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Malone’s pledges to buy all UK students & faculty a free steak dinner if the Cats win the title

Yesterday, Jeff Ruby made news when he pledged to buy all Northern Kentucky University students a free steak dinner if the Norse upset Kentucky Friday night. Now, Lexington steakhouse Malone’s is raising the “steaks,” vowing to give all UK students a faculty a free steak dinner if UK wins the 2017 National Championship:

Keep upping the ante, fellas.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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15 responses to “Malone’s pledges to buy all UK students & faculty a free steak dinner if the Cats win the title”

  1. plumloopy

    Is it too late to enroll for this semester?

  2. maximumscott

    That would have to crush him financially

    1. plumloopy

      Might have an insurer underwriting it.

    2. CatManDo

      They probably took out an insurance policy for this which is common when retail establishments run these type promotions. If so, they would be glad if it happened because it would be great publicity.

  3. doobie brother

    Bummer! Being a vegetarian a huge missed steak.

  4. Secret Squirrel

    “we will provide UK students and faculty a steak dinner.” Notice they said “a steak dinner”

  5. ukwildcat2323

    Whoever cooked that steak in Malones’s pic needs to be fired on the SPOT!!! That is all!

    1. onegp

      Looks perfectly cooked to me.

  6. onegp

    You can’t put a price on the free advertising he’ll get for this. The longer UK plays, the more valuable the gimmick becomes. Value is much more than the cost of an insurance policy. With UK being 8/1, it probably wasn’t cheap.

  7. ukwildcat2323

    im sure it does to someone who’ll spend 30 bucks on a leather tire. that’s medium well if i’ve ever seen it.

  8. Sparkacus

    If U of L wins it all, Papa John promises to give all of his customers diarrhea.

    1. catsarerunnin

      Now THAT’S funny.

  9. sandra830

    what about the UK staff???? Not fair to leave them out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. ibescootch

      For goodness sake, why can’t people just be happy for other people?! Why take the opportunity to bash an organization who is literally giving away expensive food to thousands for free? Including the staff would be insane, as it’s adding probably 15,000 more meals to an already incredible amount of free meals to begin with. There’s nothing unfair about not getting something for free that someone decided to give to someone else at their own expense.

    2. Tedington

      Hi…..I’ll be your instructor for Life 101. Lesson # LIFE IS NOT FAIR. The key to happiness is to accept this fact. Sometimes people will get things and opportunities that others do not. You will in no way be harmed by this…..hopefully as time passes you will become a mature adult and understand that it’s ok when others get things you dont… the hand you are dealt buttercup!