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Article written by TJ Walker

11 responses to “LSU’s Will Wade with the most awkward press conference of the day”

  1. demoCrAT

    Proofreading is essential

    1. binarysolo

      Not to pile on TJ Walker, but good lord he’s by far the sloppiest writer on KSR.

      “Nothing is as serious as the lost as a player”

      “Wade wasn’t wanting to respond”

      You never see stuff like this on Drew’s or Tyler’s posts.

    2. ibescootch

      Oh man, do you ever read Roush’s articles? Or Geoghegan? It’s often like reading a high school book report. No editing, missing words, repeated words, etc. I cannot imagine their articles get even a passing glance from an editor.

    3. bigbluebanana

      Nick Roush’s articles make TJ look like the best writer ever. Nick is just terrible at this job.


    I kind of feel sorry for Coach Wade. Getting your hand caught in the cookie jar with nothing to show for it, kind of sucks. For his punishment, He should have a nun walk behind him everywhere he goes ringing a bell yelling “SHAME, SHAME, SHAME”….. LOL

    1. ClutchCargo

      Wade’s role in life is apparently is to serve as an example of what not to do as a coach. My sympathy is with the family of the plauer who was killed, not this douchebag.

    2. @GoCayts

      Nothing to show for it? He has the 4th ranked recruiting class coming in this year.

    3. Carcrook


    4. Carcrook

      A few months ago, there was an article, about who would likely replace Cal, after, his retirement? Several, ppl on here mentioned, Wade’s name as, someone possible. His name didn’t even enter my mind, as such. I, guess there’s always gonna be Head Coaches, AD’s and recruiting gurus on the site. -sneakers-

  3. Wade

    The rest of the sec coaches trying to herd cats!!!! It’s impossible, unless you cheat and it still doesn’t work! Glad to be a cat.

  4. AllBall

    From the looks of it, some people missed their calling to become an editor or a deputy with the grammar police.