We will be fine. Let Bobblehead go to Duke…….no problem.

    2. chrislarkey

      I doubt he reads this, he is too consumed with counting NIKE money

    3. Soylentbeans

      I’m sure all the recruits get on KSR troll section and read every comment. He is not worried about what anyone on here says. He is going to make his decision based on what he thinks is best for him. Not on what 20 people on KSR are saying.

    4. Nickerbocker05

      Yea but you can bet SOMEONE close to him will read these and tell him about it all… just like when all the idiots made a deal about PJ’s leg and all the “controversy” in the tournament this year…

  27. Racerr11

    Don’t think him cancelling in home visits means anything other than what his father said. Never been real big on him anyway.

  28. Swizzle

    Well dukes motto is when the bag drops the recruitment stops. Looks like it worked. Theyll make great run to the round of 32.

  29. big cat

    He DID NOT look good in big blue uniform anyway….looks smug so he will be fine at Duke.

  30. makeitstop

    If there’s anyone worrying he intended to come here and will read the posts and change his mind, put ur mind at ease: no one cancels the in home visit w their future coach, Day Of. And if the post about Bill
    Self being there is accurate, either it’s KU he’s going to, and he did meet w him and sign his letter of intent, or Duke got the drop on everyone. Either way, we know where he isn’t coming and that’s UK. I’d rather have Jaden if we couid get him, and that’s down to us and UW.

    1. JT919

      Agree. McDaniels seems so low-key, I wonder if the spotlight will be brighter at UW since it’s just him and Stewart in the frontcourt. Hard to say how it’d be and if that would even affect his decision.

  31. BobbyBlue

    I keep hearing the rumors that Nike is now funneling all these top guys to Puke. Evause so many of Cals guys have chosen to go with other shoe companies over the past few years, like Puma for example

    1. Soylentbeans

      Well if they are still doing that with a big FBI probe up their asses right now they are pretty stupid.

  32. UKWildcatNation

    I have not, and will not ever understand dUKe’s attraction from young players looking to be OAD. Coach K and his staff have shown OVER & OVER their incapability to develop players and get them ready for the League. Cal wants, and coaches to win every game, BUT he does not sacrifice his players development in order to do so. Yes, a lot of people could care less about getting players to the NBA and only care about Championships, but if they haven’t gotten used to Calipari by now then they never will. Coach K will play zone instead of teaching defense and developing his players defensive skills, etc. We are not going to win the tournament (the hardest championship to win) every year, BUT our players get so much better every season they are here. There are so many players that had they going to Duke would never have even sniffed the NBA.
    I guess some kids are afraid to push themselves and actually be coached instead of coddled.
    Kentucky isn’t for everyone, especially those afraid of a challenge.